The University of Szeged által honosított fokozatok
The University of Szeged által honosított fokozatok

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Szu-Yin Yu2023-06-01Kaohsiungi Osvostudományi EgyetemNatural Products of Lumnitzera racemosa, Nepenthes, and Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang and Their Application Developmentpharmaceutics2023-12-14SzTE
Emese Ilona Végh2022-12-07Oxfordi EgyetemHistological, Physicochemical, and Osteogenic Reaction-Related Approaches to Identifying the Pre-Burning Condition of Bonebiology2023-04-06SzTE
Hao-Chun Hu2022-06-01Kaohsiungi Orvostudományi EgyetemDiscovery of Natural Products with Assistance of In SilicoMethods on Structure Elucidation and Synthesis of Evodiamine and Rutaecarpine Analogs Using a Ball Mill Apparatuspharmaceutics2023-12-14SzTE
Zsolt Zoltán Fülöp2022-02-22Marosvásárhelyi George Emil Palade Orvosi, Gyógyszerészeti, Tudomány- és Technológiai EgyetemPre- and postoperative staging of anorectal carcinoma, prognostic factors of these tumors and surgical treatment of postoperative complicationsclinical medicine2022-10-14SzTE
Bertalan Bodor2021-12-06Technische Universitat DresdenCSP dichotomy for ω-categorical monadically stable structuresmathematics and computing2023-04-06SzTE
Melinda Mihály2021-06-21Lipcsei EgyetemAutonomy and Empowerment: Social and Solidarity Economy Initiatives and Local Development in Peripheralised Areas of Germany and Hungaryearth sciences2022-05-26SzTE
Róbert Trényi2021-04-26Vigói Egyetem-Santiago de Compostela Egyetem-A Coruna EgyetemAnalysis of quantum cryptographic protocols with enhanced performancephysics2023-06-08SzTE
Nóra Juhász2020-08-21Universita degli studi dell'AquilaThe PDE polluted atmosphere model: a mathematical justification of a meterological approachmathematics and computing2022-04-14SzTE
Nóra Juhász2020-08-21L'Aquilai TudományegyetemThe PDE polluted atmosphere model: a mathematical justification of a meterological approachmathematics and computing2022-04-14SzTE
Orsolya Török2020-05-29Universitat ZurichThe Rple of Pericytes in the Regulation of Leukocyte Trafficking in the Central Nervous Systemtheoretical medicine2021-04-16SzTE
Anna Kovács-Győri2020-02-25Salzburgi EgyetemDefining and Assessing Livability – A GIScience Perspectiveearth sciences2021-10-15SzTE
Bai Jing Peng2020-01-31Kaohsiung Medical UniversityUtilizing transition metal-catalyzed allylation of indol derivativespharmaceutics2021-04-16SzTE
Csilla Keskeny2019-11-11Tübingeni EgyetemThe role of the RNA-Associated Proteins NOT4 and Bam in mRNA Decaybiology2021-02-09SzTE
Po-Hsiung Kung2019-06-01Kaohsiungi Osvostudományi EgyetemStudies on antiplatelet and anticancer activities of protein disulfide isomerase inhibitorspharmaceutics2023-12-14SzTE
Dániel Csókás2019-05-31Nanyang Technological UniversityThe Intramolecular oxa-Michael Reaction for Tetrahydropyran Formation: Mechanism and Synthesischemistry2022-10-14SzTE
Gábor Báti2019-01-31Nanyangi Műszaki EgyetemFrom Conventional to Unconventional: Glycosylation on Semi-Protected Donors and Syntheses towards Natural Productschemistry2024-05-30SzTE
Gábor Báti2019-01-31Nanyangi Műszaki EgyetemFrom Conventional to Unconventional: Glycosylation on Semi-Protected Donors and Syntheses towards Natural Productschemistry2024-05-30SzTE
János Urbancsok2018-11-16Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyEndogenous biological effects induced by externally supplemented glucosinolate hydrolysis products (GHPs) on Arabidopsis thalianabiology2019-04-04SzTE
Christian MORARU REMUS2018-11-14Bucuresti Közgazdaságtudományi AkadémiaOnline Social value in the hotels online environment (Online társadalmi érték a szállodák online környezetében)economics2021-04-16SzTE
István Jánk2018-08-27Universiza Konstantina Filozofa V NitreNyelvi diszkrimináció és nyelvi előítéletesség a pedagógiai értékelésébenlinguistics2019-04-04SzTE
Arindam Bhattacharjee2018-04-24University of Jawaharlal NehruMechanistic Aspects of Cell Death Induced by Antineoplastic Agents in Human Cancer Cell Linesbiology2018-12-13SzTE
