Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Miskolc
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Miskolc

thesis supervisor

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deadline for application

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Csaba FelhőControlling system of roughness of machined surfaces2021-01-31GYT
Zsolt MarosInvestigation of machining of aluminium alloys2021-01-31GYT
László BaranyiNumerical simulation of the effect of free stream disturbance on the flow around and heat transfer from a rotating circular cylinder2021-01-31ÁHT
Samad DadvandipourSmart Manufacturing Systems Using DPL Algorithms2021-02-01INF
Samad DadvandipourConvolutional networks for Pattern Recognition of Image data2021-02-01INF
Samad DadvandipourDeep Learning, Intelligent Modeling, Analysis and Controlling in Biology2021-02-01INF
Zsolt Csaba JohanyákFuzzy model generation from large data samples2021-02-01INF
Zsolt Csaba JohanyákSearch-Based Software Engineering2021-02-01INF
Gábor KecskemétiCloud and IoT systems modeling2021-02-01INF
Gábor KecskemétiPDES for serverless computing & microservices2021-02-01INF
Ferenc SarkaFatigue Resistance of Metal Foam Materials for Gear Drive Applications2021-01-31GET
Ferenc János SzabóApplication of sigmoid curves for the description of several phenomena of engineering, product design and some fields of science.2021-01-31GET
Ferenc János SzabóOptimum Design of Machine Elements2020-12-31GET
Ágnes Judit TakácsResearch of methods aiding the conceptual phase of the design process2021-01-31GET
Gabriella Vadászné BognárSimilarity solutions of MHD flow in non-Newtonian power-law fluid2021-01-31GET
Gabriella Vadászné BognárSearching for analytic and numerical solutions to models relevant to describe surface growth phenomena2021-01-31GET
Gabriella Vadászné Bognár
Krisztián Hriczó
CFD and analytical results for nanofluid flows in pipe2021-01-31GET
Zoltán AngyalDevelopment trends of the economic and monetary system, and the internal market of the European Union2020-12-31ÁJK
Judit BartaCommercial law and the European and domestic legal development of the related instruments of the Hungarian pension system2020-12-31ÁJK
Csilla CsákHungarian and international regulation of human and natural resources' law2020-12-31ÁJK
Erika Csemáné VáradiThe national and international developmental trends of criminology and youth justice and the connecting questions.2020-12-31ÁJK
Zsolt CzékmannAdministrative law in information society2020-12-31ÁJK
Éva ErdősThe Scientific Foundation of the Law of Public Finances2020-12-31ÁJK
Ákos FarkasDevelopment trends in criminal law sciences2020-12-31ÁJK
Magdolna GedeonThe Legal Regulation of the Mass Entertainment in the Past and Present2020-12-31ÁJK
Ilona GörgényiTendencies in the advancement of criminal law, criminal policy and criminology2020-12-31ÁJK
József GulaThe Protection of the Order of Economy and Economic Competition in Criminal Law"2020-12-31ÁJK
Tamás HallókThe institutions of political democracy in the Constitutional Law2020-12-31ÁJK
Tímea Heinerné BarzóI. Personal and property relations of the subjects of civil law legal relationships, the dogmatical issues on the law of persons, the modern family law, and the law of ob2020-12-31ÁJK
Tímea Heinerné BarzóII. Subjective rights, privatization efforts and liability relationships in the field of health care2020-12-31ÁJK
Judit JacsóProtection of the free movement of capital and payments by means of criminal law and the money laundering in the EU.2020-12-31ÁJK
Nóra JakabTendencies of labour law in the light of the European and Hungarian development with special regard to the legal status, labour relations and new employment forms.2020-12-31ÁJK
Erika Jámborné RóthTendencies in the development of the Criminal Procedural Law2020-12-31ÁJK
György KenderesHistorical aspects, place, function and branch of law problems of labour law in the light of the Hungarian and the European law's development2020-12-31ÁJK
László LeszkovenLaw of contractual guarantees2020-12-31ÁJK
Imre MátyásThe ways of progress of unified European private law, the tendencies of the efforts of legal unification regarding the substantive law and law of conflicts.2020-12-31ÁJK
Zoltán NagyPublic finances, tendencies of taxation and the development of the financial institutions in the light of the Hungarian and EU regulation2020-12-31ÁJK
Anita NagyCriminal procedure law and criminal enforcement law in the light of the successes, particularly with regard to international trends2020-12-31ÁJK
Anita PaulovicsConstitutional foundations of the structure and functioning of the public administration2020-12-31ÁJK
Tamás PrugbergerIssues of the undertakings relations within the organization in Hungary in the field of industrial and agricultural production and trade in the light of the European lega2020-12-31ÁJK
Zoltán RáczThe questions of labour law as a branch of law(public law-civil law)2020-12-31ÁJK
Anikó RaiszChallenges of the 21st century in the field of the international protection of human rights and the environment2020-12-31ÁJK
Ferenc SánthaSpecial forms of criminal liability of criminal law and international criminal law2020-12-31ÁJK
Pál Sáry1. The Connection Between Religion and Law from Antiquity to the Present 2. The Development of Roman Law in Antiquity2020-12-31ÁJK
Miklós SzabóTradition and innovation of theoretical foundation of law2020-12-31ÁJK
János Ede SzilágyiInstruments of the sustainable development in connection with agricultural law and energy law2020-12-31ÁJK
