Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pannonia
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pannonia

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Ferenc VondervisztDevelopment of flagellin-based artificial binding proteins for diagnostic applications2018-06-30MÜKKI
Tamás KristófAnalysis of corrosion processes of engineering steel alloys in gas oil mixture of renewable biomasses sources2018-06-01FKT
Károly DubleczEvaluation the Nutritional Value of Abiotic Stress Resistant Oats and Barley Varieties2018-06-05KE
Ferenc HusvéthNew protein and energy sources in the nutrition of farm animals balancing the nutrient requirements of intensive production avoiding metabolic disorders2018-06-05KE
Előd KondorosyTaxonomy of Lygaeoidea2018-06-05KE
Szabolcs NagyFertility prediction of bull and boar sperm2018-06-05KE
Károly BezdekDiscrete geometry and its applications2018-10-18PE
György DósaScheduling and bin packing2018-06-22PE
Ágnes Fogarassyné VathySupporting data analysis of retrospective health studies by data mining methods2018-06-22PE
Irina GolubevaCultural representations and Language ideology in Foreign Language Learning2018-05-31PE
Péter GurinStructural and ordering properties of colloidal nanoparticles in confined geometries2018-06-30PE
Katalin Hangos
Lőrinc Márton
Fault-Tolerance in Networked Control Systems2018-06-22PE
Tatjána Juzsakova
Ákos Rédey
Utilization of the Red Mud to Recover Rare Materials2018-06-30PE
Edit KőváriEmotional intelligence as a value in high quality experiences in hotel industry2018-05-31PE
Mihály PitukQualitative and quantitative properties of discrete and continuous dynamical systems2018-06-22PE
Ákos RédeyAdvanced Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment2018-08-31PE
Gyula SimonIndoor localization techniques2018-06-22PE
Zsolt Tuza
Csilla Bujtás
Covering parameters of graphs and hypergraphs2018-06-22PE
Zsolt Tuza
Csilla Bujtás
Identifying codes in networks2018-06-22PE

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