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Current thesis topic proposals of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Doctoral School of Informatics

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Tamás SzirányiModelling the fusion and evaluation of networked multimodal sensors2021-06-14HIT
Miklós TelekStochastic modeling of traffic processes2021-06-14HIT
Péter BabarcziIntelligent Algorithms in Communication Networks2021-06-14TMIT
Tamás Gábor CsapóSpeech-related biosignal processing using deep learning methods2021-06-14TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthModeling Heterogeneous Data with Deep Learning2021-06-14TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthNovel Self-Supervised Learning Methods for Complex Data2021-06-14TMIT
Péter MihajlikDeep learning techniques in automatic speech recognition2021-06-14TMIT
Sándor MolnárEfficient Data Transfer in Future Networks2021-06-14TMIT
Csaba SimonDesigning time sensitive and deterministic cloud native services in modern mobile communication system2021-06-14TMIT
Balázs SonkolyNovel techniques for modeling, programming and optimizing edge/cloud based immersive applications2021-06-14TMIT
Gábor SzűcsArtificial intelligence research for visual-based knowledge exploration in multimodal environment2021-06-14TMIT
László TokaCloud and AI technologies for novel applications2021-06-14TMIT
Péter MartinekOpzimizing Production and Logistic Processes2021-06-14ETT
Péter MartinekResearching Enterprise Application Integration2021-06-14ETT
Balázs János VillányiResearch of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in Enterprise Resource Planning2021-06-14ETT
Balázs János VillányiEnhancement of Enterprise Application Integration and Schema Matching techniques2021-06-14ETT
András TelcsCausal discovery of time series, development and adaptation of statistical methods2021-06-14SZIT
Kristóf CsorbaImage processing in pharmaceutical production lines2021-06-14AUT
Kristóf CsorbaConstruction material evaluation using image processing and computer tomography2021-06-14AUT
Dmitriy DunaevImproving Security and Efficiency in IoT Networks2021-06-14AUT
Gergely MezeiDynamic metamodeling2021-06-14AUT
Tamás Csaba MészárosIntelligent methods in natural language document analysis2021-06-14MIT
András VörösArtificial intelligence aided system design2021-06-14MIT

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