Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Zsolt László DatkiGastrointestinal motility in different psychiatric disorders2018-07-17Pszic
Csaba PálDeciphering evolutionary processes behind antibiotic resistance by novel tools in Synthetic Biology2018-05-18BRC
Szilvia VeszelkaExamination of nanoparticles on models of blood-brain cell cultures2018-05-15BRC
György Bártfai
Tamás Bitó
Preservation of reproductive health - a holistic approach2018-07-17SZÜL
Tamás BitóDiabetes and pregnancy2018-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyQuestionnaires studies focusing on infertility and pregnancy.2018-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyContraceptive behaviour in Hungary.2018-07-17SZÜL
Zoltán KozinszkyPathologic pregnancies: specific interventions, sonographic characteristics, pregnancy outcome2018-07-17SZÜL
Andrea Surányi
Gábor Németh
The investigation of fetoplacental system by ultrasound.2018-07-17SZÜL
Viktória VengloveczRelationship between diabetes and cystic fibrosis2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczInvestigation of intracellular pathway mechanisms which are play role in development of acute pancreatitis2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of mucin in the pathomechanism of pancreatic cancer2018-05-15FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of ion transport mechanisms in the inflammatory diseases of the esophagus2018-05-15FFI
Zoltán ifj RakonczayMorphology and function of gastrointestinal epithelial cells2018-05-15PATPH
Zoltán ifj RakonczayInvestigation of experimental acute pancreatitis2018-05-15PATPH
Zoltán ifj RakonczayInvestigation of pancreatic bicarbonate and fluid secretion2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of neuropeptides to algesia2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of experimental alcohol tolerance to the neuroadaptive processes of central nervous system2018-05-15PATPH
Gyula SzabóModulation of drug tolerance and addiction with neuropeptides2018-05-15PATPH
József Géza KissCochlear implantation, electrophisyological investigation2018-07-17FÜL
József Géza KissObjective audiometrical and psychophysical investigation in case of cochlear implant2018-07-17FÜL
Judit DeákThe role of climate changing in the development of infectious diseases2018-07-17KliMi
Balázs NémethGenetics of Pancreatitis2018-07-17IBEL
Tibor VargaThe role of licit and illicit drugs in traffic accidents2018-07-17IGORV
Tibor VargaThe role of alcoholic impairment in traffic2018-07-17IGORV
Klára HernádiFabrication and investigation of semiconductor containing composite photocatalytic materials2018-05-31AKKT
Klára HernádiModification of carbon nanotube surfaces via formation of inorganic composites2018-05-31AKKT
Ildikó Hoffmannneurolinguistics2018-10-01CBF
Zoltán KónyaNanostructures in catalysis2018-05-31AKKT
Ákos KukoveczSynthesis and sensor application of nanocarbon thin films2018-05-31AKKT
Ákos KukoveczSynthesis and environmental applications of complex thin layered structures2018-05-28AKKT
József ToldiNeuroprotection with triptophane metabolites2018-05-15BIOL
József ToldiNeuroprotection with glutamate scavengers2018-05-15BIOL
Zsuzsanna KahánAutocrine, paracrine and endocrine mechanisms in radiogenic heart damage2018-05-15ONKO
Zsuzsanna KahánIndividualized therapy in medical oncology and radiotherapy2018-05-15ONKO
Zsuzsanna KahánThe role of potassium channels in the progression of cancer, and the possibilities of their blockade2018-05-15ONKO
Anikó MarázComplex oncological treatment of malignant tumors2018-07-17ONKO
Zoltán VargaNew experimental methods in radiation therapy2018-05-15ONKO
Zoltán VargaNovel radiotherapy methods in the treatment of cancer patients2018-05-15ONKO
Benő CsapóTechnology-based asessment2018-09-10NI
Benő CsapóAssessment systems: feedback and accountability2018-09-10NI
Csaba CsíkosAssessing and fostering the strategic components of mathematical thinking.2018-09-10NI
Csaba CsíkosThe concept of metacognition; metacognition-based development in the classroom.2018-09-10NI
László KasikAvoidance as a social problem solving style2018-09-10NI
László KasikDevelopment of social problem solving2018-09-10NI
László KasikPossibilities of development of social problem solving2018-09-10NI
András Máté-TóthRecent trends in religious education inside and outside of Europe2018-09-10NI
Gyöngyvér MolnárComputer-based assessment2018-09-10NI
Edit Katalin MolnárThe development of teacher knowledge2018-09-10NI
Edit Katalin MolnárLearning in higher education2018-09-10NI
Gyöngyvér MolnárAssessment and development of thinking skills in technology-based environment2018-09-10NI
Edit Katalin MolnárWritten composition2018-09-10NI
Marianne NikolovAssessing language proficiency2018-09-10NI
Marianne NikolovClassroom-based research on language learning2018-09-10NI
