Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Debrecen
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Debrecen

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
András Csaba FenyvesiRadiation damage and radiation protection problems caused by fast neutrons2018-05-15Cikl
Mátyás BenczeTheoretical background to adjudication2018-05-15B/103
Tünde PusztahelyiBiological activity of spent mushroom waste2018-05-15DEMÉK
László SomsákSynthesis of C-glycopyranosyl derivatives of six-membered heterocycles2018-05-15E 422
Gusztáv Áron SzíkiDynamic modelling, simulation and optimization of alternative driven vehicles and power trains in MATLAB environment2018-05-15ITDI
Zoltán Mihály MészárMigration and differentiation of neurons in the spinal dorsal horn2018-05-14DA
Norbert BaranyaiLiterature and culture in transborder Hungarian communities2018-05-15DEBTK
Norbert Baranyai20th-century and contemporary Hungarian literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Tamás BényeiNarrative, theory and culture in modern British and postcolonial literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Péter BényeiAnthropological models in 19th-century Hungarian prose fiction2018-05-15DEBTK
Erzsébet BertaIntercultural and intermedial phenomena in East Central European modernist art2018-05-15DEBTK
István BitskeyEarly modern Hungarian authors and genres2018-05-15DEBTK
Katalin BódiProblems of intellectual history and poetics in the literature of Classicism and the Enlightenment2018-05-15DEBTK
Ferenc Máté BodrogiPublication, critical self-representations and the analysis of the oeuvres of 18th-and 19th-century authors2018-05-15DEBTK
György BorusAnglo-Dutch relations in the 17th century2018-05-15DEBTK
Réka BozzayHungarian-Dutch relations2018-05-15DEBTK
Imola BülgözdiThe Literature and Culture of the American South2018-05-15DEBTK
Imola BülgözdiGender and Identity in 2oth-century and contemporary American prose2018-05-15DEBTK
Péter CsatóContemporary American prose fiction and film in the context of modern moral philosophy and epistemology2018-05-15DEBTK
Ildikó CsépesSecond Language Acquisition2018-05-15DEBTK
Ildikó CsépesLanguage Testing and Assessment2018-05-15DEBTK
Attila CserépFigurative language2018-05-15DEBTK
Attila CserépIdioms2018-05-15DEBTK
Judit D. TóthThe literature of antiquity2018-05-15DEBTK
Olga Dankovics Viktorné SzűcsNyikolaj Bergyajev’s philosophy of history2018-05-15DEBTK
Attila DebreczeniProblems of textology and literary history at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries2018-05-15DEBTK
István DobosTwentieth-century Hungarian literature2018-05-15DEBTK
István DobosNarratology2018-05-15DEBTK
Gergely Tamás FazakasLiterature of piety in early modern fiction2018-05-15DEBTK
Péter FodorThe narratives of mass culture understood as media culture2018-05-15DEBTK
Tibor GlantUS-Hungarian Relations and Contacts2018-05-15DEBTK
József GoretityVarious versions of myths in European literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Andrea HorváthDiscourses of Europe in contemporary Austrian and German literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Andrea HorváthDiscourses of Europe in contemporary Austrian and German literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Andrea HorváthGender and culture2018-05-15DEBTK
Andrea HorváthGender and interculturality2018-05-15DEBTK
Andrea HorváthIdentity and otherness in contemporary German literature2018-05-15DEBTK
László ImreFunctions and variations of genres in Hungarian culture2018-05-15DEBTK
Mihály ImreThe poetical, rhetorical and liturgical characteristics of early modern Hungarian literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Sándor KálaiThe artifact in various forms – adaptation, transmedial storytelling2018-05-15DEBTK
Sándor KálaiThe narratives of mass culture understood as media culture2018-05-15DEBTK
György KalmárConstructions of subjectivity in contemporary film2018-05-15DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosTense and aspect across languages2018-05-15DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosArgument structure2018-05-15DEBTK
Karl KatschthalerMusic and gender2018-05-15DEBTK
Karl KatschthalerIntermedial music: explicit and latent theatricality2018-05-15DEBTK
Karl KatschthalerAutobiographical narrative2018-05-15DEBTK
