Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Debrecen
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Debrecen

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location of studies (in Hungarian)
József SzabadfalviHungarian legal philosophical thinking from the beginnings to the mid-20th century2021-01-16B/102
Zoltán Németh
Ádám Zoltán Lendvai
Regulation of the migratory phenotype2021-01-16ÉTÉ
Tamás FézerInstitutions of International Business Law in the 21st century2021-01-16A/13
Tamás FézerNew Tendencies in the Development of a Common European Private Law2021-01-16A/13
Attila BárányMilitary and Diplomatic History of the Age of the Hundred Years' War (14th-15th c.)2021-01-16DEBTK
Attila BáránySocial and Political History of Medieval England (5th to 15th c.)2021-01-16DEBTK
Gábor BiczóEconomic Anthropology2021-01-16DEBTK
Péter CsatárTranslation studies2021-01-16DEBTK
Péter CsatárMetaphor analysis2021-01-16DEBTK
Péter CsatárGerman pronominal system2021-01-16DEBTK
Ildikó CsépesLanguage Testing and Assessment2021-01-16DEBTK
Ildikó CsépesSecond Language Acquisition2021-01-16DEBTK
Attila CserépFigurative language2021-01-16DEBTK
Attila CserépIdioms2021-01-16DEBTK
László HunyadiMultimodal properties of spoken dialogues2021-01-16DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosArgument structure2021-01-16DEBTK
Éva Aliz KardosTense and aspect across languages2021-01-16DEBTK
Sándor KissProblems of Text Linguistics in Contemporary French Language2021-01-16DEBTK
Sándor KissThe Latin-Romance Transition: Documents and Theoretical Approach2021-01-16DEBTK
Ábrahám KovácsThe relationship between the Jews and the Protestants in the nineteenth Century Hungarian Kingdom2021-01-16DEBTK
Ábrahám KovácsThe Pioneers of the Academic Study of Religion during the Age of Dualism in the Hungarian Kingdom in European context2021-01-16DEBTK
Ábrahám KovácsReligious Fundamentalism and Conservativism in Scotland2021-01-16DEBTK
Ábrahám Kovács"The History and Religious Context of Korean Protestantism"2021-01-16DEBTK
Ábrahám KovácsProtestant Civil Society: The Role and Influence of Social and Ecclesiastical Organisations in the Habsburg Monarchy and during Dualism2021-01-16DEBTK
Tibor Sándor LaczkóAspects of English Syntax (possibly: in a cross-linguistic context)2021-01-16DEBTK
Tibor Sándor LaczkóAspects of English Morphology (possibly: in a cross-linguistic context)2021-01-16DEBTK
Ádám Sándor Nagyernyei-SzabóHistory of the peoples in Barbaricum and their cultural heritage2021-01-16DEBTK
Ádám Sándor Nagyernyei-SzabóHistory of religions from the Roman Age and the heritage of the cults2021-01-16DEBTK
Ádám Sándor Nagyernyei-SzabóHistory of Roman provinces and their cultural heritage2021-01-16DEBTK
Ádám Sándor Nagyernyei-SzabóRoman public administration2021-01-16DEBTK
Ferenc PozsonyLocal Societies, Holidays, and Identities2021-01-16DEBTK
Ferenc PozsonyNeighbourhood Association in a Transylvanian Saxon Settlement2021-01-16DEBTK
Ferenc PozsonyModernization and the Change of Rites of Passage in Moldavia2021-01-16DEBTK
György RákosiConstructions at the syntax-semantics interface2021-01-16DEBTK
György RákosiSpecial varieties of language2021-01-16DEBTK
György RákosiLanguage acquisition2021-01-16DEBTK
Ildikó RegécziEthnic Dramatic Traditions: Theater and National Identity2021-01-16DEBTK
Franciska SkuttaLinguistic Approaches to Narrative: Analysis of French Literary Texts2021-01-16DEBTK
Máté Dávid TamáskaModernisation of the villages during the 20th Century2021-01-16DEBTK
Máté Dávid TamáskaVernacular Architecture and the Culture Heritage2021-01-16DEBTK
Enikő TóthGrammar and Pragmatics2021-01-16DEBTK
Enikő TóthExperimental semantics/pragmatics2021-01-16DEBTK
Ágoston TóthSemantic role labeling using word embeddings2021-01-16DEBTK
Ágoston TóthQuantitative lexicography2021-01-16DEBTK
Orsolya BányaiThe realization of sustainable development goals in the field of energy law2021-01-16C-108
Klára CzimreAnalysis of borders, border regions and cross-border co-operations2021-01-16DE
Klára CzimreReal estate market analysis2021-01-16DE
Endre MáthéNutrigenetic- and genomic evaluation of plant extracts using Drosophila melanogaster-based model systems2020-12-04DE
Péter Tamás NagyDevelopment of nutrient management practices for precision apple production for quality food raw material production2020-12-15DE
Katalin Szűcs Lászlóné SiskaThe History of the Turkish Constitution - The Birth of Modern Turkey2021-01-16C/7
Katalin Szűcs Lászlóné SiskaHuman Rights and International Migration2021-01-16C/7
Balázs HarangiAssisting molecular design and synthesis using deep-learning neural networks2021-01-16ITDT
