Current thesis topic proposals of The Szent István University, Gödöllő
Current thesis topic proposals of The Szent István University, Gödöllő

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Anna Mária CsergőPlant strategies in the face of global climatic changes2019-01-15NT
Borbála BiróSustainable Soil Humus Quantity and Quality Management Practices2019-01-15TVT
Borbála BiróSoil regeneration methods and biological signaling systems of real soil conditions2019-01-15TVT
Erika Bujna
Quang Nguyen Duc
Development of fortified drinks from plant matrices2019-05-31SZIU
Kinga Mezősné SzilágyiLandscape architecture in the presentation of archeological parks and/or ruin gardens2019-01-31SZIU
Edina Szandra Nagy
Quang Nguyen Duc
Study of some metabolites produced by Yarrowia lipolytica yeast2019-05-31SZIU
Quang Nguyen DucDevelopment of microbial consortium for biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic raw materials2019-05-31SZIU
Livia Simonné SarkadiBiogenic amines in the most common fermented foods in Kosovo2018-12-30SZIU
Viktor Markó
Dávid Murányi
Surveying the Dysaphis devecta species-complex in Hungary2019-01-15DE
Márta SzabóOptimization of solar thermal storage for HVAC and DHW systems in different building types2019-05-31SZIE
Éva Zámboriné NémethOptimalisation of accumulation of biologically active compounds in medicinal plants by application of elicitors2019-01-15GyAT
Éva Zámboriné NémethIntroduction of medicinal plants from the Far-East2019-01-15GyAT
Zsuzsanna GyörgyTranscriptom analysis for studying salidroside biosynthesis in Rhodiola rosea2019-01-15GNT
Zsuzsanna GyörgyStudy the glycoside production in root or hairy root cultures of Rhodiola rosea2019-01-15GNT
Zsuzsanna GyörgyTranscriptom analysis for studying cinnamyl alcohol glycoside biosynthesis in Rhodiola rosea2019-01-15GNT

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