Anna KeszegFashion theory- and history2018-05-15DEBTK
Anna KeszegVisual culture2018-05-15DEBTK
Beatrix KricsfalusiContemporary German and Austrian prose2018-05-15DEBTK
Beatrix KricsfalusiThe theory and aesthetics of drama and theatre2018-05-15DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóAspects of English Morphology (possibly: in a cross-linguistic context)2018-05-15DEBTK
Tibor LaczkóAspects of English Syntax (possibly: in a cross-linguistic context)2018-05-15DEBTK
József LapisPoetical trends and reading strategies in contemporary Hungarian prose2018-05-15DEBTK
József LapisLyric models in the 20-21st century2018-05-15DEBTK
Tamás LichtmannMorality and aesthetics2018-05-15DEBTK
Judit LukovszkiThe possible connection of the literary text with other forms of art2018-05-15DEBTK
Imre MadarászThe literature of Italian Enlightenment and Romanticism in the 18th and 19th centuries (especially at the turn of the century)2018-05-15DEBTK
Judit MolnárCanadian Multicultural Literatures2018-05-15DEBTK
Judit MolnárCanadian Multicultural Literatures2018-05-15DEBTK
Lenke NémethAmerican Literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Lenke NémethAmerican drama and theatre2018-05-15DEBTK
Szabolcs Béla OláhMediaarcheology and lyric history2018-05-15DEBTK
Szabolcs Béla OláhThe viewpoint of mediality in lyric theory and analysis2018-05-15DEBTK
Szabolcs Béla OláhCultivated vitality, social semantics and mediadynamics2018-05-15DEBTK
Eszter PabisThe change of regime in German and Hungarian cultural memory2018-05-15DEBTK
László PeteRenessiance and Baroque preachers in Italy2018-05-15DEBTK
István RáczThe Movement and British gay poetry in the second half of the 20th century2018-05-15DEBTK
István RáczAesthetics and Poetics as Reflected in 19th and 20th century British Poetry2018-05-15DEBTK
György RákosiLanguage acquisition2018-05-15DEBTK
György RákosiSpecial varieties of language2018-05-15DEBTK
György RákosiConstructions at the syntax-semantics interface2018-05-15DEBTK
Ildikó Regéczi19th-century Russian prose and drama2018-05-15DEBTK
Pál S. VargaThe change of literature as a medium in the second half of the 19th century2018-05-15DEBTK
Attila SebestyénOrganizational culture and communication2018-05-15DEBTK
Attila SebestyénThe interrelation of management and human sciences2018-05-15DEBTK
Nóra SélleiGender and culture2018-05-15DEBTK
Nóra Séllei19th- and 20th-century English women writers2018-05-15DEBTK
Judit SzathmáriAmerican Indian sovereignty issues2018-05-15DEBTK
Péter SzirákThe artwork in different medial forms – adaptation, transmedial storytelling2018-05-15DEBTK
Miklós TakácsTransborder Hungarian literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Miklós TakácsThe legibility of literature from the perspective of cultural analysis/studies2018-05-15DEBTK
Enikő TóthExperimental semantics/pragmatics2018-05-15DEBTK
Ágoston TóthQuantitative lexicography2018-05-15DEBTK
Ágoston TóthMachine learning in NLP2018-05-15DEBTK
Enikő TóthGrammar and Pragmatics2018-05-15DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákMethodological issues of teaching Australian Studies in Europe2018-05-15DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákMajor trends and motifs in North American and Australian cultural and literary criticism (20th century)2018-05-15DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákMethodological issues of teaching Australian Studies in Europe2018-05-15DEBTK
Gabriella Tóthné EspákNational minority identities conflicting with multiculturality in Canada and Australia2018-05-15DEBTK
Balázs VenkovitsHistory of Travel and Travel Literature2018-05-15DEBTK
Csaba CserhátiAtomic movements in 2 and 3 dimensional structures2018-05-15SZILF
Zoltán ErdélyiInvestigation of diffusion and solid state reactions in thin layers: experiments and simulations2018-05-15SZILF
Zoltán ErdélyiStudy of nanostructured materials of high application potential2018-05-15SZILF
Gábor KatonaStructural transformations in thin films2018-05-15SZILF
Ferenc ErdődiStudying the role of phosphatases in signaling2018-05-15DEOVI
Magdolna SzántóInvestigation of the role of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-2 in skin (patho)physiology2018-05-15DEOVI
Judit MolnárZivilprozess und ausserprozessliche Verfahren in Europa2018-05-15A/215

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