András TormaThe basis for the modernization of public administration2020-12-31ÁJK
Edina VinnaiInterdisciplinary research on the legal system2020-12-31ÁJK
Zsuzsa WoperaHarmonization of Hungarian Civil Procedure and the European Law of Civil Procedure2020-12-31ÁJK
Béla FiserMolecular Design and Synthesis of “Green” Polyurethanes2021-01-15MAKKI
Róbert Géber
Andrea Simon
Waste-to-resource preparation of geopolymers containing glass foams derived from hazardous glass waste2021-01-15MAKKI
László Gömze A.Development of meta-materials based on oxides and investigation of their stress-strain behaviour and fracture under different loading type2021-01-15MAKKI
László Gömze A.Structure and properties of porous ceramic ZrO2-MgO composites for biomedical application2021-01-15MAKKI
György Kaptay
Péter Baumli
Development of metallic materials with high internal specific surface area2021-01-15MAKKI
György Kaptay
Péter Baumli
Development of new aluminum-matrix composite materials reinforced with nanoscale refractory particles2021-01-15MAKKI
György KaptayDevelopment of Calphad and nano-Calphad2021-01-15MAKKI
György Kaptay
Péter Baumli
Fabrication and characterization of nano multi-layered materials for low temperature brazing applications2021-01-15MAKKI
Tamás KékesiPurification of chloride solutions by anion exchange for the extraction of high purity metals2021-01-15MAKKI
Tamás KékesiDeveloping hidro-electrometallurgical methods for the utilization of metal bearing wastes2021-01-15MAKKI
Milán SzőriMolecules in Fire: Ab Initio Investigations on Biofuels2021-01-15MAKKI
Milán SzőriPassive Transport Phenomena of Pollutes on Biomembranes2021-01-15MAKKI
Milán SzőriMolecular Simulations of Astrochemical Relevance: Properties of Cold Interfaces2021-01-15MAKKI
Milán SzőriTheoretical Investigations for a Better Understanding of Industrial Processes2021-01-15MAKKI
Milán SzőriMolecular Simulation on Supercritical Systems2021-01-15MAKKI
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and development of recycling of critical elements from wastes by phisical-vhemical and chemical techniques2021-01-31UM
Ljudmilla BokányiFinely dispersed solid wastes (metals, plastics, etc.) selective recycling from aqueous environment by physical-chemical separation techniques2021-01-31UM
Ljudmilla BokányiResearch and Development of Environmental Bioprocesses2021-01-31UM
József FaitliThe effect of dispersity state of coarse disperse systems on raw materials processing2021-01-31UM
József FaitliModelling and simulation of comminution – classification raw materials processing technologies2021-01-31UM
József FaitliImprovement of municipal solid wastes management2021-01-31UM
Balázs KovácsInvestigation of geofluid - rock matrix interactions in different fields of geo-engineering2021-01-31UM
Ferenc KristályMineralogical-(geo)chemical investigations in archaeology related fields2021-01-31UM
Ferenc KristályInvestigations regarding mineral resources and their composition, controlling experiments through instrumental analysis2021-01-31UM
György LengyelThe role of siliceous rock petrographic properties in Palaeolithic lithic technologies2021-01-31UM
György LengyelThe impact of Quaternary environmental changes on human societies2021-01-31UM
György LessGeological conditions of N Hungarian Paleozoic-Mesozoic structural units and related geological hazards2021-01-31UM
György LessComplex study of Hungarian Cenozoic basins2021-01-31UM
Gábor MucsiDevelopment of geopolymer from secondary raw materials2021-01-31UM
Gábor MucsiDevelopment of special grinding methods in high energy density mills2021-01-31UM
Sándor NagyProcessing of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)2021-01-31UM
Sándor NagyAgglomeration of primary or secondary raw materials2021-01-31UM
Ádám RáczDevelopement of the dry stirred media milling2021-01-31UM
Norbert Péter SzabóDevelopment of innovative inversion methods for the interpretation of well logs2021-01-31UM
Norbert Péter SzabóMultivariate statistical method development for the interpretation of well logs2021-01-31UM
Sándor SzakállMineralogical and chemical investigations of aluminum-phosphate-sulphate (APS) minerals in the Carpathian-Pannonian region2021-01-31UM
Péter SzűcsDevelopment of hydrogeological measuring and groundwater modeling methods to support the sustainable utilization of drinking, mineral, medicinal and thermal water resourc2021-01-31UM
Anikó TóthGeothermal energy production and utilization2021-01-31UM
Zoltán TurzóEvaluation of Inflow Performance of Intermittent fluid producing wells2021-01-31UM
Zoltán TurzóModeling of Liquid loading in Gas Wells2021-01-31UM
János VágóAnalysis of drainage basin morphometry2021-01-31UM
Felicitász VelleditsInvestigation of Miocene carbonates2021-01-31UM
Felicitász VelleditsGeological investigation of carbonate reservoirs2021-01-31UM
Zoltán István VirágOptimum design of steel structures2021-01-31UM
Zoltán István VirágDevelopment of haulage and mining equipment2021-01-31UM
Balázs Zsolt Zákányi
Márton Tóth
Research into the possibilities of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)2021-01-31UM
Szabolcs HegyiPrinciples and institutional theory of a moderate state2020-12-31ME
Adrienn NagyHungarian and international features of procedures for securing creditors' claims2020-12-31ME
Réka PusztahelyiEffects of the technology for civil law liability2020-12-31ME
Zoltán VargaHungarian and international regulation of state (public)revenue2020-12-31ME
Gábor MélypatakiThe impact of social innovation on employment and social rights2020-12-31MEÁJK

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