Márta Szabina Pápai2017-11-21Pompeu Fabra EgyetemBehavioral and electroppysiological correlates of cross-modal enchancement for unware visual eventsclinical medicine2023-12-14SzTE
Haihua Wu2017-11-09Kínai Tudományos Akadémia KémiaiFizikai IntézeteThe Electrocatalytic Properties of Transition Metal-nitrogen-carbon Complexeschemistry2018-04-05SzTE
Máté Márton Rácz2017-07-13Leicesteri EgyetemContested Contexts: The articulation of critically-oriented business and management schools in the UKeconomics2021-04-16SzTE
Alona Biketova2017-05-17University of HaifaSpecies diversity, distribution, and phylogeny of Boletales s. str. of Israel, with special attention to taxonomy of the former Boletus sect. Luridi and the genus Hortiboletusbiology2018-10-11SzTE
István Takáts2017-01-01Pontificia Università GregorianaIl senso della storia e il ruolo della Provvidenza in Jacques-Bénigne Bossuethistory2019-12-12SzTE
Tamás Oncsik2016-10-21Genfi EgyetemIon-specific Particle Aggregation Probed by Different Analytical Techniqueschemistry2021-04-16SzTE
László Gál2016-06-24Instytut Biologii Doswiadczalnej im. Marcelego Nenckiego Polskiej Akademii NaukIntegration of grafted motoneurones into the host spinal cord circuitry - functional and morphological investigationstheoretical medicine2023-04-06SzTE
Melvin Prasad2016-04-11Mysore-i EgyetemRole of mitogen activated protein kinases in pearl millet defense against downy mildewbiology2023-06-08SzTE
Márk Balázs Vinkovits2015-07-09RWTH Aachen UniversityTrustMUSE: A Model-Driven Approach for Making Trust Management Widely Applicablecomputer sciences2016-10-20SzTE
Chi-Ting Hsieh2015-06-01Kaohsiung Medical UniversityResearch of Novel Chalcone Derivatives against Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome for New Drug Developmentpharmaceutics2015-12-10SzTE
Yu-Chi Tsai2015-06-01Kaohsiung Medical UniversityEstablishment of a New Cross Kingdom Assay Model and Studies on the Natural Products with Estrogenic, Antiplatelet, and Anti-Epstein-Barr Virus Activitiespharmaceutics2015-12-10SzTE
Izabella Babcsányi2015-05-19Université de StrasbourgLe transport et le fractionnement isotipique du cuivre dans un agrosystèmeearth sciences2018-10-11SzTE
Barna Páll-Gergely2015-03-20Shinshu UniversitySYSTEMATIC REVISION OF THE PLECTOPYLIDAE (GASTROPODA: PULMONATA)biology2015-10-22SzTE
Mária Kocsisné Pető2014-11-14Harvard UniversityApplication of noble gas isotopic systems to identify mantle heterogeneitiesphysics2018-10-11SzTE
Wan-Chun Lai2014-06-01Kaohsiung Medical UniversityStudies on the Natural Products with SERM and Antidiabetic Activitiespharmaceutics2015-12-10SzTE
Nikoletta Dobos2014-04-30University of GroningenNeuroinflammation in depressionbiology2014-12-11SzTE
Ildikó Gyollai2014-04-29Universitat WienMineralogical, petrological and geochemical studies of neoproterozoic sturtian (750 Ma) and Marinoan (635 Ma) postglacial transition layers in otavi group, nw-namibiaearth sciences2014-12-11SzTE
Béla Mihály2014-02-12Babes-Bolyai UniversityA metal complexes of 9-methyladenine and theophyllinechemistry2014-06-05SzTE
Tímea Mihály2014-02-12Babes-Bolyai UniversityA coordination compounds of platinum(ii) and palladium(ii) with adenine derivativeschemistry2014-06-05SzTE
Katalin Mecseki2014-02-01Imperial College LondonAn ultrafast optical parametric laser for driving high energy density sciencephysics2024-04-04SzTE
Ferenc Ágoston Bartha2013-08-30University of BergenComputer-aided proofs and algorithms in analysismathematics and computing2018-12-13SzTE
Zsolt Ferenc Palatinus2013-08-02University of ConnecticutMulti-scale interactions in siological motion perceptioneducational sciences2018-10-11SzTE
Rita Klébesz2013-05-14Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico IIConstraints on the origin of the nodules from the sarno (pomici di base) plinian eruption of mt. somma-vesuvius (Italy) based on geochemical studiesearth sciences2013-12-12SzTE
Márkó Szilveszter Mácskovich2013-03-25Osaka UniversityInnovation in Refugee Protection Delivery An Appraisal of Technology-based Solutionslaw2013-12-12SzTE
