Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Balázs AczélMechanisms of cognitive control2021-04-21PDI
Balázs AczélMeta-research explorations2021-04-21PDI
Katalin FelvincziEvaluation of health promotion/drug pevention programmes2021-04-21PDI
Katalin FelvincziEvaluation of public policies, ex-ante and expost evaluation2021-04-21PDI
Anna KendeIntergroup conflicts, prejudice, collective action2021-04-21PDI
Orsolya KirályResearch on gaming disorder from a personality psychology approach2021-04-21PDI
Orhidea KissThe effect of social support and organisational trust on performance2021-04-21PDI
Eszter KótyukPsychological correlates of the Reward Deficiency Syndrome2021-04-21PDI
Eszter KótyukPsychological aspects of successful adaptation2021-04-21PDI
Kristóf KovácsGender differences in cognitive abilities2021-04-21PDI
Kristóf KovácsIndividual differences in cognitive abilities2021-04-21PDI
Kristóf KovácsIndividual differences in working memory capacity and executive functions2021-04-21PDI
Kristóf KovácsIQ and human intelligence2021-04-21PDI
Borbála SimonovitsThe Sharing Economy2021-04-21PDI
Attila SzabóPower of the Mind or Power of God2021-04-21PDI
Barnabás Imre SzásziBehavioral Interventions2021-04-21PDI
Barnabás Imre SzásziPoverty, inequality and decision making2021-04-21PDI
Adrienn UjhelyiPsychology of Artificial Intelligence2021-04-21PDI
Judit TakácsChanging norms of caring and parenting practices2021-04-30SDI
András BenedekNew trends in the development of vocational education, analysis of theoretiocal contexts of education and development pedagogical effects2021-04-21NDI
Gábor BodnárHistory and Theory of Music-education2021-04-21NDI
Tibor Bors Borbély-PeczeDevelopment and maintenance of career information systems in Hungary and at the Global level2021-04-21NDI
Imola Csehné PappThe economic aspect of career planning2021-04-21NDI
Helga DornerUniversity teachers' professional development in the international empirical context2021-04-21NDI
Helga DornerInnovative methods in adult learning2021-04-21NDI
Helga DornerInternationalisation in adult learning (and higher education)2021-04-21NDI
Ida Dringó-HorváthThe role of digital technologies and pedagogical competence in foreign language learning2021-04-21NDI
Zsuzsanna GősiDual career in sport2021-04-21NDI
Zsuzsanna GősiSports organizations2021-04-21NDI
Mária HerczTeachers’, teacher candidates’, and parents’ thinking on education2021-04-21NDI
Mária HerczTeachers’ psychological wellbeing2021-04-21NDI
Mária HerczStudent-centered learning environment2021-04-21NDI
György KönczeiHistory of Disability from Taygetos to Equal Opportunities- and Backwards2021-04-21NDI
György KönczeiMeaningful participation, self-determination and citizenship from a Disability Studies perspective2021-04-21NDI
György KönczeiOppression and Disability: Reasons, Forms and Means in Modern Societies2021-04-21NDI
Eszter MárkusSpecial educational support for People with profound and multiple disabilities (high support need) - from early childhood intervention to self-determination/autonomy2021-04-21NDI
Klára MartonCognitive and language functions in bilingual and multilingual individuals2021-04-21NDI
Klára MartonCognitive control along the language continuum2021-04-21NDI
Klára MartonBilingual language impairment2021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyEducation and society (1850-2020)2021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyPolicy and politics of education 1867-19482021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyCulturally Composite Elites, Regime Changes and Social Crises in Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Confessional Eastern Europe. (The Carpathian Basin and the Baltics in Comparison2021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyEducational inequalities in the multi-ethnic, multi-denominational region: Slovakia, Transsylvania, Budapest-region at the turn of century2021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyThe social sciences and humanities in the higher education (1940-2010)2021-04-21NDI
Péter Tibor NagyEuropean and local academic staff of Social Sciences and Humanities (1850 - 2010)2021-04-21NDI
Balázs NémethLearning cities and learning communities2021-04-21NDI
Balázs NémethAdult Education and politics2021-04-21NDI
Anikó Ravaszné ZsolnaiSocial competence in childhood2021-04-21NDI
Anikó Ravaszné ZsolnaiSocial skills development in childhood2021-04-21NDI
Zoltán RónayParticipation of students in the life of educational institutions (rights, obligations, opportunities)2021-04-21NDI
Zoltán RónayMeeting of Education, Administration, and Law2021-04-21NDI
Zoltán RónayLaw as a subject of teacher's training including the further training programs2021-04-21NDI
Zoltán RónayThe liability in the operation of high schools2021-04-21NDI
Judit SzivákProblems of beginner / novice teacher, research of the way of thinking2021-04-21NDI

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