Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem (to be translated)
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem (to be translated)

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Miklós GubánDesign of a simulation model for efficient re-planning of entreprisal service logistical processes2023-05-31BBS
Miklós GubánModelling of the non-enterprise material flow processes of the supply chain2023-05-31BBS
Harshavardhan Reddy KummithaSocial entrepreneurship and tourism2022-10-31BBS
Harshavardhan Reddy KummithaBusiness performances in tourism. SMEs/Family owned business for sustainable tourism development2022-10-31BBS
Áron PerényiR&D driven internationalisation of emerging market firms2023-05-30BBS
Regina ReicherExamination of the risk assessment practices of manufacturing companies.2022-10-31BBS
Cecília SzigetiApplications of ecological footprint calculation for construction companies2022-10-31BBS
Arnold TóthEconomic aspects of corporate workforce management2023-05-30BBS
István ÁbelFirms in a global economy2023-05-31BGE
István ÁbelIssues of local taxation, enterprise evaluation and performance measurement in global value chains2023-05-31BGE
Gyula BakacsiOrganizational culture and development in SMEs2023-05-31BGE
Gyula BakacsiLeadership and development in SMEs2023-05-31BGE
Nicholas ChandlerComplexity in Management: moving away from oversimplification and closer to reality2023-05-31BGE
Sára CsillagHuman resource management in SME-s2023-05-31BGE
Ádám CzellengModel-based forecasting and data analysis in economic applications2023-05-31BGE
Tamás EgedySmart cities and smart projects in Hungary2023-05-31BGE
Tamás EgedyThe creative economy in Hungary and Budapest with a special focus on SMEs2023-05-31BGE
Katalin FehérStart-up ecosystem: data-driven business models and emerging digital technologies with their connected professional and social values2023-05-31BGE
Tamás GáspárCompetency and methodological development in the foresight practice2023-05-31BGE
Tamás GáspárStrategic future management of companies, regions and industries2023-05-31BGE
Ákos GubánCreate the digital maturity index of the SME2023-05-31BGE
Zsuzsanna GyőriThe use of the ISO 26000 standard by Hungarian SMEs2023-05-31BGE
Zsuzsanna GyőriThe role of integrated reporting in the multidimensional interpretation of corporate value creation2023-05-31BGE
Balázs HeidrichDevelopmen strategies and succession issues of Family Businesses2023-05-31BGE
Balázs HeidrichCharacteristics of organizational cultural change in CEE region2023-05-31BGE
Judit HidasiChallenges deriving from the specific features of business cultures in decision making and management2023-05-31BGE
Judit HidasiCulture specific tools of soft-power in the economic and business diplomacy2023-05-31BGE
András JancsikTouristic markets in today’s information economy2023-05-31BGE
Tímea JuhászWillingness to transfer knowledge between generations at the workplace2023-05-31BGE
Péter JuhászShareholder value creation at companies2023-05-31BGE
Richárd KásaInnovation strategies in the 21st century – Corporate innovation performance2023-05-31BGE
Gábor KirályOrganisational mechanisms of knowledge management and knowledge sharing2023-05-31BGE
Gábor KirályCharacteristics of development and learning organisations2023-05-30BGE
Gábor KirályOrganisational mechanisms of knowledge management and knowledge sharing2023-05-30BGE
Gábor KirályCharacteristics of development and learning organisations2023-05-31BGE
Johannes KirchStructural Ambidexterity - Cooperative approaches towards more innovation in traditional organizations2023-05-30BGE
Ferenc KondorosiLegal limits to the freedom to conduct business I. Customer protection2023-05-30BGE
Ferenc KondorosiLegal constraints to conduct business I: Competition Law2023-05-30BGE
András KovácsOnline and offline spaces and places in marketing and commerce2023-05-30BGE
Tímea KozmaGlobal trends and technological challenges of sustainable supply chains2023-05-30BGE
Zoltán KrajcsákModelling Employee Commitment in Management Systems2023-05-30BGE
Miklós LosonczThe impact of global, EU and domestic economic policy and regulation on the operation and strategy of businesses2023-05-30BGE
Shafighi NajlaImpact investing in emerging markets and its role in sustainable development2023-05-30BGE
Shafighi NajlaInternational Technology Transfer and its role in sustainable development2023-05-30BGE
György Iván NeszmélyiComparative analysis of the macroeconomic environment and the regional traits of enterprises2023-05-30BGE
László RadácsiThe corporate practice of organizational sustainability2023-05-30BGE
László RadácsiFutures studies and entrepreneurship development2023-05-30BGE
Judit SágiExamination of the asset composition and the income generation capability of enterprises, using complex ratio analysis and bankruptcy models. Investigation of the impact2023-05-30BGE
Éva Sándorné KrisztThe analysis of the operation and competitiveness of SMEs in international comparison2023-05-30BGE
Magdolna SassThe internationalisation of SMEs2023-05-30BGE
István SzabóThe effect of mission oriented RDI policy on the innovation performance of SME’s; the impact of international RDI cooperation on education and business competitiveness2023-05-30BGE
Zoltán SzabóMarketing strategies - online and offline – in the service of domestic and international enterprises in the 21st century2023-05-30BGE
Krisztina SzegediTheoretical and practical perspectives of business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility2023-05-30BGE
Arnold TóthEconomic approach to financial decision of individuals and small and medium sized companies with particular reference to key findings in behavioural economics2023-05-30BGE

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