Katalin Janigáné Prokai2013-01-01Otto-von-Guericke-Universität MadeburgAfinite Nebensatz-konstruktionen und ihre Geschichtelinguistics2014-12-11SzTE
Zsuzsanna Brigitta Olach2012-11-20Uppsala UniversitetA Halich Karaim Bible translationlinguistics2013-12-12SzTE
Zoltán Péter Szebenyi2012-09-14RWTH Aachen UniversityCapturing parallel performance dynamicscomputer sciences2013-06-13SzTE
Géza Gergely Amrus2012-08-02Georg-August-Universitat GöttingenLow intensity transcranial electrical stimulation: effects on categorization and methodolical aspectsbiology2012-12-13SzTE
Éva Katalin Dékány2012-07-03Universitatis Gromsoeensis UiTA profile of the Hungarian DP: the interaction of lexicalization, agreement and linearization with the funkcitonal sequencelinguistics2013-06-13SzTE
Elek Gábor Balogh2012-06-14Cardiff UniverstiyRole of membranes in mammalian stress response: sensing, lipid signals and adaptationbiology2012-12-13SzTE
Gábor London2011-09-23University of GroningenLight-driven molecular motors and switches in confined environmentschemistry2013-12-12SzTE
Péter Mester2011-05-06Indiana UniversityExamples of Invariant Processes on Cayley Graphsmathematics and computing2022-12-16SzTE
Gábor Horváth2011-02-04Pontificia Università GregorianaEd i Paolini nel XVI secolo: Storia e cultohistory2011-12-15SzTE
Gergely Groma2011-02-02Universitaet KölnCartilage extracellular matrix remodelling an degradation during endochondral ossification: The role of functionally redundant adaptor proteins COMP and matrilin-3clinical medicine2014-12-11SzTE
Botond K. Szabó2011-02-02Karolinska UniversityDynamic magnetic resonance imaging of the breast – Imaging features for diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancerclinical medicine2012-06-07SzTE
Frederico Sollazzo2010-06-30Università Degli Studi Roma TreTra totalitarismo e democrazia: la funzione pubblica dell’eticaphilosophy2011-06-30SzTE
Tamás Attila Váczi2009-12-18Universitat WienMineralogical studies on zirconearth sciences2010-12-16SzTE
Alessandro Bitonti2009-10-09Università Degli Studi Di TorinoContatti linguistici nella Daunia meridionaleliterature2011-06-30SzTE
Róbert Vajda2009-07-03Johannes Kepler Universitat LinzSupporting exprolation in elementary analysis by computational, graphical and reasoning toolsmathematics and computing2009-12-17SzTE
Michael Charles Abbott2009-05-24Brown UniversitySemi-classical Approaches to Quantum Gravity and String Theory Solitonsphysics2018-10-11SzTE
György Czuppon2009-03-24Osaka UniversityNoble gas compositions of mantle-derived xenoliths from tasmania and north queensland, eastern australiaearth sciences2011-06-09SzTE
Erzsébet Mislovics2009-01-01Hebrew University of JerusalemA magyarországi zsidóság gazdaság- és demográfiatörténete 1700-1830history2010-01-14SzTE
Márton Róth2009-01-01La SapienzaLa città felice di Francesco Patrizi da Cherso e le utopie del Cinque e del Seicentoliterature2010-06-30SzTE
István János Kovács2008-11-13Australian National UniversityWater in the nominally anhydrous minerals of the upper mantle: analytical and experimental developmentsearth sciences2011-06-09SzTE
Mousumi Upadhyay Kahaly2008-05-05Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific ResearchFirst Principles Study of One-diemnsional Nano-structuresphysics2023-06-08SzTE
József Simon2008-01-01Georg-August-Universität GöttingenDie Religionsphilosophie Christian Franckens – Atheismus und radikale Reformation im frühneuzeitlichen Ostmitteleuropaphilosophy2008-06-27SzTE
Laura Tráser-Vas2008-01-01Humbold UniversitätOrbis puctus: Intermedialität zwischen Berliner Standtmalerei und literarischer Stadterfahrung dergestellt anhand der Werke von E.T.A. Hoffmann und Wilhelm Raabe+literature2009-01-16SzTE
Nóra Pálmai2007-08-20Università Degli Studi di Roma „La Sapienza”Az ellenség árnyéka. Olasz regények a keleti frontrólliterature2008-01-10SzTE
Zoltán Török2007-07-24University of Central LancashireDevelopment of image processing systems for cosmic ray effect analysisphysics2009-12-17SzTE
