Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged

thesis supervisor

research topic

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location of studies (in Hungarian)
László CzakóTherapeutic endoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic diseases2018-12-31In1st
László CzakóMicrobiome in gastrointestinal disorder2018-12-31In1st
László CzakóInteractions between the exocrine and endocrine pancreas2018-12-31In1st
László CzakóEarly diagnosis of pancreatic cancer2018-12-31In1st
László CzakóTherapeutic ERCP2018-12-31IN1ST
Richárd RókaPathogenetical role of intesinal barrier function in functional gastrointestinal diseases2018-12-31in1st
Richárd RókaEpidemiology of irritable bowel syndrome2018-12-31in1st
Richárd RókaClinical and experimental evaluation of functional gastrointestinal disorders2018-12-31in1st
András RosztóczyClinical and experimental evaluation of gastrointestinal motility disorders2019-03-20in1st
Klára GellénMedia law2019-06-04ÜJI
Szergej TóthRussian Linguistics2019-01-15JGYPK
Eszter FarkasThe pharmacology of anoxic depolarization2018-12-31OFOII
Eszter Farkas
Ferenc Bari
The susceptibility of the brain to spreading depolarization2018-12-31OFOII
Eszter FarkasNeuroprotective strategies in experimental models of cerebral ischemia"2018-12-31OFOII
Eszter Farkas(Mal)adaptation of the cerebral circulation in the aging brain2018-12-31OFOII
Eszter FarkasThe application of nanomedicine in experimental models of cerebral ischemia2018-12-31OFOII
András MihályPathomechanisms of neurodegeneration in epilepsy2019-01-10ANAT
András MihályPathomechanisms of neurodegeneration in epilepsy2019-01-10ANAT
Antal NógrádiInvestigation of a new motoneuron disease model: the role of PRMT82019-03-20ANAT
Antal NógrádiThe role of endogen progenitors in spinal cord regeneration2019-03-20ANAT
Edit CsapóCharacterization of molecular interactions by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy2018-12-31KFAT
Viktória VengloveczRelationship between diabetes and cystic fibrosis2018-12-31FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of mucin in the pathomechanism of pancreatic cancer2018-12-31FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of ion transport mechanisms in the inflammatory diseases of the esophagus2018-12-31FFI
Klára HernádiFabrication and investigation of semiconductor containing composite photocatalytic materials2018-12-31AKKT
Klára HernádiModification of carbon nanotube surfaces via formation of inorganic composites2018-12-31AKKT
Krisztina JuhászThe Migration, Asylum and Border Management Policy of the European Union2019-06-04POLIT
Zoltán KónyaNanostructures in catalysis2018-12-31AKKT
Ákos KukoveczSynthesis and sensor application of nanocarbon thin films2018-12-31AKKT
Norbert MerkovityPolitical communications studies2019-06-04POLIT
Norbert MerkovityEuropean Radicalism ad State Power2019-06-04POLIT
Norbert MerkovityPopulism and Political Power2019-06-04POLIT
Béla RévészNew theories of state in the 21th century2019-06-04POLIT
Béla RévészHistory of the European political philosophy2019-06-04POLIT
Béla RévészLegal, politological, sociological, historical and psychological issues of secret services2019-06-04POLIT
Anikó MarázComplex oncological treatment of malignant tumors2019-01-10ONKO
Antal BerényiInvestigation of the neuronal network oscillations in the > neocortex and hippocampus2019-03-19PHYS
Antal BerényiInvestigation of the neuronal network dynamics and > connectivity of the striatum2019-03-19PHYS
Ferenc DomokiNeurovascular unit function and dysfunction in health and disease states.2019-03-19PHYS
Ferenc DomokiExperimental studies on the pathomechanism of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.2019-03-19PHYS
Mária DuxPeptidergic mechanisms in the pathophysiology of headaches.2018-12-31PHYS
Gyöngyi Horváth
Gabriella Kékesi
Development and comprehensive characterization of a new, complex schizophrenia rat model by in vivo and in vitro tests2018-12-31PHYS
Attila NagyInvestigation of associative learning in neurological and psychiatric disorders2019-03-20PHYS
Attila NagyAnatomical and physiological investigation of the ascending tectofugal system2019-03-20PHYS
Péter SánthaThe role of spinal microgliosis in neuroplastic changes induced by peripheral nerve injuries2019-03-20PHYS
Péter SánthaThe role of the insulin sensitivity of primary sensory neurons in nociception and pain2019-03-20PHYS
Péter SánthaFunctional regeneration of cutaneous chemosensitive afferent nerves following peripheral nerve lesions2019-03-20PHYS
Péter SánthaGanglionic and transganglionic neurodegenerative changes induced by cytostatic agents in the somatosensory system2019-03-20PHYS
