Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Zoltán KisDevelopment of detection and differential diagnostic of dangerous pathogens2018-06-30OKI
Zoltán KisComparative geno- and phenotypic analysis of hemorrhagic fever viruses using molecular and serological methods2018-06-30OKI
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2018-06-30SE
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2019-05-15SE
Edit BuzásInvestigation of extracellular vesicles2018-09-20SE
Edit CzeglédiPsychological and behavioural correlates and intervention possibilities of obesity2018-08-30SE
Orsolya DobayCarriage, virulence and antibiotic resistance of Gram-positive bacteria2018-06-30SE
Attila GulyásFunctional characterization of hippocampal inhibitory neurons with anatomical and physiological techniques2018-09-01SE
Balázs HangyaThe role of the basal forebrain in learning2018-10-01SE
Erik HrabovszkyAgeing-related changes of the hypothalamic neurocircuitry regulating human reproduction2018-09-01SE
Erik HrabovszkyInteraction between hypothalamic neuronal circuitries for reproduction and energy homeostasis in the human2018-09-01SE
Béla KocsisInvestigation of fluoroquinolone and polymyxin resistance mechanisms in Gram-negative bacteria2018-06-30SE
Gábor LotzEffect of Helicobacter pylori infection and other pathogenic agents on the pathogenesis of benign and malignant diseases of the stomach and other organs2018-08-31SE
Zsófia MaglóczkyMorphological and molecular biological changes in the human brain with neurological disorders2018-09-01SE
László NégyessyNeural basis of tactile object perception in the SI somatosensory cortex2018-09-01SE
Erzsébet PálfiDisease Specific Nutrition Therapy and Communication Method (Research in Clinical Dietetics)2018-06-30SE
Gergő SzandaInteractions between intracellular signalling pathways regulating energy metabolism2018-09-20SE
Ágota SzepesiClinicopathology and molecular basis of cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.2018-06-30SE
Gábor TuruBeta-arrestin dependent regulation of the G-protein-coupled receptor signaling2018-09-20SE
Barna VásárhelyiBiomarkers in inflammation2019-05-15SE
Katalin LumniczkyThe effect of ionizing radiation on the immune system and its role in the modulation of antitumor immune response2018-09-29OFJC
János SzabadicsAxonal signal processing2018-09-01SE DI

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