Current thesis topic proposals of The Universitas Budensis
Current thesis topic proposals of The Universitas Budensis

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Róbert SzabolcsiModern Control Engineering Applied in Robotics and Mechatronics2021-01-31ÓBBGK
Andrea Ádámné MajorPreparation and Investigation of Nanocomposites with Polymer Matrix2021-01-08ÓE
Viktor GondaModeling Solder Creep for Electronic Applications2021-01-08ÓE
Viktor GondaDeformation mechanisms and performance of ECAP processed Al alloys and composites2021-01-08ÓE
Attila KőváriApplication of Cognitive Information Systems in increasing the efficiency of industrial processes2021-02-01ÓE
János BesenyőThe role of the Common Security Policy of the EU in the protection of critical infrastructure and other priority/critical security targets2021-01-31ÓEBGK
János BesenyőInternet usage of terrorist organizations2021-01-31ÓEBGK
János BesenyőThe impact of the 2015 migration crisis on critical infrastructure protection in Germany and Austria2021-01-31ÓEBGK
János BesenyőThe practical issues of humanitarian assistance, especially the technical, mechanical and other requirements of establishing refugee camps2021-01-31ÓEBGK
János BesenyőThe Turkish defence industry as an instrument of Turkey's foreign policy2021-01-31ÓEBGK
László HankaEmergency risk assessment in hotel industry2020-12-31ÓEBGK
Gyula MesterLocalization of Wireless Nodes with Ultrasound Transmitters based on Particle filter and Extended Kalman Filter using Quadcopter2020-11-30ÓEBGK
Szilveszter PóczikSafety of Health Care Institutions, Epidemics and their Social Affects, and the Security Of Critical Infrastructures2021-01-31ÓEBGK
Szilveszter PóczikInternational migration, social transition, national security and public safety2021-01-31ÓEBGK
Mónika PogátsnikMethodological examination of different educational environments, health and safety aspects2021-01-31ÓEBDI
Péter Nemes-InczeCreating „twistronic” devices with layered materials2021-01-08EKMFA

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