Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Tamás BakonyiNovel detection and identification methods for the surveillance of emerging and endemic arboviruses in the Pannonian Basin2018-05-31ÁTE
Krisztián Bányai
Ádám Bálint
Molecular epidemiological survey of infectious bronchitis2018-05-31ÁTE
Tibor BarthaInvestigation of function-related synaptic plasticity on hypothalamic hemispheres2018-05-31ÁTE
Mária BenkőStudy of novel adenoviruses derived from bats and rodents2018-05-31ÁTE
Imre Biksi
Ádám Dán
Molecular, phylogenetic and epidemiologic analyses of swine influenza viruses2018-05-31ÁTE
Edit EszterbauerThe genetic variability of parasitic fungus species in fish hatcheries and the possibilities of biological control against fish mould2018-05-31ÁTE
Orsolya Farkas
Ákos Jerzsele
Role of polyphenols in prevention and treatment of impaired intestinal function2018-05-31ÁTE
Róbert FarkasStudies on arthropod species of forensic importance occurring on animal cadavers in Hungary2018-05-31ÁTE
László Frenyó V.Impacts and significance of hypothalamic functional asymmetry in the regulation of circadian rhythm2018-05-31ÁTE
Miklós GyuraneczComparative characterization of Mycoplasma hyorhinis isolates2018-05-31ÁTE
Balázs HarrachDiversity and phylogeny of animal adenoviruses2018-05-31ÁTE
Tamás Horváth
Bence Rácz
Hunger controls aging2018-05-31ÁTE
Gyula Kasza
László Ózsvári
Evaluation of a food supply chain model with enhanced safety on the functional food market2018-05-31ÁTE
Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
Dániel Cserhalmi
The efficiency of herbal based products in the treatment of different kind of diseases in horses2018-05-31ÁTE
József LehelInvestigation of food safety and human health risk of heavy metal burden of foods of animal origin2018-05-31ÁTE
Tibor MagyarGenetic diversity, host adaptation and the spread of antibiotic resistance in Pasteurella multocida2018-05-31ÁTE
Zsuzsanna Neogrády
Gábor Mátis
Biochemical background of feline idiopathic cystitis2018-05-31ÁTE
Zsuzsanna Neogrády
Gábor Mátis
Immunszuppresszív hatások vizsgálata csirke hepatocyta – Kupffer-sejt ko-kultúrán2018-05-31ÁTE
László Ózsvári
Gyula Kasza
Economic and legal aspects of producing milk-based functional foods2018-05-31ÁTE
Erzsébet Pásztiné GereSelection of hepatoprotective agents in vitro in xenobiotic-induced liver damage2018-05-31ÁTE
Norbert Solymosi
Róbert Farkas
Studies on metagenomes of arthropod vectors2018-05-31ÁTE
Ottó SzenciReducing the loss of late embryonal and early foetal mortality in a high producing Holstein Friesian dairy farm2018-05-31ÁTE
István TóthPathogenetic and genetic characterization of pathogenic and commensal Escherichia coli livestock isolates and their bacteriphages2018-05-31ÁTE

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