Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pécs
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pécs

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Ágnes BorsosHeritage Prevention of present days, from the aspects of society2018-12-31BMDI
Ágnes BorsosClarities – Is that what’s missing from architecture?2018-12-31BMDI
Miklós HaladaMembrane Lightweight structures2018-12-31BMDI
Gabriella MedvegyNew Wish of the City - After Urbanism!2018-12-31BMDI
Tamás MolnárRehabilitation of built heritage in international cooperation2018-12-31BMDI
Zoltán OrbánAssessment and rehabilitation of historic structures2018-12-31BMDI
Zoltán OrbánArchitectural application of high performance concrete2018-12-31BMDI
Erzsébet Szeréna ZoltánPossibilities in the adaptation and upgrading of prefabricated residential block building types for the demands of the 21st century2018-12-31BMDI
Júlianna MrázikComprehensive System for Evaluating and Supporting Effective Teacher2018-10-30OTNDI
Zsolt NemeskériLifelong Guidance (LLG) and the Education System: Labour Market Prospects of Professions until 20302018-10-30OTNDI
Krisztián SzűcsSegmentation of Consumer Markets2018-12-06KTK
Krisztián SzűcsMeasuring the emotional component of buying decisions2018-12-06KTK
Irén HegedűsSubstandard variation from Old English to New Englishes.2019-03-06NYDI
Nándor ÁcsThe effects of maternal illnesses and pharmacological therapies on pregnancy outcome2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
Dóra Perczel-Forintos
Mindfulness in athletic performance2019-02-15EDI
Nándor ÁcsExamination of etiological factors of fetal developmental anomalies2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
Gábor Rappai
Micro-and macro-economic effects of physical activity2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác Ács
József Betlehem
Relation system of sports and quality of life2019-02-15EDI
Pongrác ÁcsThe sports' economic and social relation system2019-02-15EDI
Endre AratóThe role of arterial stiffness in cardiovascular prevention and risk evaluation2019-02-15EDI
Endre AratóPrevention methods for vascular and cardiovascular diseases2019-02-15EDI
Tamás Atlasz
Márk Váczi
The effect of physical activiy in different kind of neurodegenerative diseases: biomechanical and molecular biological studies2019-02-15EDI
László BaloghThe Optimum Arousal Theroy - to be in the ZONE - the State and the Possibilty of Measuring within Elite and Recreational Sports2019-02-15EDI
Sándor Balogh
Renáta Emese Papp
Research of intergrated health care systems2019-02-15EDI
Sándor BaloghPractice and opportunities of prevention in the General Practitioners' routine2019-02-15EDI
László BaloghThe influance of organizational psychology and cultural factors to the achievement of sports teams and sport organizations in the globalization sport2019-02-15EDI
Sándor Balogh
Csilla Sipeky
Care and primary and secondary prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases2019-02-15EDI
Tamás Barcsi
Henriette Tigyiné Pusztafalvi
Role of communication in the health care system2019-02-15EDI
Tamás Barcsi
Gusztáv Kovács
Psychological and Spiritual Healthcare in Philosophy and Health Sciences2019-02-15EDI
József BetlehemRole of simulated practical training in health care education2019-02-15EDI
József BetlehemThe effects of social differences on the health care system2019-02-15EDI
József BetlehemSpecial situations in emergency care2019-02-15EDI
József Betlehem
József Gerevich
Role of social support and activity in preserving and restore a good health condition2019-02-15EDI
József Betlehem
Tibor Oláh
The change of the effectiveness of acute care due to integrative education2019-02-15EDI
József BetlehemCharacteristics of medical provision for various types of catastrophic events2019-02-15EDI
József BódisOvarian hyperstimulation2019-02-15EDI
József BódisChallenge of the 21st century: the human papillomavirus2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Csongor Herke
Crimes against medical interventions, practice of medical research and patient's self-determination from point of view of forensic science and criminal procedure law2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Bálint Farkas
Intrapartum analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram (fECG) with STAN® SR31 fetal monitor system in case of meconium tainted amniotic fluid2019-02-15EDI
József BódisCumulation, and familial-genetical background of gynecological-, breast-, and gastrointestinal tumors2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Judit Zeller
The legal status of the embryo, in terms of stemcell research and human rights2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Nóra Chronowski
Health condition of Hungarian people with disabilites, and possible directions of development in terms of equal opportunities2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Andrea Surányi
The investigation of the pelvic floor muscle training effectiveness for urinary and fecal continence and the quality of sexual life2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Miklós Koppán
Short- and long-term consequences of obstetric and gynecological interventions on life-style, and the possibilities to influence these effects2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
László Bajnok
Endocrine-metabolic treatment of women with polycystic ovarium syndrome unrelated to infertility2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Csongor Herke
Complementer analysis of corps identification processes2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Márta Hock
Effects of gynecological surgery on life-style and quality of life. The effect of preoperative preparation and postoperative physiotherapy on stool- and urine continence,2019-02-15EDI
József Bódis
Szilárd Papp
Survival and quality of life by patients with gynecological tumor after expanded and minimally invasive surgery2019-02-15EDI
Péter BognerNew image processing and computing methods in diagnostic imaging2019-02-15EDI
Péter Bogner
Attila Schwarcz
Quantitative MR methods for characterizing cerebral pathologies2019-02-15EDI
