Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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Tamás TettamantiModeling, estimation and forecasting for urban road traffic network via AI methods2019-04-11KJIT
L. György BalázsEffect of Length and Inclination of Near Surface Mounted (NSM) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP) Strips on the Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams2018-12-20BMEEM
Annamária DudásBuilding physical analysis of ground connected building constructions treated by posterior waterproofing technologies2018-12-20BMEEM
Éva Eszter Majorosné LublóyParametric analysis of reinforced concrete frames exposed to fire2018-12-20BMEEM
Salem Georges NehmeBehaviour and design of steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs (SRFC)2018-12-20BMEEM
Zsuzsa SzalayHeat wave vulnerability assessment of cities2018-12-20BMEEM
Gergely CzélMulti-functionality of pseudo-ductile, high-performance, polymer matrix hybrid composites2019-04-25PT
József Karger-KocsisT-RTM Process Development to Produce Automotive Composite Parts2019-04-25PT
József BíróScalable Resource Allocation Methods2019-01-07TMIT
József BíróProcessor Sharing Models for Elastic Traffic Dimensioning2019-01-07TMIT
Tibor CinklerNovel transmission techniques in space-division multiplexed systems2019-01-07TMIT
Tibor CinklerNew optical signal processing techniques for Tbit/s transmission over all-optical networks2019-01-07TMIT
Tibor CinklerAll-optical signal processing in nonlinear materials2019-01-07TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthKnowledge Representation and Reasoning in Deep Learning2019-01-07TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthModeling Heterogeneous Data with Deep Learning2019-01-07TMIT
Bálint Gyires-TóthDeep Reinforcement Learning in Complex Environments2019-01-07TMIT
Gábor RétváriPacket Routing in Modern Telecommunications2019-01-07TMIT
László TokaNetwork technologies for big data applications2019-01-07TMIT
Péter GörögCreep behaviour of weak rocks, experimental and numerical modelling2018-12-20BMEGM
Nikoletta Rozgonyi-BoissinotRheological behaviour of porous limestones from Hungary2018-12-20BMEGM
Nikoletta Rozgonyi-BoissinotInfluences of salt crystallization on the petrophysical parameters of high porous rocks types2018-12-20BMEGM
Ákos TörökComparative engineering geological, geochemical and geophysical characterisation of Hungarian and Egyptian limestones2018-12-20BMEGM
Ákos TörökNon-destructive testing of stones2018-12-20BMEGM
Ákos TörökNumerical calculations and modelling of changes in stone and at stone/mortar interface2018-12-20BMEGM
László DunaiReliability assessment based fatigue analysis of old steel bridges2018-12-20BMEHS
Attila László JoóResearch on more accurate dynamic factors for bridges2018-12-20BMEHS
Nauzika KovácsPlastic analysis and design of composite bridges2018-12-20BMEHS
Balázs Géza KövesdiAnalysis of buckling propagation in deepwater pipelines2018-12-20BMEHS
Balázs Géza KövesdiPlate buckling and flexural buckling resistance of high strength steel structures2018-12-20BMEHS
István VölgyiPunching resistance of RC slabs2018-12-20BMEHS
Attila BonyárDevelopment of novel scanning probe microscopy methods for the characterization of micro- and nanostructures2019-01-07ETT
Attila BonyárInvestigation and manipulation of living cells with labelless biosensors and FluidFM (Nanofluidic Atomic Force Microscope)2019-01-07ETT
Attila BonyárResearch and development of nanosensors based on localized surface plasmon resonance2019-01-07ETT
Balázs IllésInvestigating soldering technologies of microelectronic circuits by numerical simulations2019-01-07ETT
Zsolt SzabóMetamaterials for sensing applications2019-01-07SZHVT
Gyula Y. KatonaHamilton Cycle Problems in Hypergraphs2019-01-07SZIT
Tamás SzirányiModelling the fusion and evaluation of networked multimodal sensors2019-01-07HIT
Miklós TelekStochastic modeling of traffic processes2019-01-07HIT
