Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Ágota ApátiInvestigation of differentation processes in human stem cells2022-10-10OVSZ
Emese KissAnalysis of pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory characteristics of systemic autoimmune diseases2022-10-10ORFI
Péter MandlThe role of immunological and osteoimmunological mechanisms in rheumatic diseases2022-10-10ORFI
Gyula PoórInfection and autoimmunity in inflammatory diseases2022-10-10ORFI
Gyula PoórInvestigation of molecular mechanisms in rheumatic, immunological and bone disorder2022-10-10ORFI
Tamás ÁghHealth-economics aspects of medication adherence2022-10-30SE
Péter ÁgostonRadiotherapy and radiochemotherapy for urological cancers2022-10-21SE
Alán Alpár
László Bárány
Clinical anatomical analysis of the white matter of the brain2023-05-31SE
Péter AndrékaCardiovascular prevention in Hungary2023-05-31SE
Péter AndrékaFactors affecting short -and long term outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation2023-05-31SE
György BagdyAssociations of disorders, pharmacotherapy and biology using large human databases2022-10-15SE
Zoltán BaloghResearch of the care of acut and chronic patients2022-11-19SE
Zoltán BaloghResearch of the evaluation of people with mental disorders among health professionals2022-11-19SE
Zoltán BaloghResearch of the care of acut and chronic patients2022-11-19SE
Csaba BartaStudy of genetic and epigenetic risk factors of Tourette syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)2022-10-10SE
Csaba BartaStudy of genetic variation in the development of drug addiction and other psychiatric disorders2022-10-10SE
Ádám BartókBiophysical and pharmacologycal study of ion channels2022-10-10SE
Artúr BekeEffectiveness of ultrasound examination during pregnancy in the detection of congenital abnormalities2023-05-31SE
Csaba BödörClinicopathological analysis of myeloproliferative neoplasms2022-10-21SE
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2023-05-31SE
Edit BuzásInvestigation of extracellular vesicles2022-10-10SE
Miklós CsalaRedox metabolism in the endoplasmic reticulum2022-10-10SE
László CsanádyInvestigation of the structure-function relationship of TrpM2 and CFTR ion channels2022-10-10SE
Roland Csépányi-KömiRole of GTPase activating proteins in regulation of inflammation2022-10-10SE
Péter CsermelyChanges of signaling networks in cancer progression: network and experimental studies2022-10-10SE
Péter CsermelyExamination of molecular networks during liquid-liquid phase separation2022-10-10SE
Péter CsermelyExamination of molecular networks during liquid-liquid phase separation2022-10-10SE
Péter CsermelyChanges of signaling networks in cancer progression: network and experimental studies2022-10-10SE
Dezső CsuporEfficacy and safety of medicinal plant-based products2022-10-15SE
Gábor CzirjákInvestigation of two-pore domain potassium channels2022-10-10SE
Orsolya DobayCarriage, virulence and antibiotic resistance of Gram-positive bacteria2022-10-21SE
Gyula DomjánResearch on long-term quality of life and rehabilitation in thrombophilic patients with coagulation disorders2022-11-19SE
Gyula DomjánResearch of long-term quality of life and rehabilitation for patients with systemic autoimmune disease (SLE, PSS, RA, etc.)2022-11-19SE
Dávid DóraNeuroimmunology of the gastrointestinal tract: from development to the clinical practice2022-10-10SE
Ágnes DósaCivil law questions of the health provider-patient relationship2022-11-19SE
Krisztina EllaRole of the circadian clock in the regulation of the immune system2022-10-10SE
Péter EnyediReceptor mediated regulation of 2P type potassium channels2022-10-10SE
Balázs EnyediStudying inflammatory mechanisms during tissue damage2022-10-10SE
Ágnes EnyediStudies on Ca2+ transporters in normal and tumor cells and tissues2022-10-10SE
Bálint Mihály ErőssThe clinical aspects of gastrointestinal bleeding2022-10-15SE
Levente FazekasMechanical circulatory support in respiratory failure – road to lung transplantation2023-05-31SE
Réka FazekasMicrocirculation of the oral mucosa under physiological and pathological conditions and after oral surgery2022-12-27SE
Helga Judit FeithResearch of social roles and conflicts from a health science perspective2022-11-19SE
Ágnes Félné SemseiThe pharmacogenetics and cell biology of acute lymphoblastic leukemia2022-10-10SE
Judit ForraiHistory of the development of healthcare, history of science2022-11-19SE
Vilmos FülöpExpression of proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in gestational trophoblastic tumors and normal pregnancy2022-10-10SE
Gabriella GálffyInvestigation of lung cancer mortality in the light of new diagnostic and therapeutic options and different biomarkers2023-01-28SE
Gabriella GálffyFactors influencing the treatment of obstructive pulmonary disease2023-01-28SE
Hristos GlavinasDevelopment and characterization of nano-amorphous drug formulation uting a novel continous flow technology2022-10-15SE
Vince Kornél GrolmuszClinical genetic analysis of hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes2022-10-10SE
Norbert GyöngyösiCircadian rhythm and cell cycle2022-10-10SE
