Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Katalin LumniczkyThe effect of ionizing radiation on the immune system and its role in the modulation of antitumor immune response2018-09-29OFJC
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2019-05-15SE
László DézsiDevelopment and application of nanomedicinal methods in order to study hypersensitivity reactions2019-02-09SE
Helga Judit FeithExamination of social roles and conflicts focused on health sciences2019-02-09SE
Andrea FerenczEducation-methodological research of operative specialist training2019-02-09SE
Andrea FerenczDevelopment and characterization of biocompatible scaffolds for surgical tissue replacement2019-02-09SE
Andrea FerenczInvestigation of the relationship between female urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapses using modern reconstruction surgery and examination methods2019-02-09SE
Andrea FerenczIn vitro and in vivo testing of complement activation-associated2019-02-09SE
Balázs HangyaThe role of the basal forebrain in learning2018-10-01SE
Illés KovácsQuantitative and qualitative assessment of retinal microvasculature using OCT angiography in retinal diseases.2019-01-23SE
Andrea Matkovicsné VargaMechanobiology of endothelial cells2019-02-09SE
Péter NyirádyPrognostic and predictive biomarkers in urological tumors2019-01-31SE
László SmellerKinetics and dynamics of tetraplex DNA structures under complex environmental conditions determined by spectroscopic methods2019-02-09SE
András TislérBiochemical and clinical evaluation of biocompatibility during human hemodialysis2019-02-09SE
Barna VásárhelyiBiomarkers in inflammation2019-05-15SE

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