Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged

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Krisztina JuhászThe Migration, Asylum and Border Management Policy of the European Union2021-04-10POLIT
Norbert MerkovityPopulism and Political Power2021-04-10POLIT
Norbert MerkovityEuropean Radicalism ad State Power2021-04-10POLIT
Norbert MerkovityPolitical communications studies2021-04-10POLIT
Béla RévészLegal, politological, sociological, historical and psychological issues of secret services2021-04-10POLIT
Béla RévészNew theories of state in the 21th century2021-04-10POLIT
Béla RévészHistory of the European political philosophy2021-04-10POLIT
László ErdősConservation importance of habitat heterogeneity in Pannonian forest-steppes2021-04-01MTA
Krisztián PalotásTheoretical investigation of novel material surfaces2021-02-01MTA
András TomposDesign of electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells2021-04-01MTA
Péter HegyiInvestigation of the early phase of acute and chronic pancreatitis: from bed to the bench side research2020-12-31TMI
Zsolt MolnárEffects of extracorporeal blood-cleansing therapies on organ dysfunctions in critically ill patients2021-01-17TMI
Andrea PárniczkyPathomechanism, clinical presentations and therapeutic aspects of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) gene mutations2021-01-17TMI
Dezső HorváthInvestigation of fluid dynamics in reactive media2021-02-01FKAT
Ágota TóthDiffusion and convection driven self-assembly2021-02-01FKAT
Márta GálfiMonitoring of environmental hazard of electromagnetic loading and persistent chemicals - by experimental condition2021-04-01JGYPK
Szergej TóthRussian Linguistics2021-03-30JGYPK
Zsolt BoldogkőiTranscriptional analysis of herpesviruses2020-12-31OBI
Tamás BenderEvidence Based Physiotherapy2021-01-17ORTO
Attila BadóFair trial from comparative perspective2021-04-10ÁJTK
László Blutman
Katalin Gombos
Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU2021-04-10ÁJTK
László BlutmanInternal Market of the European Union2021-04-10ÁJTK
László BlutmanPreliminary Reference Procedure at the European Court of Justice2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsanett FantolySome current problems of the Hungarian Criminal Procedure2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsuzsanna FejesGovernance Studies2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsuzsanna FejesComparative Politics2021-04-10ÁJTK
Klára GellénMedia law2021-04-10ÁJTK
Katalin GombosJudicial cooperation in the European Union2021-04-10ÁJTK
Katalin GombosFundamental principles established by case-law2021-04-10ÁJTK
Márta GörögPersönlichkeitsrecht2021-04-10ÁJTK
Márta GörögVertragsrecht2021-04-10ÁJTK
Márta GörögGeistiges Eigentumsrecht2021-04-10ÁJTK
József HajdúCoordination of social security systems in EU2021-04-10ÁJTK
József HajdúThe IT and AI based future of labour law and social security2021-04-10ÁJTK
József HajdúInternational, European, Hungarian Social Security Law (option: comparative aspects)2021-04-10ÁJTK
Mária Homoki-NagyDie Entwicklung des Vermögensrecht in Ungarn2021-04-10ÁJTK
Éva JakabThe Rise of Democracy in the Ancient World2021-04-10ÁJTK
Krisztina KarsaiTrends in European criminal justice (legislation, jurisdiction, cooperation of authorities)2021-04-10ÁJTK
Péter MezeiThe protection of trademarks and geographical indications2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsolt NagyLegal Education in Different Legal Systems2021-04-10ÁJTK
Csongor István NagyLegal problems of international economic relations2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsolt NagyLegal Profession in Different Legal Systems2021-04-10ÁJTK
Krisztina Rúzs MolnárResolving labour disputes (ADR and traditional methods)2021-04-10ÁJTK
Imola SchiffnerResponsibility of International Organizations2021-04-10ÁJTK
Imola SchiffnerSovereignty and the principle of loyalty in the European Union /Kompetenzabgrenzung zwischen der Europäischen Union und den Mitgliedstaaten2021-04-10ÁJTK
Edit SoósNormative Power Europe. Empirical and theoretical perspectives2021-04-10ÁJTK
Anikó SzalaiProtection of human rights and their international enforceability2021-04-10ÁJTK
