Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

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István KissAdvanced design and operation of power transformer insulation2021-01-05VET
István KissDevelopment of numerical modellig of electrostatic precipitators for the examination of different supply modes2021-01-05VET
István KissIncreasing the throughput of electrospinning by novel electrification methods, feeding voltage and electrode arrangements2021-01-05VET
István KissExamination of discharge processes with electrodes covered by insulating layers2021-01-05VET
Dávid RaiszDynamics and operation of renewable-based power systems2021-01-05VET
Szilvia KlébertFunctionalization of polymer surfaces by cold plasmas2020-12-10TTK
Szilvia KlébertHAP biocomposites with enhanced mechanical properties2020-12-10TTK
Tibor NagyDevelopment of small and accurate kinetic reaction mechanisms in combustion chemistry2020-12-10TTK
Tamás TettamantiIntelligent parking management strategies2021-03-10KJIT
György Tibor BaloghDevelopment of in vitro permeability models for optimization of drug-like compounds and dosage forms2020-12-10BME
György Tibor BaloghBiomimetic flow chemistry-based drug metabolite identification and synthesis2020-12-10BME
Gábor CsonkaDensity functional theory applied to larger biomolecules2020-12-10BME
Csaba FehérComplex utilisation of agro-industrial by-products in biorefinery approach using chemical, enzymatic and fermentation methods2020-12-10BME
Benjámin Sándor GyarmatiResponsive poly(aspartic acid) derivatives for targeted drug delivery2020-12-10BME
Ervin Róbert GyurcsányiChemical sensing based on nanostructures. Towards the detection single molecule/species2020-12-10BME
Ervin Róbert GyurcsányiChemical sensing based on nanostructures and synthetic receptors2020-12-10BME
György HorvaiInvestigation of molecularly imprinted polymers2020-12-10BME
Zoltán HórvölgyiPreparation and characterization of multifunctional hybrid silica coatings2020-12-10BME
Alfréd Kállay-MenyhárdCorrelation between supermolecular structure and properties in semicrystalline polymers2020-12-10BME
Zsolt KelemenSynthesis and characterization of new carborane-fluorophore conjugates2020-12-10BME
Zsolt KelemenComputational investigation of carborane based compounds2020-12-10BME
György KeserűFragment based drug discovery against therapeutic targets2020-12-10BME
Emília Koczkáné CsiszárHigh added-value materials of nanocelluloses for special applications2020-12-10BME
Zsuzsanna Kormosné BugyiImprovement of the conditions of gluten analysis2020-12-10BME
Edit Kózelné SzékelySimulation of high pressure extraction and fractionation methods2020-12-10BME
Edit Kózelné SzékelyHigh pressure phase equilibrium measurements and modelling2020-12-10BME
Miklós KubinyiSpectroscopy of fluorescent probes for the detection of biomolecules2020-12-10BME
Krisztina Nagyné LászlóResponse of graphene oxides to environmental stimuli2020-12-10BME
Krisztina Nagyné LászlóMetal organic frameworks (MOFs) for green applications2020-12-10BME
Krisztina Nagyné LászlóPorous polymer and carbon aerogels and implications for green applications2020-12-10BME
László NyulásziHeteroatom modified PAH’s for optoelectronic applications2020-12-10BME
Julianna OláhMicrokinetic modelling of radical scavenging in living organisms2020-12-10BME
Julianna OláhTheoretical investigation of the catalytic activity of potential drug target enzymes2020-12-10BME
László PoppeStructural and computer studies on enzymatic reactions2020-12-10BME
László PoppeNovel whole-cell- and enzyme-based immobilized biocatalysts for selective biotransformations2020-12-10BME
Béla PukánszkyNanocomposites2020-12-10BME
Béla PukánszkyBiopolymers, modification, application2020-12-10BME
Imre Miklós SzilágyiPreparation and application of functional nanocomposites2020-12-10BME
András József TóthProcess wastewater treatment with physicochemical tools2020-12-10BME
András József TóthDevelopment and evaluation of separation methods: distillation and membrane processes2020-12-10BME
Péter GörögStability analysis of seismic load induced rockslides2020-12-20BMEGM
Ákos TörökNon-destructive testing of stones2020-12-20BMEGM
Ákos TörökComparative engineering geological, geochemical and geophysical characterisation of Hungarian and Egyptian limestones2020-12-20BMEGM
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2020-12-20AF
Ákos BereczkyCombustion process of alternative fuels utilisation in internal combustion engines2021-03-23EGR
Axel GroniewskyMPC control simulation and maximum utilization of Renewable energy system in residential buildings2021-03-23EGR
Pál SzentannaiLoad-following control of large-size utility power plants2021-03-23EGR
József Gábor KovácsRecycling of high molecular weight thermoplastic materials2021-03-23PT