Balázs RakosTowards the realization of protein-based computing circuits2019-01-07AUT
Ferenc LezsovitsConcentrated Solar Collector Operation and Energy Storage Modelling and Improvement2019-04-25EGR
Pál SzentannaiModeling gas-solid fluidized beds of energy industrial relevance2019-04-25EGR
Krisztián BónaInnovative modelling and sizing methods of supply systems of urban concentrated sets of delivery points2019-05-07ALRT
László SzámelControl of switched reluctance motor (SRM) for electric vehicle2019-01-07VET
Tamás Szirányi3D semantic models in the 3D camera/Lidar image synthesis for autonomous driving and scene understanding systems2019-05-15ALRT
Tamás SzirányiSensor fusion and evaluation in networked sensor systems (for autonomous driving)2019-05-15ALRT
Tamás SzirányiVision systems of autonomous vehicles: Event and scene analysis and recognition2019-05-15ALRT
István VokonyImprove the Stability of Electrical Power Systems Connected to Renewable Energy Sources with Energy Storage Systems2019-01-07VET
László HégelyMulti-objective optimization of batch distillation methods2019-04-25EPGET
László HégelyOptimization of special batch distillation methods2019-04-25EPGET
Péter LángReduction of carbon dioxide emission by absorption2019-04-25EPGET
Péter LángReduction of the energy demand and optimisation of distillation processes and configurations2019-04-25EPGET
Tibor PoósThermal and Kinematic Study for the Fluidized Bed Drying2019-04-25EPGET
Csaba HősPredicting Pipeline and Valve Dynamics in the case of Multicomponent Flow2019-04-25HDR
Csaba HősTransport Phenomena and Emergency Response Strategies in Water Distribution Systems2019-04-25HDR
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2018-12-20BMEFT
Tamás LovasApplication of terrestrial laser scanning in archaeological documentation2018-12-20BMEFT
László Péter KollárRocking mechanisms subjected to earthquakes2018-12-20HSZ
Szabolcs RózsaThe tomographic modelling of precipitable water vapour and its application for climate change monitoring in Egypt and Hungary using GNSS2018-12-20BMEAF
Szabolcs RózsaPositioning and orientation estimation of autonomous platforms in dynamic environments2018-12-20BMEAF
Bence TakácsInvestigation of the GNSS Integrity for Safety of Life Application2018-12-20BMEAF
Lajos VölgyesiPhysical interpretation of global geoid forms2018-12-20BMEAF
Katalin KopecskóGeopolymer binder using industrial wastes2018-12-20EOGM
Csaba CsiszárAnalysis and model for mobility service based on autonomous vehicles2019-04-02KUKG
Szabolcs DulebaEvaluation of public transport performance, management and re-desing of public transit network2019-03-20KUKG
Szabolcs DulebaAnalyzing Public Involvement in Urban Transport Development Decision Making by MCDM Methodology2019-04-12KUKG
Domokos Esztergár-KissIntegration of car-sharing and autonomous vehicle systems into the activity chain optimization framework2019-03-21KUKG
Ferenc MészárosSetting conditions of mobility based pricing in road transportation2019-05-27KUKG
Miklós BaloghNumerical Simulation of Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layers2019-04-25ÁT
György KerényiModelling Soil-Tool Interaction with Discrete Element Method in Field Conditions2019-04-25GT3
Tamás KrámerProbabilistic flood hazard analysis below earth fill dams2018-12-20BMEVV
Tamás KrámerSimulation-based assessment of water level fluctuations and waves on the shores of fetch-limited lakes2018-12-20BMEVV
Tamás KrámerEffect of soil infiltration on river floods2018-12-20BMEVV
József SzilágyiEstimation of regional evapotranspiration2018-12-20BMEVV
Sándor ÁdányAnalysis of thin-walled structural memebrs with holes2018-12-20BMETM
György KárolyiDiscrete mechanical modeling of filamentary networks2018-12-20BMETM
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2018-12-20AF
Balázs Vince NagyDynamic aspects of image acquisition and processing2019-04-25MOGI

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