Gyula SáryRehabilitation of neurological diseases by virtual reality2018-12-31PHYS
Gyula SáryElectrophysiological examination of the mammalian visual system2018-12-31PHYS
Kitti Bakos-KovácsProduct safety from viewpoint of economy and law2019-06-04civil
Kitti Bakos-KovácsEconomic and legal aspects of consumer protection2019-06-04civil
Márta GörögVertragsrecht2019-06-04CIVIL
Márta GörögPersönlichkeitsrecht2019-06-04CIVIL
Márta GörögGeistiges Eigentumsrecht2019-06-04CIVIL
Barnabás KissProtection of human and basic rights in international and consitutional law2019-06-04ALKJT
Edit Tóth-MolnárModern imaging techniques in the diagnosis of ocular pathology2019-01-10SZEM
Edit Tóth-MolnárPhysiology and pathophysiology of the lacrimal gland. Pharmacological modulation of tear secretion2019-01-10SZEM
Róbert SeppGenetic analysis of familial heart muscle diseases.2019-01-10BEL2
Attila BadóFair trial from comparative perspective2019-06-04ÁJTK
Elemér BaloghGeschichte der Rechts- und politischen Entwicklung in Europa2019-06-04ÁJTK
Edit SoósNormative Power Europe. Empirical and theoretical perspectives2018-12-31ÁJTK
Anikó SzalaiProtection of human rights and their international enforceability2018-12-31ÁJTK
Anikó SzalaiIndividual responsibility based on international criminal law2018-12-31ÁJTK
Zsolt SzomoraConstitutional guarantees in criminal law2018-12-31ÁJTK
Zsolt SzomoraThe freedom of expression and its limitation in criminal law2018-12-31ÁJTK
Albert TakácsIs Constitution for Europe possible here?2018-12-31ÁJTK
Albert TakácsRegieren und verwalten2018-12-31ÁJTK
Judit TóthMinority rights and Diaspora policy in the contemporary Europe2018-12-31ÁJTK
Szilvia VáradiData Protection legislation in the European Union and the Cloud Services2018-12-31ÁJTK
Zoltán VígInvestment protection under the Energy Charter Treaty2018-12-31ÁJTK
Zoltán VígThe Chinese economic model2018-12-31ÁJTK
Zoltán ifj RakonczayThe investigation of the pathomechanism of acute pancreatitis in rodents2018-12-31Patho
Zoltán ifj RakonczayThe effect of analgesics on the severity of acute pancreatitis2018-12-31Patho
László Pajor
Farkas Sükösd
Mathematical Description the Quality of Surgical Resection and Its Clinical Importance2019-01-10Patho
József HajdúCoordination of social security systems in EU2019-06-04MSZJT
József HajdúThe IT and AI based future of labour law and social security2019-06-04MSZJT
József HajdúInternational, European, Hungarian Social Security Law (option: comparative aspects)2019-06-04MSZJT
Krisztina Rúzs MolnárResolving labour disputes (ADR and traditional methods)2019-06-04MSZJT
Zoltán JózsaLocal Government in Europe2019-06-04KÖZJT
Zoltán ifj Rakonczay
Lóránd Kiss
The effect of experimental acute pancreatitis on the pancreatic ducts2018-12-31PATPH
Zoltán ifj RakonczayInvestigation of pancreatic bicarbonate and fluid secretion2018-12-31PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of experimental alcohol tolerance to the neuroadaptive processes of central nervous system2018-12-31PATPH
Gyula SzabóEffect of neuropeptides to algesia2018-12-31PATPH
Márta GálfiMethods of the neuroendocrine research2018-12-31KBIOL
Pál BarzóThe role of functional MRI and DWI imaging (modalities) in neurosurgical and neurological disorders.2019-01-10IDSEB
Pál BarzóModern treatment of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)2019-01-10IDSEB
Márk Tibor FráterFibre-reinforced biomimetic direct and indirect restorations2019-01-10FOK
Márk Tibor Fráter
Márk Antal
Evaluating the success of endodontic microsurgical proceduresin vitro and in vivo2019-01-10FOK
Melinda MadlénaInvestigations in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and dental prevention2019-01-10FOK
Zoltán Baráth
Éva Kereszty
Forensic aspects of oral injuries2018-12-31STOMA
Péter KlivényiNovel therapeutics in neurodegenerative disorders.2019-01-10NEURO
József SókiExamination of the antibiotic resistance mechanisms of anaerobic pathogens by molecular methods2019-01-10MIKRO
Levente SzalárdyAssessment of biomarkers and pathogenic pathways in neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system2019-01-10NEURO
Délia SzokEmotional perception and communication in pain syndromes2019-01-10NEURO
Délia SzokEffect of hormonal contraception to the primary headache disorders2019-01-10NEURO
Márk AntalSynergy between Tobacco Smoking and Periodontitis in Systemic Diseases2019-01-10FOG
Kinga TurzóRole of the microstructure of implant surfaces and surface modifications enhancing osseointegration2019-01-10FOG
Éva JakabThe Rise of Democracy in the Ancient World2019-06-04ROJT
Zsuzsanna FejesGovernance Studies2019-06-04NRTI

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