Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
József Gábor KovácsRecycling of high molecular weight thermoplastic materials2023-04-30PT
Kolos MolnárThe role of the rheological behaviour of the polymer solution in electrospinning2023-04-30PT
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyEnergy efficiency in buildings by increasing thermal insulating properties of cement plasters2022-12-20EOEM
Bence TakácsPlanning a new map projection system for a specific country2022-12-20EOAF
László GönczyTrustable, robust data processing workflows2023-01-10MIT
Imre KocsisCritical system design for the integration of distributed ledger technologies2023-01-10MIT
Tamás KovácsházyClock and Frequency Synchronization in Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems2023-01-10MIT
Balázs RenczesImproving explainability of involved non-linear systems with tensor-based optimization2023-01-10MIT
András VörösArtificial intelligence aided system design2023-01-10MIT
János CsatárCyber-security of digital substations2023-01-10VET
János CsatárPlug-and-play digital substation concept2023-01-10VET
Richárd CselkóAdvanced Diagnostics of High Voltage Equipment2023-01-10VET
Richárd CselkóIncreasing the throughput of electrospinning by novel electrification methods, feeding voltage and electrode arrangements2023-01-10VET
Bálint HartmannComplexity in power systems2023-01-10VET
László SzámelControl of switched reluctance motor (SRM) for electric vehicle2023-01-10VET
László LovasRequirements for an implant following the bone growth2023-04-30JSZT
László LovasCooperation between cranial bone and implant2023-04-30JSZT
Ferenc MészárosModelling and optimization of globalized freight transport processes from sustainability point of view2022-12-31KUKG
Ferenc MészárosSetting conditions of mobility based pricing in road transportation2022-12-31KUKG
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2022-12-20AF
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structures and structural members by using modal decomposition2022-12-20BMETM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element modelling for regolith behaviour2022-12-20BMETM
Imre BojtárThe effect of the microstructure to macrolevel behavior of the materials2022-12-20BMETM
János JuhászIntegrating micro-mobility services into the urban transport system2022-12-20EOUV
András László MajdikAerial-ground perception, localization, and mapping of mobile robots2022-12-19ALRT
Zoltán RózsaOptimizing the Environmental Perception of Multifunction Robot Vehicles by Methods Based on Deep Learning and 3D Geometry2023-04-30ALRT
Tamás Gábor CsapóSpeech-based Brain-Computer Interfaces using Electroencephalography and Ultrasound Tongue Imaging2023-01-10TMIT
Tamás Gábor CsapóSpeech-related biosignal processing using deep learning methods2023-01-10TMIT
Tamás Gábor CsapóExpressive Speech Signal Processing with AI advances2023-01-10TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthNovel Methods in Deep Learning-based Sequence Modeling2023-01-10TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthEfficient Deep Representation Learning for Automotive2023-01-10TMIT
Péter MihajlikDeep learning techniques in automatic speech recognition2023-01-10TMIT
Sándor MolnárEfficient Data Transfer in Future Networks2023-01-10TMIT
Géza NémethArtificial Intelligence in Human-Computer Interaction Systems2023-01-10TMIT
Alija PasicIntelligent Survivable Communication Networks2023-01-10TMIT
Alija PasicData Science Meets Network Medicine2023-01-10TMIT
László TokaCloud and AI technologies for novel applications2023-01-10TMIT
Loránd KissSelective synthesis of fluorinated building blocks2023-01-08TTK
Loránd KissTransformation of cyclic amino acids into bioactive natural products through ring-opening/ring-closing/cross metathesis2023-01-08TTK
Tamás KrámerSimulation-based assessment of water level fluctuations and waves on the shores of fetch-limited lakes2022-12-20BMEVV
Tamás KrámerProbabilistic flood hazard analysis below earth fill dams2022-12-20BMEVV
Gergely Tihamér TörökExamination of the effect of wing dams on the fluvial sediment budget2022-12-20BMEVV
András DeákNanoparticle surface modification and assembly studied at the single particle level2023-01-08EK
István NémethMeasuring, analysing and predicting the degradation processes of the spindle bearings of machine tools2023-04-30GTT
Márton TakácsInvestigation of applicability of machine learning supported process monitoring methods at machining of hard materials2023-04-30GTT
László LovasStudy of the loosening of wheel bolts2023-06-01VJJT
László LovasStudy of a dog teeth clutch2023-06-01VJJT
Bence MolnárAI supported point cloud processing2022-12-20EOFT
Kornél Tamás AlmássyOptimization methods of the pavement management systems of the city road network2022-12-20BMEUV
