Current thesis topic proposals of The Szent István University, Gödöllő
Current thesis topic proposals of The Szent István University, Gödöllő

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Noémi KappelEffect of mycorrhiza inoculation on physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of salinity stress tolerance of grafted eggplant2018-05-31ZGT
Zsombor BoromiszaAssessment of the environmental and visual impact of ecotourism projects2018-05-31DLPR
Éva VárallyayInvestigation of plant pathogens causing decline in fruit tree plantations by molecular biology methods2018-05-31MBK
Borbála Biró
Zsolt Kotroczó
Plant Growth Promoting Microbes and soil improving mineral combinations in horticulture2018-05-31DSSWM
Beáta GosztolaEffect of post-harvest processes on the quality of medicinal plants’ drugs2018-05-31GyAT
Ildikó Réka Báthoryné NagyLandscape Architectural Tools to Develop Urban Open Spaces in Semi-Arid Climate2018-05-31KERTM
András ÁcsJoint effect assessment of micropollutants applying biochemical markers2018-05-31SZIE
András BáldiEffects of farming on biodiversity and ecosystem services2018-05-31SZIE
László Baranyai
Zoltán Kókai
Evaluation of effect of ohmic heating on sensory properties of food2018-06-30SZIE
Sándor BarthaFine-scale grassland dynamics under climate changes2018-05-31SZIE
Tibor BenedekAssessing applicability of bacterial biofilms developed in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated environments in environmental remediation practices2018-05-31SZIE
Zsombor BoromiszaLandscape aesthetical aspects of the assessment of restored waterfronts (lakeshores, riversides)2018-05-31SZIE
Zoltán BujdosóThe role of safety in tourism2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba CenteriWater erosion researches for protecting close-to-natural areas2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba Centeri
Krisztián Katona
Wild boar disturbance and regulatory effects on the natural processes in protected habitats2018-05-31SZIE
Csaba CenteriResearch of land use change – a nature conservation approach2018-05-31SZIE
Mátyás CserhátiBiodetoxification of micotoxins2018-05-31SZIE
Jenő Zsolt FarkasLand use changes in different types of rural regions2018-05-31SZIE
Gábor GécziExtreme conditions effect for spread of pollutant2018-05-31SZIE
Gábor Géczi
Péter Korzenszky
Modelling the correlation between food production technology and quality2018-05-31SZIE
Pál GodaRethinking system approach models in the Rural and Regional Development2018-05-31SZIE
Zoltán HajdúBasic questions of development of the different functional and hierarchical political unites2018-05-31SZIE
Zoltán HajdúAdministrative geography2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Márk Horváth
1. Coupling of element specific spectrochemical methods with separation methods for determination of elemental species of metals, metalloids and nonmetals in environmenta2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Márk Horváth
3. Characterization of environmental mobility of PTE contamination in the soil/water(biofilm)/sediment/atmosphere system by sequential extraction methods and multielemen2018-05-31SZIE
György Heltai
Gábor Endre Halász
2. Elaboration and validation of new type sequential extraction procedures for fractionation and speciation analysis of potentially toxic element content of soils and aq2018-05-31SZIE
György JónaSpatial evolution of business networks2018-05-31SZIE
István KepplerModeling the interaction between vibrating bodies and granular materials2018-05-31SZIE
Anikó Khademi-VidraThe study of the consumer habits 2018-05-31SZIE
Anikó Khademi-VidraThe regional questions of education2018-05-31SZIE
Péter KissPressure-sinkage relationship of inhomogeneous soil2018-05-31SZIE
Tibor KoltayKnowledge management in the age of Research 2.02018-05-31SZIE
Eszter KovácsThe evaluation of trade-offs between ecosystem services and their effects on well-being caused by land use changes using methods from social sciences2018-05-31SZIE
András KovácsFöldrajzi és kiber terek a gazdaságban2018-05-31SZIE
Eszter Kovács
Csaba Centeri
Complex evaluation of ecosystem services related to agricultural landscapes2018-05-31SZIE
András KovácsSmart cities and tourism development2018-05-31SZIE
József KozáriImpacts of climate change (global warming and drying) on agriculture2018-05-31SZIE
Mária L. RédeiBusiness services2018-05-31SZIE
Róbert MagdaEvaluation of the competitiveness of natural-, economic- and human resources2018-05-31SZIE
Ákos MalatinszkyPlanning management adapted to climate change effects in nature protected areas2018-05-31SZIE
Ágnes Mészárosné BálintExperimental Research and Mathematical Modelling of inorganic and organic contaminants in water / soil / plant systems2018-05-31SZIE
Henrietta NagyPlanning Local Economic Development: The effect of Local Business and Enterprises in developing rural areas of Kosovo2018-05-31SZIE
György Iván NeszmélyiThe spatial distribution of capital stocks and flows of companies - comparative analysis in cases of different countries and regions2018-05-31SZIE
György Iván NeszmélyiExamination of developing countries from spatial aspect2018-05-31SZIE
István Papp
Anita Szegő
Analysis of factors leading to salt stress tolerance of cucumber genotypes2018-05-31SZIE
Károly Penksza
Sándor Bartha
Grassland resilience to climatic extremes - the role of vegetation structure2018-05-31SZIE
Ákos Pető
Ferenc Gyulai
Geoarchaeology, environmental and landscape history of Bronze Age fortified settlements2018-05-31SZIE
Márta SzabóOptimization of solar thermal storage for HVAC and DHW systems in different building types2018-05-31SZIE