Boglárka Tóth2007-06-14University of AlmeriaInterval methods for competitive location problemsmathematics and computing2007-12-13SzTE
Azmeh Aziz Al2007-01-01Oriental Studies from University of OxfordIbn Khaldun munkássága a modern tudományok terén: módszertani tanulmányokhistory2008-06-27SzTE
János Herzog2007-01-01La SapientiaDie Enstehung der Battaglia als musikalische Gattungliterature2008-06-27SzTE
Oates-Indruchová Libora2007-01-01University of LancasterDiscourses of Gender in Pre-and Post – 1989 Czech Cultureliterature2008-06-27SzTE
Marsha Siefert2007-01-01University of PennsylvaniaMediating Opera for America: Magazine Biographies, Opera Singers and National Identityliterature2008-06-27SzTE
Dániel Kirilly2006-08-01University of Kansas Medical CenterRegulation of somatic stem cell self-renewal by extrinsic factors in the drosophila ovarybiology2007-06-14SzTE
Dóra Szakonyi2006-07-06Universitat zu KölnGenetic dissection of regulatory domains and signalling interactions of prl1 wd-protein in arabidopsisbiology2013-12-12SzTE
Brown Eric2006-05-22BostonCollegeReasons Contextualismphilosophy2024-04-04SzTE
Szilvia Tóth2006-05-09University of GenevaAnalysis and application of the fast chl a fluorescence (ojip) transient complemented with simultaneous 820 nm transmission measurementsbiology2007-07-05SzTE
Tamás Attila Fülöp2006-03-23University of TokyoThe physical role of boundary conditions in quantum mechanicsphysics2012-06-07SzTE
Tamás Tóth2006-01-01La SapientaLa rinascita della Chiesa d’Ungheria dopo la conquista turca nell’avittitò di Gábor Patachich e di Ádám Patachich, Arcivescovi di Kalocsa-Bács (1733-1784)history2007-07-05SzTE
László Odrobina2006-01-01Pontificia Universita LateranenseLe CTh 3,7,2 et les mariages mextes (A CTh 3,7,2 és a vegyes házasságok.)history2007-01-12SzTE
Attila Borics2005-12-17Creighton UniversityConformational Properties of β-Turn Forming Model Tetrapeptides Examined Using a Combination of Theoretical and Experimental Methodstheoretical medicine2007-07-05SzTE
Mónika Angéla Polner2005-11-17University of TwenteGalerkin least-squares stabilization operators for the navier-stokes equations a unified approachmathematics and computing2007-12-13SzTE
Zoltán Nagy2005-11-02Université de Cergy-PontoiseSystémes Intégrables et Algébres de réflexion dynamiquesphysics2006-06-08SzTE
Zoltán Danyi2005-09-24University of NoviSadHamvas Béla regényelmélete és regényírói gyakorlataliterature2008-01-10SzTE
Ágnes Csiszár2005-02-03Universitat zu KölnCharacterisation of dof, an essential adaptor molecule in fibroblast growth factor signalling in drosophila melanogasterbiology2013-10-17SzTE
Péter Dombi2005-01-27Vienna University of TechnologyGENERATION AND APPLICATIONS OF CONTROLLED WAVEFORMS FROM A LASER OSCILLATORphysics2005-07-01SzTE
Attila Gyenesei2004-09-16Turkui EgyetemDiscovering Frequent Fuzzy Patterns in Relations of Quantitative Attributescomputer sciences2023-12-14SzTE
Zsolt Bozsó2004-08-13Creighton UniversitySynthesis of epidermal growth factor by native chemical ligation and incorporation of non-natural amino acidstheoretical medicine2005-12-23SzTE
Zoltán Tamás Nagy2004-06-11Ruprecht-Karls-Universität HeidelbergMOLECULAR SYSTEMATICS AND PHYLOGEOGRAPHY OF OLD WORLD COLUBRID SNAKES (SQUAMATA: SERPENTES: COLUBRIDAE SENSU LATO)environmental sciences2005-07-01SzTE
Zoltán Juhász2004-06-07Rijksuniversiteit GroningenCharge exchange processes that make comets radiatephysics2006-05-04SzTE
Attila Horváth2004-04-02Stockholm UniversityPalladium(II)-Catalyzed Reactions of Allenes with Lithium Bromide and Cyclization of α-Amino Allenes to Pyrrolineschemistry2018-04-05SzTE
András Gábor Bernáth2004-03-31Université catholique de LouvainHamlet, the Gost and the Model Readerliterature2013-12-12SzTE
Sándor Brockhauser2004-03-22Montanuniversitat LeobenKpebi gridding techniques for modeling anisotropic reservoirphysics2013-12-12SzTE
Zsolt Hunyadi2004-01-01Central European UniversityA johannita rend Magyarországon a XII. század közepétől az Anjou-kor végéighistory2004-12-17SzTE

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