László PappTrends in history of Hungarian jurisdiction2021-01-16C/8/A
László AszalósPractical correlation clustering2021-01-16ITDI
Zoltán GálSoftware Defined Network and Network Functions Visualization with Neural Network based AI2021-01-16ITDI
Imre KocsisImprovement of engineering processes and information flow in Building Information Modelling2021-01-16ITDI
Zsolt TóthClassification based Symbolic Indoor Positioning2021-01-16ITDI
Zsolt TóthSoftware Engineers Evaluation Based on Continuous Integration and Issue Tracking2021-01-16ITDI
Zsolt TóthApplications of Artificial Neural Network Inversion2021-01-16ITDI
Zsolt HajnalEuropean and Hungarian consumer protection law2021-01-16A/118
Zsolt HajnalCross border private legal relations2021-01-16A/118
Mátyás BenczeTheoretical background to adjudication2021-01-16B/103
Mátyás BenczeLegal challenges of globalization2021-01-16B/103
László SomsákSynthesis of monosaccharide derivatives to target carbohydrate-protein interactions2021-01-16E 422
László SomsákSynthesis of glycosylidene-spiro-heterocycles2021-01-15E 422
Zsolt BartaAutoimmune pathogenic diseases in the era of COVID-192020-12-30IK
Sándor MadaiChallenges of substantive criminal law in the 21st century2021-01-16A/115
Sándor MadaiChallenges of substantive criminal law in the 21st century2021-01-16A/115
Ágnes Pápai-TarrPossible directions of the changes in certain criminal substantial legal institutions in the 21st century2021-01-16A/115
Ákos CsernyEuropean Electoral Institutions2021-01-16KA131
Emőd VeressFundamental issues of the private law in post-socialist transition2021-01-16ÁJK
Emőd VeressTools of creditor and debtor protection in private law2021-01-16ÁJK
Nelli VargaDevelopment trends of family law2021-01-16A/117
Nelli VargaBasic questions and changes in contract law2021-01-16A/117
Balázs ElekThe formation of the judicial belief, and the basic principles of the criminal procedure2021-01-16A/221
Krisztián SzabóPossible directions of changes of some criminal procedural legal institutions in the light of the codification of criminal procedural law2021-01-16A/221
Gábor Attila TóthComparative Constitutionalism2021-01-16A/217
Miklós HerdonA vállalkozások digitalizációjának mérésére és ágazatok összehasonlítására alkalmas modellek fejlesztése2020-12-31DEGTK
Péter SólyomValue pluralism and equality Challenges of democratic political integration in contemporary constitutional law2021-01-16A/216
Tamás Horváth M.Public administration and management2021-01-16A/14
Tünde Csapóné RiskóCorporate social responsibility, theoretical approaches, and models, practical examples in multinational companies2020-12-31UD
Tünde Csapóné RiskóCorporate social responsibility, theoretical approaches, and models, practical examples in the SME sector2020-12-31UD
Tünde Csapóné RiskóReal questions and challenges of the internationalisation of SMEs2020-12-31UD
Krisztina DajnokiEmployee engagement across the generations2020-12-31UD
László ErdeyDevelopment possibilities of commodity-export dependent countries2020-12-31UD
Marietta KissEffects of social media marketing on consumer behaviour of the millennial generation in terms of brand loyalty in fashion sector2020-12-31UD
Róbert SzilágyiEvaluation of the application of the advanced information technologies in micro and small firms2020-12-31UD
Márton VarjuThe national interest in EU law2021-01-16T028
Márton VarjuHuman rights as legal and policy instruments in the European Union2021-01-16T028
Mihály FónaiRecrutation and characteristics of legal professions2021-01-16C/9/B
Róbert KeményfiNational Cultures in the Carpathian Basin2021-01-16DE311
László KovácsOptimized Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Hybrid High Performance Computing Environment2021-01-16DEIK
Klára BíróChallenges int he Healthcare System2021-01-16UDFPH
István BaloghDetection and functional characterization of genetic causes of rare diseases2021-03-31DEÁOK
Gábor SzabóEffect of DNA-targeting and epigenetic-targeting drugs on nucleosome stability2021-01-31DEÁOK
Judit NemesOral health evaluation of 3-6 year old pre-school children2021-05-15DEFOK
Norbert NémethInvestigation of blood rheology, flow characteristics and vascular function in artificial arterio-venous (AV) shunt and AV malformation experimental models2021-01-16DEFM
György VámosiTranspresentation and signaling of interleukin-152021-01-15DEBSI
György VámosiInteraction of nuclear receptors and their cofactors studied by modern fluorescence microscopy tools2021-01-15DEBSI
Zoltán VargaThe role of the Hv1 proton channel in vascular smooth muscle cells2021-01-16DEBSI

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