Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Gáspár AlbertGIS based morphotectonical modeling of the Tokaj-hills (NE Hungary)2018-05-31ELTE
Judit Bartholy
Rita Pongrácz
Connection between changing atmospheric circulation and frequency of extreme events2018-05-31ELTE
András id. BenczúrNovel Big Data solutions for data-centric applications2018-05-31ELTE
Márton BerkiNew approaches to cultural geography in Central and Eastern Europe2018-05-31ELTE
Miklós BíróAnalysis and innovative application of emerging technologies for the partial automation of software process assessment and improvement2018-05-31ELTE
Zoltán BuczolichGeometric and dynamical aspects of measure and real function theory2018-05-31ELTE
István CsabaiMachine learning ion sciences2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárSmall molecules as complex systems2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárQuantum molecular dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárThe fourth age of quantum chemistry: molecules in motion2018-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárExotic chemical phenomena: tunneling and resonances2018-05-31ELTE
József CsertiStudy of topological properties of two dimensional layered atomically thin materials2018-05-31ELTE
Adrienne CsizmadyThe impact of urban planning on changing city use2018-05-11ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúInvestigations in membrane computing2018-05-31ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúDistributed and bio-inspired computational models of natural language2018-05-31ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúComplexity of classical and unconventional computing devices2018-05-31ELTE
Zsolt DemetrovicsNew synthetic psychoactive substances2018-05-11ELTE
Árpád DobolyiNeurobiology of parental behavior in rodents2018-05-31ELTE
Árpád DobolyiNeurobiology of parental behavior in rodents with a bioinformatics approach2018-05-31ELTE
László DobosFederated astronomical databases2018-05-31ELTE
László DobosFederating Distributed Scientific Databases2018-05-31ELTE
László DobosMachine learning in astronomy2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiMagnetodydrodynamic waves in the solar atmosphere2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiDeveloping state-of-the-art Space Weather forecast tools2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiModelling (macro)spicules and their effect on solar atmospheric dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Gergely FliegaufGang actvities in prisons2018-05-11ELTE
Gergely FliegaufPrison art2018-05-11ELTE
Gergely FliegaufDrug related disturbances in prisons2018-05-11ELTE
Márta GácsiNeural and behavioural correlates of emotional processing and syncronisation in dogs2018-05-31ELTE
Mátyás Gede"Analysis and visualisation of geotagged photography and social media data"2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor GercsákTranslating, transcribing and transliterating geographical names. Theory and cartographic representation.2018-05-31ELTE
Ágnes GörögBiostratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental and palaeobiogeographical interpretations on the basis of microfossils2018-05-31ELTE
Ágnes GörögDocumentation and interpretation of the palaenvironmental changes on the basis of microfossils2018-05-31ELTE
Róbert GyőriHistorical Geography of Hungary – History of Hungarian Geography2018-05-31ELTE
Ferenc GyurisNew approaches to spatial disparity research2018-05-31ELTE
Levente HajderReal-time visual odometry using vehicle mounted cameras2018-05-31ELTE
Csaba HetényiDevelopment and applications of computational drug design methods2018-05-31ELTE
Zoltán HorváthTrustworthy Distributed Software Design2018-05-31ELTE
Péter Dusán IspánovityDynamical correlations in dislocation systems2018-05-31ELTE
Éva IzsákThe natural and social factors of the transformation of urban spaces2018-05-31ELTE
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) Juhász"Regulation of autophagy and endocytosis"2018-05-31ELTE
József KardosFunctions of complement classical pathway components in the central nervous system2018-05-31ELTE
Sándor KatzThe QCD phase diagram from lattice calculations2018-05-31ELTE
Miklós KázmérEnvironmental history2018-05-31ELTE
Miklós KázmérEnvironmental history2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissMolecular interactions in cell membrane model systems2018-05-31ELTE
Attila KissAlgorithmic and Mathematical Aspects of Bioinformatics2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissDevelopment of biocompatible drug delivery systems2018-05-31ELTE
Attila KissCurrent issues of data science2018-05-31ELTE
Éva KissNanostructural drug delivery systems2018-05-31ELTE
Bence KocsisStochastic secular dynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Bence KocsisStatistical mechanics and gravitational wave astrophysics of galactic nuclei2018-05-31ELTE
