Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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Csaba HősPredicting Pipeline and Valve Dynamics in the case of Multicomponent Flow2018-10-19HDR
Csaba HősTransport Phenomena and Emergency Response Strategies in Water Distribution Systems2018-10-19HDR
Lajos KisgyörgyDevelopment of a pavement diagnostic system based on built-in monitoring sensors2018-05-31BMEUV
Csaba TóthIncorporating climatic effects at the design of asphalt pavements2018-05-31BMEUV
Katalin BagiDiscrete element analysis of the mechanics of cracked masonry vaults2018-05-31EOTM
Eszter HorváthAnatomically designed car seat2018-08-20JSZT
László LovasStudy of the loosening of wheel bolts2018-07-05JSZT
László LovasCooperation between cranial bone and implant2018-07-05JSZT
László LovasStudy of the gearbox layout on gear shiftability2018-07-05JSZT
László LovasValidation of vehicle part finite element models2018-07-05JSZT
László LovasRequirements for an implant following the bone growth2018-07-05JSZT
László LovasStudy of the spline clutch wear on gear shiftability2018-07-05JSZT
Szabolcs RózsaThe tomographic modelling of precipitable water vapour and its application for climate change monitoring in Egypt and Hungary using GNSS2018-04-29BMEAF
Szabolcs RózsaPositioning and orientation estimation of autonomous platforms in dynamic environments2018-05-31BMEAF
Bence TakácsInvestigation of the GNSS Integrity for Safety of Life Application2018-05-31BMEAF
Lajos VölgyesiPhysical interpretation of global geoid forms2018-05-31BMEAF
L. György BalázsEffect of Length and Inclination of Near Surface Mounted (NSM) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP) Strips on the Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams2018-04-29BMEEM
Katalin KopecskóGeopolymer binder using industrial wastes2018-04-29BMEEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyParametric analysis of reinforced concrete frames exposed to fire2018-04-29BMEEM
Salem Georges NehmeDemolition concrete waste application as aggregate for structural concrete2018-04-29BMEEM
Salem Georges NehmeBehaviour and design of steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs (SRFC)2018-04-29BMEEM
Zsuzsa SzalayHeat wave vulnerability assessment of cities2018-05-31BMEEM
Zsuzsa SzalayProtection of buildings against summer overheating2018-05-31BMEEM
Gyula GrófHeat transfer intensifying techniques2018-04-24EGR
Ferenc LezsovitsA Numerical And Experimental Investigation To Enhancement Heat Exchange Systems Using Nanofluids in Boilers2018-04-24EGR
Pál SzentannaiModeling gas-solid fluidized beds of energy industrial relevance2018-10-19EGR
Pál SzentannaiChallenging renewable solid fuels and fuel mixes for Fluidized Bed Conversion2018-04-24EGR
Attila BonyárResearch and development of nanosensors based on localized surface plasmon resonance2018-07-30ETT
Attila BonyárDevelopment of novel scanning probe microscopy methods for the characterization of micro- and nanostructures2018-07-30ETT
Attila BonyárInvestigation and manipulation of living cells with labelless biosensors and FluidFM (Nanofluidic Atomic Force Microscope)2018-07-30ETT
Balázs IllésInvestigating soldering technologies of microelectronic circuits by numerical simulations2018-07-30ETT
Balázs Vince NagyDynamic aspects of image acquisition and processing2018-10-19MOGI
László PohlCompact modelling of thermal-electrical circuit elements2018-07-30EET
Péter Gábor SzabóThermal management of critical systems2018-07-30EET
Tamás KrámerSimulation-based assessment of water level fluctuations and waves on the shores of fetch-limited lakes2018-04-29BMEVV
Tamás KrámerEffect of soil infiltration on river floods2018-05-31BMEVV
Tamás KrámerProbabilistic flood hazard analysis below earth fill dams2018-04-29BMEVV
Miklós BaloghNumerical Simulation of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers2018-05-09ÁT
Péter GörögCreep behaviour of weak rocks, experimental and numerical modelling2018-04-29BMEGM
Nikoletta Rozgonyi-BoissinotInfluences of salt crystallization on the petrophysical parameters of high porous limestone2018-04-29BMEGM
Nikoletta Rozgonyi-BoissinotRheological behaviour of porous limestones from Hungary2018-05-31BMEGM
Nikoletta Rozgonyi-BoissinotKarst collapses in Hungary2018-04-29BMEGM
János SzendefyEffect of temperature changes on soil characteristics, experimental and numerical modelling2018-04-29BMEGM
János SzendefyAnalysis of clay shrinkage stabilization with nanosilica and polymer-based binders2018-04-29BMEGM
János SzendefyNumerical analysis of soil-imrpovement with gravel-piles2018-04-29BMEGM
Ákos TörökApplication of Data-Mining Techniques in Engineering Geology2018-04-29BMEGM
Ákos TörökNumerical calculations and modelling of changes in stone and at stone/mortar interface2018-05-31BMEGM
Ákos TörökComparative engineering geological, geochemical and geophysical characterisation of Hungarian and Egyptian limestones2018-04-29BMEGM
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2018-05-31AF