Dmitriy DunaevImproving Security and Efficiency in IoT Networks2021-01-05AUT
Balázs RakosInfrared energy conversion to electricity based on antenna-rectifier systems2021-01-05AUT
Balázs RakosTowards the realization of protein-based computing circuits2021-01-05AUT
Attila JuhászGeoinformatics and remotely sensed data integration for archaeological and historical researches2020-12-20BMEFT
Zsófia KuglerMonitoring of soil-moisture and waterlogging in Hungary from remote sensing systems2020-12-20BMEFT
Zsófia KuglerThermal infrared remote sensing for monitoring urban heat island effect2020-12-20BMEFT
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2020-12-20BMEFT
Tamás LovasApplication of terrestrial laser scanning in archaeological documentation2020-12-20BMEFT
Domokos Esztergár-KissDevelopment of a methodology for the interconnection of multimodal transport networks including new mobility services2021-02-01KUKG
Ferenc MészárosModelling and optimization of globalized freight transport processes from sustainability point of view2021-02-01KUKG
Tibor SiposSustainable Urban Mobility Assessment Method2021-02-01KUKG
János TóthModelling violence/crime related to urban transportation in a future smart city.2021-02-01KUKG
János TóthAudmentation of public transportation performance by prioritization2021-02-01KUKG
Róza Emília BarnaThe platformisation of cultural production2021-01-16QA
András BethlendiFinancial Markets with Central- and Eastern Europe focus2021-01-16QA
Imre DobosLinear models in production theory and production planning2021-01-16QA
Imre DobosModeling issue of dynamic economics2021-01-16QA
Károly HercegfiEmpirical usability evaluation methods in product management2021-01-16QA
Károly HercegfiUser centered product management of software2021-01-16QA
Judit KapásThe evolution of the firm in the knowledge economy2021-01-16QA
Judit KapásHow institutions affect economic performance2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczyFair representation!2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczyCutting your gas bill2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczyBreaking up Google in Hungary2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczyIncreasing efficiency with optimal resource allocation2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczySmart traffic routing2021-01-16QA
Á. László KóczySharing responsibility (using game-theoretic methods)2021-01-16QA
Tamás KoltaiEfficiency analysis of production and service operations2021-01-16QA
Tamás KoltaiAnalysis of the effect of learning on production and operations management decisions2021-01-16QA
Tamás KoltaiSupporting production and operations management decisions with mathematical programming models2021-01-16QA
András NemeslakiBusiness model innovation as a result of digital transformation2021-01-16QA
Annamária OrbánSocio-cultural innovations, sustainable local/urban development and regional branding2021-01-16QA
Zoltán SebestyénInterdisciplinary study of project management decisions2021-01-16QA
Zsolt Péter SzabóLeadership as identity and meaning creation2021-01-16QA
Zsuzsanna SzalkaiResource combination from the aspect of B2B marketing2021-01-16QA
Zsuzsanna SzalkaiB2B marketing: Analysing business relationships from interactive network approach)2021-01-16QA
Mária Szalmáné CseteSustainability and adaptation in different sectors and regions2021-01-16QA
László VértesyInsurance: Products and Solvency2021-01-16QA
László VértesyBanking: Transactions and Prudency2021-01-16QA
László VértesyFinancial, Economic Governance2021-01-16QA
Gyula ZilahyBusiness and sustainable development: the environmental and social aspects of business organisations2021-01-16QA
Zsolt KozmaThe updated modelling of groundwater recharge-discharge processes in Hungary2020-12-20BMEVK
Katalin BagiTheoretical and numerical analysis of the statics of Gothic masonry structures2020-12-20EOTM
Katalin BagiDiscrete element analysis of the mechanics of cracked masonry vaults2020-12-20EOTM
Krisztián BónaSupporting the operational decision making in cross-docking systems via digital twin solution2021-05-18ALRT
Richárd BerényiMetal bonding and energy diffusion simulation in the semiconductor packaging systems2021-01-05ETT
Attila GéczyNovel manufacturing and technology aspects in the electronics industry2021-01-05ETT
Péter MartinekOpzimizing Production and Logistic Processes2021-01-05ETT
Péter MartinekResearching Enterprise Application Integration2021-01-05ETT
Bálint Károly MedgyesHumidity Induced Failures in the Electronics2021-01-05ETT
Balázs János VillányiEnhancement of Enterprise Application Integration and Schema Matching techniques2021-01-05ETT
Balázs János VillányiResearch of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in Enterprise Resource Planning2021-01-05ETT

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