Csaba TóthDeveloping a pavement design system2022-12-20BMEUV
Giuseppe HabibGlobal stability and dynamical integrity analysis of nonlinear mechanical systems2023-04-30MM
Olivér KrammerInvestigating environmentally friendly, energy-saving electronics assembly technologies of high-density interconnect circuits2023-01-10ETT
Bálint Károly MedgyesHumidity Induced Failures in the Electronics2023-01-10ETT
Balázs János VillányiResearch of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in Enterprise Resource Planning2023-01-10ETT
Balázs János VillányiEnhancement of Enterprise Application Integration and Schema Matching techniques2023-01-10ETT
Annamária DudásBuilding physical analysis of ground connected building constructions treated by posterior waterproofing technologies2022-12-20BMEEM
Katalin KopecskóEnhanced chemical and fire resistance due to alkali-activated binders2022-12-20BMEEM
Katalin KopecskóInfluence of micro- or nanoadditives on the characteristics of cementitious materials2022-12-20BMEEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyParametric analysis of reinforced concrete frames exposed to fire2022-12-20BMEEM
Péter Pál PachApplications of the polynomial method2023-01-10SZIT
Péter Pál PachArithmetic combinatorics2023-01-10SZIT
András József TóbiásThe speed of evolution in population-genetic models with clonal interference2023-01-10SZIT
Szabolcs DulebaMulti-criteria decision making (MCDM) as a tool for consensual decision making in public transport development decisions2023-01-31DTTE
Tibor SiposStatistical analysis of connection between crash prediction models (CPM) and safety performance functions (SPF)2023-01-31DTTE
Ádám TörökModeling the sustainable indicators of existing travel demand and behavior A Case Study :in the city center2023-01-31DTTE
István AmbrusCompliance activities against corporate wrongdoings2023-05-31BME Q
András BethlendiFinancial Markets with Central- and Eastern Europe focus2023-05-31BME Q
Gábor István BíróBig data, the new economics?2023-05-31BME Q
István DankaMethodological and Philosophical Presuppositions of Mainstream Economics2023-05-31BME Q
Imre DobosModeling issue of dynamic economics2023-05-31BME Q
Zsolt GilányiEconomic aspects of sustainable growth2023-05-31BME Q
Mihály HéderManagement decisions about R+D projects2023-05-31BME Q
Judit KapásInstitutions and economic development Supervisor2023-05-31BME Q
Judit KapásGlobalizations and institutions2023-05-31BME Q
Judit KapásThe evolution of the firm in the knowledge economy2023-05-31BME Q
Anikó Kelemen-ErdősMarketing and efficiency in the supply chain2023-05-31BME Q
Anikó Kelemen-ErdősService development and modelling2023-05-31BME Q
Tamás KoltaiSupporting production and operations management decisions with mathematical programming models2023-05-31BME Q
Tamás KoltaiEfficiency analysis of production and service operations2023-05-31BME Q
Zsuzsanna NovákMonetary policy theories and the operational framework of central banks2023-05-31BME Q
Annamária OrbánSocio-cultural innovations, sustainable local/urban development and regional branding2023-05-31BME Q
Annamária OrbánSmart cities, smart villages, smart communities. Urban-rural coexistence from a regional policy perspective2023-05-31BME Q
Annamária OrbánService development and modelling2023-05-31BME Q
Róbert SomogyiDigital two-sided platforms and their applications in finance2023-05-31BME Q
Róbert SomogyiDeceptive pricing practices in the financial sector2023-05-31BME Q
Zsolt Péter SzabóLeadership as identity and meaning creation2023-05-31BME Q
Tamás SzádeczkyInformation and security management aspects of Industry 4.02023-05-31BME Q
Mária Szalmáné CseteChallenge-based planning and sustainable development: adaptation in different sectors and regions2023-05-31BME Q
Gyula ZilahyBusiness and sustainable development: the environmental and social aspects of business organisations2023-05-31BME Q
Károly Tamás BenedaEffect of Sustainable Aviation Fuel on the Combustion and Performance of the Gas Turbine Engines2023-01-31DANA
Szabolcs RózsaPositioning and orientation estimation of autonomous platforms in dynamic environments2022-12-20BMEAF
Bence TakácsInvestigation of the GNSS Integrity for Safety of Life Application2022-12-20BMEAF
Lajos VölgyesiPhysical interpretation of global geoid forms2022-12-20BMEAF
Gábor HorváthCognitive network modeling and management for 6G2023-01-10HIT
Sándor ImreQuantum Computing-based Artificial Intelligence2023-01-10HIT
Tamás SzirányiRemote Sensing for Earth Observation2023-01-10HIT
Miklós TelekEfficient data transmission in wireless MIMO systems2023-01-10HIT
Miklós TelekAnomaly detection in telecommunication data sets2023-01-10HIT

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