Dávid Sándor GyőriDeciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying osteoclast activation during bone metastasis formation2022-10-10SE
László HangodyNegative pressure therapy in chronic wound treatment2023-05-31SE
Hargita HegyesiExtracellular vesicle-mediated communication in experimental inflammatory models2022-10-21SE
Péter HegyiInvestigation of the early phase of acute and chronic pancreatitis: from bed to the bench side research2022-10-15SE
Dániel HillierSkin-integrating brain-machine interface implants with microbiological barrier function2022-10-10SE
Dániel HillierRestoration of vision via cortical stimulation2022-10-10SE
Klára HorváthTechnological advances in paediatrics2023-05-31SE
László HunyadyRegulation of G protein-coupled receptors2022-10-10SE
László HunyadyMolecular bases of angiotensin receptor function2022-10-10SE
Zoltán Péter JakusDevelopment and function of the lymphatic system2022-10-10SE
József Gábor JoóThe genetic background of obstetric and gynecologic diseases2022-10-10SE
László KalabayAcute phase proteins in clinical diagnostic2022-10-10SE
Krisztina KáldiMolecular basis of regulation of circadian rhythm2022-10-10SE
Zoltán KalóHTA implementation roadmap in lower income countries2022-10-15SE
Zoltán KalóEconomic principles of health care research and development from the macro level perspective2022-10-15SE
Pál Kaposi NovákRadiomic analysis of abdominal diseases2023-05-31SE
Orsolya KapuySystems biological approach of cellular life-or-death decisions with respect to endoplasmic reticulum stress2022-10-10SE
Tamás KardonPatobiochemistry of rare metabolic disorders2022-10-10SE
István KenesseyInteraczion of tumor cell and environmental immune competent elements in human head and neck squamous cancer2022-10-21SE
Éva KereszturiThe role of desaturases in lipid metabolism - a road toward diabetes2022-10-10SE
András KissIdentification of molecular targets in liver tumors and corresponding biopsies and liquid samples2022-10-21SE
Norbert Ferenc KissInnovative multimodal imaging approaches in the field of dermatology and dermato-oncology2023-05-31SE
Béla KocsisInvestigation of fluoroquinolone and polymyxin resistance mechanisms in Gram-negative bacteria2022-10-21SE
László KőhidaiChemotaxis - Its biological and clinical significance2022-10-10SE
Kraszimir KolevCell dependent thrombolysis2022-10-10SE
Ákos KollerCardiovascular changes in gestational hypertension, especially in the cerebral circulation2022-11-19SE
Zsolt István KomlósiRole of innate lymphoid cells in regulation of B-cell reconstitution and in prevention of acute graft-versus-host disease after allogenic hematopoietic stem cell-transpla2022-10-10SE
Zsolt István KomlósiRole of carbohydrate metabolism abnormality in non-small cell lung cancer-related immunoparalysis2022-10-10SE
Árpád Ferenc KovácsDevelopment of novel genome diagnostics methods and feasibility studies of application in clinical genetics2022-10-10SE
Árpád Ferenc KovácsDevelopment of novel genome diagnostics methods and feasibility studies of application in clinical genetics2022-10-10SE
Illés KovácsQuantitative and qualitative assessment of retinal microvasculature using OCT angiography in retinal diseases.2023-05-31SE
Tibor KrenácsMolecular morphology monitoring of myelofibrosis progression and correlations between immunophenotype and genetic predisposition2022-10-21SE
Anna L. KissRole of caveolae and caveolin isoforms in various function of the cells2022-10-10SE
Eszter LajkóCell- and molecular biological investigation of small molecule drugs and their peptide conjugates designed for targeted tumor therapy2022-10-15SE
Péter László LakatosThe role of pathobiochemical factors in the development and progression of inflammatory bowel diseases2022-10-10SE
Balázs LegezaDysregulation of endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis in inherited metabolic disorders2022-10-10SE
Márton Ákos LőrinczNew diagnostic and therapeutic options against microbes2022-10-10SE
Gábor LotzEffect of Helicobacter pylori infection and other pathogenic agents on the pathogenesis of benign and malignant diseases of the stomach and other organs2022-10-21SE
Attila MajorosThe diagnosis and therapy of urinary storage and voiding problems2023-05-31SE
Krisztina MártonOrofacial pain. Facial pain in different diseases and conditions.2022-12-27SE
Krisztina MártonSustainable Dentistry in Europe. Enhance oral health care financing through leveraging cutting-edge data analytics, experiments and quasi-experiments, systems dynamics mo2022-12-27SE
Balázs MayerCharacterization and function of gamma-delta T cells in skin stem cell niches2023-01-28SE
Márta MedveczMultidisciplinary aspects of rare hereditary and acquired dermatological diseases2023-05-31SE
Tamás MészárosSelection and application of protein specific aptamers2022-10-10SE
Attila MócsaiMolecular mechanism of bone metabolism2022-10-10SE
Attila MócsaiMolecular mechanisms and new therapeutic approaches in inflammatory diseases2022-10-10SE
Attila MócsaiInvestigation of proteins involved in the differentiation and function of osteoclasts2022-10-10SE
Attila MócsaiAnalysis of phagocytic cells of the immune system2022-10-10SE

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