Anikó SzalaiIndividual responsibility based on international criminal law2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsolt SzomoraConstitutional guarantees in criminal law2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zsolt SzomoraThe freedom of expression and its limitation in criminal law2021-04-10ÁJTK
Judit TóthMinority rights and Diaspora policy in the contemporary Europe2021-04-10ÁJTK
Szilvia VáradiData Protection legislation in the European Union and the Cloud Services2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zoltán VígInvestment protection under the Energy Charter Treaty2021-04-10ÁJTK
Zoltán VígThe Chinese economic model2021-04-10ÁJTK
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2021-01-17FOG
Ágnes B. TóthArchaeology of the age of the great migration2021-01-02BTK
Gábor Balázs L.Hishistorical Solitude2021-03-30BTK
Erzsébet BarátEnglish Applied Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Péter BassolaGerman linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Tibor BertaTheoretical Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Károly BibokRussian Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Zsuzsanna CzirákiThe history of Transylvania an the Transylvanian Saxons in the Early Modren Age. The Oriental Diplomacy of the Habsburgs in the Early Modern Age2021-01-02BTK
Anna FenyvesiEnglish Applied Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerPolitical parties and movements in the Arab Region2021-01-02BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerHistory of the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries2021-01-02BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerDiplomacy and political relations of the great powers in the Mediterranean2021-01-02BTK
Péter Ákos FerwagnerPolitical parties and movements in the Arab Region2021-01-02BTK
Tamás ForgácsSprachwandel im Ungarischen. Historische Valenzforschung: Valenzwandel im Ungarischen.2021-03-30BTK
György GalambReligious movements and heresies in medieval Western and Central Europe2021-01-02BTK
Zsuzsanna GécsegFrench linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Zsolt HunyadiHistory of Medieval Hungary2021-01-02BTK
Lívia Ivaskótheoretical linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Mihály Kocsishistorical solitude2021-03-30BTK
Andrea KökényHistory of Colonial America2021-01-02BTK
Andrea KökényInter-American relations2021-01-02BTK
Andrea KökénySocial and intellectual history of the USA2021-01-02BTK
Andrea KökényThe USA and Europe in the 19th Century2021-01-02BTK
László NagyHistory of French-Hungarian relations between the 18th and 20th century2021-01-02BTK
Miklós NémethHungarian linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Enikő Németh T.Theoretical linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Donald William PeckhamEnglish Applied Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Krisztina PolgárdiTheoretical Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
György ScheiblGerman linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Anita SchirmHungarian and theoretical linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Katalin SipőczUralian linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Malgorzata SuszczynskaTheoretical Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Béla TomkaContemporary history of Hungary and Europe (from 1914 to the present day)2021-01-02BTK
Iván TóthRhetoric and historiography2021-01-02BTK
Sándor László TóthDebates in the history of Hungarian prehistory2021-01-02BTK
Kinga TurzóRole of the microstructure of implant surfaces and surface modifications enhancing osseointegration2021-01-17FOG
Emőke VargaTheory of Illustration2021-04-12BTK
Emőke VargaTheories of the Relation of Text and Image2021-04-12BTK
Emőke VargaLiterature and Fine Art Through the Mirror of 20th Century Art Theories2021-04-12BTK
Veronika VinczeTheoretical Linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Péter ZakarEcclesiastical history in the 18th and 20th centuries; Hungarian church history2021-01-02BTK
Péter ZakarCultural and political history of the ‘Southern Territories’ (Délvidék) in the 19th and 20th centuries2021-01-02BTK
István ZimonyiEarly history of the Hungarians2021-01-02BTK
Gyula ZsigriHungarian linguistics2021-03-30BTK
Béla KövesModern prevention of urinary tract infections2021-01-17JAHN

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