Current thesis topic proposals of The Universitas Budensis
Current thesis topic proposals of The Universitas Budensis

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Viktor GondaModeling impact deformation and damage2023-01-31ÓEBGK
György GyörökIncreasing circuit reliability using programmable analog circuits2023-01-31ÓEBGK
Zsolt Csaba JohanyákIntrusion detection in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks2023-01-31OEBGK
Gyula SzabóOccupational health and safety in the 21st century2023-01-31ÓEBGK
Endre SzűcsTo review and analyse the historical development of military technology and to explore its impact on the future2023-01-31ÓEBGK
Andrea TickSecurity awareness in the digital learning environment2023-01-31ÓEBGK
Andrea TickSecurity issues of the realisation and operational management of digital logistics networks2023-01-31ÓEBGK
Andrea Ádámné MajorPreparation and Investigation of Nanocomposites with Polymer Matrix2023-01-12ÓE
József KatonaHuman-computer interfaces supported by artificial intelligence2023-01-31ÓE
Péter Tibor NagyTangent algebras of analytic loops2023-05-01ÓE
Péter Tibor NagyClassification of anti-commutative algebras and their automorphisms2023-05-01ÓE
Gyula SimonRobust indoor localization techniques and algorithms2023-05-01ÓE
László Tóth
Tünde Anna Kovács
The different heat treatment effects for the nitridation efficiency of the 3D printed Titanium alloy2023-01-12ÓE
Zoltán LábadiCombinatorial Sputtering and Characterization of Advanced Metal Oxide Based Sensors and Devices2023-01-12MFA
Miklós FriedCombinatorial Preparation and Characterization Methods for High Through-put Study of Advanced Functional Materials2023-01-12EKMFA
Miklós FriedNon-destructive optical mapping tool from cheap parts2023-01-12EKMFA
Péter Nemes-InczeCreating „twistronic” devices with layered materials2023-01-12EKMFA
Zoltán HózerTesting and examination of cladding designs for accident tolerant fuel2023-01-12EKAEK
László PéterPreparation of porous materials by electrochemical methods2023-01-12ELKH
Péter ZagyvaiModelling calculations and validation measurements of activation of objects in novel research facilities2023-01-12MTA

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