Márta SzabóEnergetic interrelations of building service appliances2018-05-31SZIE
István SzabóMulti parameter analyzes of microbial communities of hydrocarbon contaminated sites (Pollution – diversity – toxicology)2018-05-31SZIE
Márta SzabóThermal energy storage performance of building’s integrated Phase Change Materials (PCM)2018-05-31SZIE
Márta SzabóInfluences of subjective parameters in building energetics2018-05-31SZIE
István SzabóImprovement of ISOBUS based farm machinery based on advanced data analysis2018-05-31SZIE
Sándor SzoboszlayThe antibiotic resistance, virulence and phylogenetic investigations of opportunistic microorganisms isolated from surface water bodies2018-05-31SZIE
Tünde Mária TakácsMultifactorial plant stress indication2018-05-31SZIE
András TáncsicsComparative analysis of microbial communities involved in the aerobic and microaerobic degradation of n-alkanes2018-05-31SZIE
Tamás TóthThe practice is of the good governance.2018-05-31SZIE
Mihály László VörösUtilization of quality food and gastronomy tourism in regional development2018-05-31SZIE
Mihály László VörösLocal food supply systems (LFSS)2018-05-31SZIE
László BaranyaiRapid quality assessment of bakery products using machine vision2018-05-31SZIU
Emese BruderWorking but poor. Innovative organisational and individual solutions for reducing deprivation and at-risk of poverty2018-05-31SZIU
Milán ConstantinovitsInternational business transactions2018-05-31SZIU
Szilvia Erdeiné Késmárki-GallyEconomic analysis of agricultural production2018-05-31SZIU
Mária Farkasné FeketeThe role of institutions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in sustainable development2018-05-31SZIU
Krisztina Filepné Kovács
István Valánszki
Counter-urbanisation (Rurbanisation) and Spatial-Social mutation2018-05-31SZIU
Csaba FogarassyCircular transformation of linear production systems - Application of BigData systems in horticultural production2018-05-31SZIU
Balázs HámoriThe characteristics of the information economy and their impact on the behavior of economic actors2018-05-31SZIU
Balázs HámoriThe role of innovation in the development, economic decisions and behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises2018-05-31SZIU
Bálint Csaba IllésOperation and development of quality management and food safety systems2018-05-31SZIU
Bálint Csaba IllésOpportunities, tools and constraints of effective enterprise development along the lifecycle stages of enterprises in different sectors2018-05-31SZIU
Sándor Jombach
István Valánszki
Multi-scale construction and optimization of ecological network in urban and rural ecosystem2018-05-31SZIU
Zoltán KovácsRapid bacteria selection based on differences in probiotics’ growth measured by electronic tongue2018-06-30SZIU
Róbert MagdaEvaluation of the competitiveness of natural-, economic- and human resources2018-05-31SZIU
Csilla Mohácsiné Farkas
Gabriella Kiskó
New decontamination methods for reduction of microbiological risk of raw vegetables and fruits2018-06-30SZIU
Csilla Mohácsiné Farkas
Gabriella Kiskó
Application of novel techologies to improve microbiological safety of fresh produce2018-06-10SZIU
Márk MolnárApplication of data mining methods to corporate and macro level forecasting2018-05-31SZIU
Márk MolnárApplication of game theory and experimental economic methods to the strategical analysis of bidding processes and auctions2018-05-31SZIU
László MuraközyBusiness Environment and International Competitiveness. Economic Policy, Institutions, Globalization2018-05-31SZIU
Henrietta NagyThe importance of local resources in the creation of regional and spatial inequalities in the world2018-05-31SZIU
Quang Nguyen Duc
Erika Bujna
Development of fortified drinks from plant matrices2018-06-09SZIU
Csilla ObádovicsTerritorial Inequalities of Human Resource and Its Economic Impacts2018-05-31SZIU
József PoórImpacts of Internationalization and Globalization on Company Management2018-05-31SZIU
Marianna SimonUrban transformation and urban heritage2018-05-31SZIU
Zsigmond Gábor SzalayNew approaches in managing enterprise information resources2018-05-31SZIU
Zsigmond Gábor SzalayNew approaches in the management of the enterprise information resourches2018-05-31SZIU
Judit T. KissExamination of effectiveness of investment in human capital and other resources, and analysis of factors influencing their use2018-05-31SZIU
Anna Törőné DunayCompetitiveness and development of micro, small and medium enterprises and innovation driven enterprises, analysis of entrepreneurial attitudes2018-05-31SZIU
Anna Törőné DunayTools of enterprise development for improving competitiveness in the agricultural sector – with special focus on sustainability and agricultural policies2018-05-31SZIU
Gedeon TotthThe role of food trade marks in consumers’ decisions. The effect of marketing activities on augmentation of the food trade marks’ influencing role on consumers’ decision2018-05-31SZIU
István Valánszki
László Kollányi
Evaluation of Cultural Ecosystem Services using GIS techinques in urban and peri-urban areas2018-05-31SZIU
István Valánszki
Albert Fekete
Social, ecological and spatial effects of the internal conflicts in the landscapes2018-05-31SZIU
Gyula Vatai
Szilvia Bánvölgyi
Application of membrane and conventional separation processes for production of high quality products from wolfberry fruits and wastes2018-06-30SZIU
Gyula VataiEconomically efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of whey by using membrane separation processes2018-06-30SZIU
Gyula Vatai
Szilvia Bánvölgyi
Application of membrane technology for high valuable component content medical plants extract production2018-06-30SZIU

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