Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Míra MándokiResearch on veterinary medical education, new methods in providing knowledge – proving on botanical subjects and possibilities of transferring its results on other primar2023-05-19ATE
Míra MándokiExamination of transmissible viral proventriculitis (TVP) in Hungarian samples2023-05-19ATE
András KosztolányiThe social ecology of parental care in a shorebird2023-05-19ATE
Tamás SzűtsSalticid spiders of Papua New Guinea2023-05-19ATE
Erzsébet Pásztiné GereGyógyszerjelölt vegyületek metabolizmusának feltérképezése in vitro Investigation of metabolic pathways of drug candidates in vitro2023-05-19ATE
Erzsébet Pásztiné GereIn vitro examination of the damaging effects of mycotoxin combinations2023-05-19ATE
Tibor MagyarComparative phenotypic and molecular characterization of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale isolates, with special regard to antibiotic sensitivity and virulence2023-05-19ATE
Zoltán BakosExperimental use of transcatheter cryoballoon ablation in horses2023-05-19ATE
Imre Biksi
Ferenc Szalay
Társállatok végtagízületi megbetegedéseinek vizsgálata Examinations on limb joint disorders of companion animals2023-05-19ATE
Petra ZenkeDevelopment of epigenetic-based age estimation from Cervidae antlers as a supplement to traditional trophy assessment2023-05-19ATE
Annamária Nagy-Schuller tot PeursumComparative imaging of the front fetlocks of showjumping horses: a longitudinal study2023-05-19ATE
Tamás BakonyiNovel detection and identification methods for the surveillance of emerging and endemic arboviruses in the Pannonian Basin2023-05-31NL

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