László DunaiReliability assessment based fatigue analysis of old steel bridges2018-04-29BMEHS
Attila László JoóDevelopment of earthquake resistant rocking structures2018-04-29BMEHS
Nauzika KovácsPlastic analysis and design of composite bridges2018-05-31BMEHS
Balázs Géza KövesdiPlate buckling and flexural buckling resistance of high strength steel structures2018-05-31BMEHS
Balázs Géza KövesdiAnalysis of buckling propagation in deepwater pipelines2018-04-29BMEHS
Gergely Vigh L.Dynamic Response and Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures under Blast Loading2018-04-29BMEHS
Balázs RakosTowards the realization of protein-based computing circuits2018-07-30AUT
Zsolt SzabóMetamaterials for sensing applications2018-07-30SZHVT
Sándor ÁdányDevelopment and application of constrained finite element method2018-04-29BMETM
Sándor ÁdányMechanics of stone and brick masonry skew arch bridges2018-05-31BMETM
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structural memebrs with holes2018-04-29BMETM
György KárolyiDiscrete mechanical modeling of filamentary networks2018-05-31BMETM
András LengyelFinite element analysis of timber beams reinforced with CFRP2018-04-29BMETM
István BányászDesign, fabrication and characterization of integrated optical elements and circuits for telecommunication and optical biosensors using ion beam techniques2018-05-31BME
Attila BarócsiInvestigation of laser ranging and direction finding based intelligent measurement and display systems2018-05-31BME
Marianna BollaMixed Graphical Models2018-05-31BME
Tamás BörzsönyiFlow of granular materials of complex grain shapes2018-05-31BME
Szabolcs CzifrusInvestigation of natural circulation reactor transients using multiphysics models2018-05-31BME
Péter DomokosCold atoms trapped in optical resonators2018-05-31BME
Gábor DomokosThe morphology of convex solids2018-05-31BME
Balázs DóraDynamical phenomena in quantum systems2018-05-31BME
Ádám GaliApplication of optically detected magnetic resonance spectrometer in a confocal microscope in the study of solid-state quantum bits2018-05-31BME
Ádám GaliInvestigation of solid state quantum bits by means of density functional theory methods2018-05-31BME
András HalbritterVoltage-controlled manipulation of the resistance state in single-molecule nanowires2018-05-31BME
András HalbritterCurrent induced resistive switching in single-atom metallic nanowires2018-05-31BME
Róbert HorváthQualitative investigation of the numerical solutions of partial differential equations2018-05-31BME
Gábor IvanyosAlgebraic methods in quantum information processing2018-05-31BME
György KárolyiBehavior of random filamentary networks2018-05-31BME
István Kézsmárki
Beáta Vértessy G.
Tracing the formation of malaria pigment crystals in vitro by various physical methods2018-05-31BME
Sándor KissSumsets and difference sets2018-05-31BME
András KornaiMathematical linguistics2018-05-31BME
Edith Alice KovácsApproximation of regular vine copulas by using truncated vine copulas and cherry-tree copulas2018-05-31BME
Edith Alice KovácsAlgorithms for fitting cherry-tree copulas to sample data and their applications2018-05-31BME
András KroóModern Aspects of Constructive Function Theory2018-05-31BME
Zsolt LángiExtremum problems in geometry2018-05-31BME
Máté MatolcsiThe Fourier-analytic version of the Delsarte LP-bound and its applications2018-05-31BME
György MolnárPedagogical, Psychological and Physiological Effects of Up-to-date Mobile ICT Tools Supported as well as Virtual and Augmented Learning Environments2018-05-31BME
György MolnárThe role of digital culture among the digital generations, ergonomic, pedagogical and psychological and gamification aspects of teaching and learning supporting, content2018-05-31BME
Lajos MolnárTransformations on structures of matrices, operators, and functions2018-05-31BME
Milán MosonyiPhD in Quantum Information Theory2018-05-31BME
Attila NagyAlgebraic examinations of semigroups2018-05-31BME
Mónika PergerInterpersonal relationships in the workplace2018-05-31BME
Gábor PeteNoise sensitivity of Boolean functions, with applications to Markov chains in statistical physics and group theory2018-05-31BME
Lajos RónyaiAlgebraic methods in computer science2018-05-31BME
Károly SimonFractal geometry2018-05-31BME
Péter Dániel SimorSleep and information processing2018-05-31BME
Jenő SzirmaiBall packings, coverings and Dirichlet-Voronoi cells in Thurston geometries2018-05-31BME
Bálint VetőAsymptotics of exactly solvable models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class2018-05-31BME
Tamás TettamantiMulti-level modeling for urban road traffic network and deep learning in traffic estimation2018-06-27KJIT
Tamás TettamantiShifting from classical towards autonomous transportation system – modeling and control issues of road traffic networks2018-06-27KJIT
Tamás TettamantiAutomatized and autonomous public transportation in urban environment2018-06-27KJIT

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