Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Semmelweis University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Péter PetschnerOmics-based investigations of polygenic central nervous system disorders2021-02-20SE DI
Péter PetschnerApplication of artificial intelligence algorithms for novel drug target discovery in polygenic disorders2021-02-20SE DI
Fruzsina AlbertThe analysis of interpersonal relationships and physical/mental health from a sociological perspective2020-12-24SE
Donát AlpárHeterogeneity and evolution of hematopoietic malignancies2020-12-06SE
Péter AndrékaFactors affecting short -and long term outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation2021-05-31SE
György BagdyAssociations of disorders, pharmacotherapy and biology using large human databases2021-02-20SE
Artúr BekeEffectiveness of ultrasound examination during pregnancy in the detection of congenital abnormalities2021-05-31SE
Judit BorbélyColor and appearance of dental ceramics2021-05-31SE
Edit CzeglédiPsychological and behavioural correlates and intervention possibilities of obesity2020-12-24SE
Helga Judit FeithExamination of social roles and conflicts focused on health sciences2020-12-06SE
Hristos GlavinasDevelopment and characterization of nano-amorphous drug formulation uting a novel continous flow technology2021-02-20SE
Hargita HegyesiExtracellular vesicle-mediated communication in experimental inflammatory models2020-12-06SE
Éva HusztiThe Role of social network in the Quality of Life2020-12-24SE
Pál Kaposi NovákRadiomic analysis of abdominal diseases2021-05-31SE
Béla KocsisInvestigation of fluoroquinolone and polymyxin resistance mechanisms in Gram-negative bacteria2020-12-06SE
Illés KovácsQuantitative and qualitative assessment of retinal microvasculature using OCT angiography in retinal diseases.2021-05-31SE
Éva KovácsDiagnostic and therapeutic methods in physiotherapy to prevent age-related functional decline and maintain independent living2020-12-06SE
Eszter LajkóCell- and molecular biological investigation of small molecule drugs and their peptide conjugates designed for targeted tumor therapy2021-02-20SE
György LengyelStudy of host-pathogen interactions of epidemilogically relevant viruses, using immunological-, molecular- and conventional cell culture techniques.2020-12-06SE
Gábor LotzEffect of Helicobacter pylori infection and other pathogenic agents on the pathogenesis of benign and malignant diseases of the stomach and other organs2020-12-06SE
Bálint MolnárTreatment modalities of singular or multiple gingival recessions and periimplant soft tissue deficiencies2021-05-31SE
Péter NyirádyPrognostic and predictive biomarkers in urological tumors2021-05-31SE
Erzsébet PálfiDisease Specific Nutrition Therapy and Communication Method (Research in Clinical Dietetics)2020-12-06SE
Dóra Perczel-ForintosClinical Aspests of Mindfulness2020-12-24SE
György PureblThe potential role of Animal Assisted Therapies in the clinical improvement and quality of life2021-04-06SE
Lilla ReinigerGenomic and epigenomic background of chronic lymphocytic2020-12-06SE
Péter ReismannOphthalmological consequences in inborn error of metabolisms2021-05-31SE
Endre SebestyénTranscriptional adaptation and minimal regulatory networks in cancer: systems biology models for a better understandig of mutant phenotypes2020-12-06SE
Gábor SkaliczkiNovel diagnostic and therapeutical methods in perioprosthetic joint infection2021-05-31SE
Orsolya SzalárdyThe effects of rhythmic acoustic stimulation on selectiven attention2020-12-24SE
Ágota SzepesiClinicopathology and molecular basis of cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.2020-12-06SE
Imre SzerbThe role of different types of synovectomies in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system’s diseases2021-05-31SE
Ákos SzücsDiagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases2021-05-31SE
Barna VásárhelyiBiomarkers in inflammation2021-05-31SE
Péter WindischApplication of Digital Three-Dimansional technologies in regenerative-rekonstructive periodontal and implant surgery2021-05-25SE
Péter CserhátiFollow-up of the efficacy of medical rehabilitation through national statistical assessments and clinical studies also using artificial intelligence2021-05-31OORI
Zoltán KisDevelopment of detection and differential diagnostic of dangerous pathogens2020-12-06OKI
Zoltán KisComparative geno- and phenotypic analysis of hemorrhagic fever viruses using molecular and serological methods2020-12-06OKI

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