Marianne NikolovIndividual differences in language learning2018-09-10NI
Bettina PikóThe role of protective factors (sport, social support, lifestyle etc.) in school health education2018-09-10NI
János SteklácsEye tracking, learning and cognitive development2018-09-10NI
János SteklácsDevelopment of reading, reading comprehension skills2018-09-10NI
Gábor CzakóTheoretical investigation of the reaction dynamics in the SN2 reaction2018-05-31FKAT
Dezső HorváthInvestigation of fluid dynamics in reactive media2018-05-31FKAT
Csaba JanákyPhotoelectrochemistry by design: materials aspects of solar fuel generation2018-05-31FKAT
László JanovákPreparation of functional surfaces with controlled wettability and their photocatalytic applications2018-05-31FKAT
Tamás SzabóConstruction of graphene oxide based ultrathin films by colloid chemical methods2018-05-31FKAT
Tamás SzabóDevelopment of magnetically modified graphene based composites2018-05-31FKAT
István SzilágyiDevelopment of nanocomposites of enzymatic activity2018-05-31FKAT
Ágota TóthDiffusion and convection driven self-assembly2018-05-31FKAT
Katalin BuriánBacterial and viral interactions2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánEffects of vitamin D in the pathomechanism of infectious diseases2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánThe role of innate immunity in chlamydial infections2018-05-15OMI
Katalin BuriánRole of cytokines and chemokines in chlamydial diseases2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriUse of viruses in cancer therapy2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriThe molecular mechanism of virotherapy using vesicular stomatitis virus2018-05-15OMI
Klára MegyeriThe role of cytokines and cell death subroutines in diseases with complex pathogenic mechanism2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInhibition of multidrug resistance and apoptosis by using benzofuran and conjugated dienone derivatives in different tumours2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInvestigation of the mechanism of action of cisplatine resistance in various cell lines (endometrial, ovarial, testicular carcinoma)2018-05-15OMI
József MolnárInvestigation of quorum sensing and biofilm production2018-05-15OMI
Ferenc SomogyváriGenetic background of neurological diseases2018-05-15OMI
Gabriella SpenglerThe role of multidrug efflux pumps in the virulence of bacteria2018-05-15OMI
Gabriella SpenglerReversal of multidrug resistance in various tumor cell lines2018-05-15OMI
Zoltán Szolnokimolecular and clinical mechanisms in neurology2018-05-15OMI
Dezső VirókIn vitro and in vivo identification of anti-chlamydial substances2018-05-15OMI
Dezső VirókMicroarray analyses in chlamydial diseases2018-05-15OMI
Zoltán AignerIncereasing of bioavailability by cyclodextrin complexation and other technological methods2018-06-30SZ
Dezső CsuporSafety assessment of medicina plants and natural products2018-06-30SZ
Péter DoróInvestigation of compliance in different patient groups2018-06-30SZ
Enikő Forró
Ferenc Fülöp
Development of new enzyme-catalysed dinamic kinetic resolution for the preparation of pharmaceutically and chemically important enantiomers2018-06-30SZ
Enikő Forró
Ferenc Fülöp
Developmrnt of nature-frendly enzyme-catalysed kinetic resoluion methods for the preparation of pharmaceutically and chemically iimportant enantiomers2018-06-30SZ
Ferenc Fülöp
György Szőllősi
Studies on asymmetric catalytic reactions2018-06-30SZ
Ferenc Fülöp
István Szatmári
New extentions of the modified Mannich reaction2018-06-30SZ
Zsuzsanna HajdúIsolation of plant origin compounds with antitumor activity2018-06-30SZ
Attila HunyadiStudies on oxidized metabolites of antioxidants2018-06-30SZ
Attila HunyadiStudies on bioactive ecdysteroid derivatives2018-06-30SZ
Attila Hunyadi
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Preparation of bioactive protoflavone derivatives through selective continuous-flow hydrogenation2018-06-30SZ
Loránd KissSelective synthesis of fluorinated building blocks2018-06-30SZ
Loránd KissTransformation of cyclic beta-amino acids into bioactive natural products through ring-opening/ring-closing metathesis2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous-flow oxidations in bi- and triphasic systems using molecular oxygen as green oxidant2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous multistep reactions for the sustainable synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients2018-06-30SZ
Sándor Balázs Ötvös
Ferenc Fülöp
Continuous-flow chemistry for novel chemical spaces: Sustainable synthesis of heterocycles2018-06-30SZ
Dóra Rédei
Judit Hohmann
Isolation of alkylamides with biological activity2018-06-30SZ
Dóra RédeiChemical and Pharmacological screening of Pannonian forest steppe specialist species2018-06-30SZ

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