László KollárControlled vibration of suspended cables2018-05-31ELTE
László KollárVibration of wind turbine blades due to uneven load2018-05-31ELTE
László KollárInverse design of wind turbine blades for extreme weather applications2018-05-31ELTE
Mihály KovácsMechanisms and biological functions of motor enzymes2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás KozsikRecursion schemes for parallelization2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás KozsikProgramming languages2018-05-31ELTE
Enikő KubinyiCognitive Ageing in Dogs2018-05-31ELTE
Jenő KürtiFormation of Carbon Structures in Nanochambers: a Molecular Dynamics Study2018-05-31ELTE
Jenő KürtiOptical Absorption and Resonance Raman Scattering of Ribbon and Chain Like Molecules - a Theoretical Study2018-05-31ELTE
Sándor LakiAdvanced traffic engineering in telecommunication networks with the support of PPOV2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the electrochemical stability of implant materials2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the electrochemical stability of conducting polymer films and thin metal layers2018-05-31ELTE
Győző LángInvestigation of the kinetics of electrochemical processes by using multielectrode systems2018-05-31ELTE
Imre LendákOptimization of internal processes in financial systems2018-05-31ELTE
Imre LendákCustomer profiling-based personalization in financial systems2018-05-31ELTE
Péter LigetiSecurity and privacy in automotive systems2018-05-31ELTE
András LőrinczChatBot2018-05-31ELTE
András LőrinczEnvironment and passenger modeling in self-driving car2018-05-31ELTE
András LőrinczModel estimation and anomaly detection2018-05-31ELTE
András LőrinczHuman-AI cooperation2018-05-31ELTE
Péter LőwRegulation of crinophagy2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás LukovszkiSelf organizing sensor networks – Algorithms2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás LukovszkiNetwork design for SDN2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás LukovszkiSoftware Defined Networks (SDN) – Algorithms, optimization2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás LukovszkiLocal Algorithms for Autonomous Robots2018-05-31ELTE
Tamás LukovszkiNetwork Funcion Virtualization (NFV) – Optimization, Algorithms2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusComputational study of spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties of molecular complexes2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusDevelopment of path-integral methods for the quantum mechanical description of complex molecular systems2018-05-31ELTE
Edit MátyusTheoretical developments for the precision spectroscopy of small molecules2018-05-31ELTE
András MicsikResearch data management solutions for the humanities2018-05-31ELTE
András MicsikEmergent ad hoc knowledge sharing during co-located situations2018-05-31ELTE
András MicsikLinked Data IQ testing2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárResearch on reconciliation and integration of complex networks created by Big Data Analytics and semantic modelling2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárResearch on the knowledge-based approach for “drivers/controllers” of autonomic systems and self-driving cars2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárCognitive Information Systems2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárApplication of gossip based algorithm and Diophantine arithmetic for protecting privacy in cyberspace2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárResearch on the Semi-formal and formal methods and tools on Modeling and Design of Information Systems considering the Enterprise Architecture and in general the Architec2018-05-31ELTE
Bálint MolnárResearch on reconciliation and integration of complex networks created by Big Data Analytics and semantic modelling2018-05-31ELTE
Viktor MüllerThe evolution of adaptive immunity2018-05-31ELTE
Dániel NógrádiThe critical point of quantum chromodynamics2018-05-31ELTE
Beáta ObornyTraditional ecological knowledge of Mongolian or other pastoralist people2018-05-31ELTE
Antal Örkény
György Csepeli
Labor market and migration in Europe2018-05-01ELTE
Antal Örkény
György Csepeli
European and Russian National Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change2018-05-01ELTE
Antal Örkény
György Csepeli
European and Russian National Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change2018-05-31ELTE
Attila ŐsiFeeding preference and jaw mechanism in sauropsid reptiles2018-05-31ELTE
Gergely Palla
Péter Pollner
Network based methods of data extraction from natural language texts2018-05-31ELTE
Gabriella PásztorChallenging the Standard Model and searching for new physics at the LHC2018-05-31ELTE
Gabriella PásztorStudy of diboson production with the CMS detector at the LHC2018-05-31ELTE

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