Péter Bogner
Árpád Kovács
The use of diffusion, perfusion and other functional information in therapy/follow-up of extracranial tumors2019-02-15EDI
Imre Boncz
István Ágoston
The aspects of patients’ right and labor law in health care2019-02-15EDI
Imre Boncz
Dóra Endrei
Analysis of one-day surgical utilization indicators2019-02-15EDI
Imre Boncz
István Ágoston
The current issues of the health capacity regulation and the resource allocations2019-02-15EDI
Imre BonczPublic health problems and programs with respects to health insurance and health economy2019-02-15EDI
Imre Boncz
László Gulácsi
The context of health economics, quality assurance and performance monitoring in case of public health programmes2019-02-15EDI
Imre BonczFinancial questions of the health care system2019-02-15EDI
Imre Boncz
Antal Tamás Zemplényi
Clinical and economic issues in health technology assesment2019-02-15EDI
Botond CsikyRisk of the mechanism behind accelerated arteriosclerosis in case of patients with uremic hemodialysis.2019-02-15EDI
Melinda CsimaThe study of the correspondence of sence of coherence, parenting styles and health behavior2019-02-15EDI
Roland CsorbaChild sexual abuse in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Country in Hungary2019-02-15EDI
Attila Cziráki
Zsófia Verzár
Preventive methods for cardio-, and cerebrovascular diseases2019-02-15EDI
Zoltán DöbrönteRisk factors for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) related acute pancreatitis and effectiveness of the pharmacological prophylaxis2019-02-15EDI
Zoltán DöbrönteGastroenterological endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures2019-02-15EDI
Zoltán DöbrönteSignificance of monitoring during endoscopy with special regard to the sedoanalgesic premedication2019-02-15EDI
Péter DömeSuicides, and suicide attempts in Hungary2019-02-15EDI
Gábor ElbertSport manaegemnt in the XXIth century2019-02-15EDI
Dóra Endrei
István Ágoston
Patient rights, opportunities of patient rights enforcement in practice.2019-02-15EDI
Dóra Endrei
Imre Boncz
Health care and financial aspects of quality assurance2019-02-15EDI
Dóra Endrei
Imre Boncz
Human resource aspects of health care system at policy and institutional level2019-02-15EDI
Tibor ErtlHyperglycaemia in neonatal and infantile age2019-02-15EDI
Bálint FarkasBiochemical and biological analysiy of the peritonel fluid in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerClinical dietetics and nutrition science. Cost analysis of eating habits and food consumption.2019-02-15EDI
Mária Figler
Mónika Kerényi
Chemical and microbiological examination of food.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerEffect of various forms of calcium-intake in osteoporosis treatment.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerPossibilities of influencing nutritional status of seriously ill patients in clinical practice.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerClinical application of probiotics (bacteria types, doses, domains of application.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerExamination of analytical and dietotherapeutic effects of oilseeds.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerEffect of fructose consumption on certain metabolic parameters in patients with obesity and diabetes2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerHabits of liquid consumption in different sports2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerAnalysis and dietetic examination of biologically active components in grapes.2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerExamination of ingestion-controlling neuropeptides in diabetes mellitus and in their animal models2019-02-15EDI
Mária FiglerPossibilities of the realisation of energy balance in different sports2019-02-15EDI
Zsuzsanna FüzesiIndividual and community factors of health status and health inequalities2019-02-15EDI
Ferenc GallyasIdentification of molecular targets for prevention diagnostics of major non-communicable diseases2019-02-15EDI
János GaraiPhytoestrogens, hormon replacement, life-style and dietetic customs in peri- and postmenopause2019-02-15EDI
István GátiAspects of prostate tumours in health sciences, with a focus on multimuscular changes, their prevention and treatment.2019-02-15EDI
István GátiDiet in the manegement of multiple sclerosis.2019-02-15EDI
István GátiThe role of connective tissue system in the recognition of complementary-alternative medicine, naturopathy, and traditional chinese medicine; and in the integration of o2019-02-15EDI
István GátiAspects of thyroid disease in health sciences, with a focus on pathological mutation, prevention and treatment of organs of locomotion2019-02-15EDI
Andrea Gubicskóné KisbenedekThe influence of nutritional compounds in drinking form with enhanced concentration of arginin and zinc in cases of decubitus wound healing: measuring of the nutritional2019-02-15EDI
Zoltán GyöngyiClinical application of resveratrol2019-02-15EDI
Éva Harjánné Brantmüller
Annamária Karamánné Pakai
Research about the preferences of partner choice and the factors that influence it2019-02-15EDI
Gabriella HegyiIntegrative Medicine as a treatment for stress release of different origins2019-02-15EDI
Gabriella Hegyi
Henrik Péter Szőke
Development and force of fitness, reduction of stress -response , elevating of quality of Life by CAM therapies2019-02-15EDI
Gabriella Hegyi
Anna Blázovics
Integrative Medicine: demand and acceptance of CAM, possibilities of inserting into Health Care System2019-02-15EDI
Márta HockPrevalence and treatment options for muscle, bone and joint problems during pregnancy or delivery and after birth2019-02-15EDI
Boldizsár HorváthReproductive health behaviour of the Hungarian roma minority2019-02-15EDI
Ferenc IhászThe analysis of predisposing factors of the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Analysis of relationships of the disease and cardiovascular disease.2019-02-15EDI
Ferenc IhászThe body image disorders among young and middle-aged men and women2019-02-15EDI

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