The Budapest University of Technology and Economics által honosított fokozatok
The Budapest University of Technology and Economics által honosított fokozatok

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honosítás dátuma

Ákos Tényi2018-07-13Universitat de BarcelonaA Systems Medicine approach to multimorbidity Towards personalised care for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseasecomputer sciences2019-05-30BME
András Munkácsy2017-10-16Universidad Politecnica de MadridUser Profiles and Adoption Attributes of Innovative Bike-sharing Systems: The Case of BICIMAD (Madrid)transportation and vehicle engineering2018-10-25BME
András Pongrácz
Central European UniversityReducts of homogeneousrelational structuresmathematics and computing2015-04-30BME
Anna Triválné Szűcs2016-01-14Université Grenoble AlpesDiminution of the lithographic process variability for advanced technology nodeselectrical engineering2016-11-24BME
Áron Perényi
Swinburne University of TechnologyThe growth of SMEs in the ICT sectorbusiness and management2016-01-28BME
Árpád Drozdy2018-04-27Aalto UniversityEvolution of Mobile Backhaulelectrical engineering2018-05-31BME
Botond Tibor Szabó2014-02-19Technische Universiteit EindhovenAdaptation and con dence in nonparametric Bayesmathematics and computing2014-04-23BME
Casey Steven Tompkins2015-06-21Central European UniversityExtremal Problems on Finite Sets and Posetsmathematics and computing2018-02-22BME
Dániel Hörcher2018-03-01Imperial College LondonThe Economics of Crowding in Urban Rail Transporttransportation and vehicle engineering2018-04-26BME
Dávid Sziroczák2016-07-08Cranfield UniversityConceptual Design Methodologies Appropriate to Hypersonic Space and Global Transportation Systemstransportation and vehicle engineering2018-10-25BME
Dávid Visontai
Lancaster UniversityQuantum and Classical Dynamics of Molecular Scale Systemsphysics2016-05-26BME
Dénes Zalai2015-12-18Technische Universitaet WienA Quality by Design Approach for Enhanced Process Understanding in Biopharmaceutical Process Developmentbio, environmental and chemical engineering2018-06-29BME
Eszter Makkos2017-10-28University College LondonComputational investigations of the speciation of Sr2+ in aqueous solution, and its interactions with the hydrated brucite (0001) surfacechemistry2018-03-29BME
Gábor Norbert Boross2019-01-30Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichChemical Synthesis of Insulin Variants by KAHA Ligationchemistry2020-01-30BME
Gábor Sörös2016-06-21Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichWearable barcode scanning - Advancements in visual code localization, motion blur compensation, and gesture controlcomputer sciences2016-11-24BME
Gergely Papp2013-07-08Chalmers Tekniska Högskola" "physics2013-10-31BME
János Füzi1998-01-16Universitatea "Transilvania" din Brasov" "electrical engineering2013-09-26BME
János Néző
Heriot-Watt UniversityVirtual Fabrication of Full Size Welded Steel Plate Girder Specimenscivil engineering2016-09-29BME
Joshua Patrick Davidson2017-03-08James Cook UniversityEnergy Harvesting for Marine Based Sensorsmechanical engineering2019-04-25BME
Kálmán Sándor Cziszter2012-10-31Central European UniversityImprovements on the Noether bound for polynomial invariants of finite groupsmathematics and computing2014-02-27BME
Kay Schintzel,2005-02-21Otto-von-Guericke Universitaet MagdeburgKohlenwasserstoff-Emissionen eines Motors mit Benzin-Direkteinspritzung und wandgeführtem Brennverfahrenmechanical engineering2013-05-30BME
Kostadinka Stoeva Lapkova
Central European UniversityClass Number Problems for Quadratic Fieldsmathematics and computing2015-10-29BME
László Máthé
Aalborg UniversityProduct Sound: Acoustically pleasant motor driveselectrical engineering2017-11-30BME
Márton Kristóf Erdélyi2015-12-04Central European UniversityProduct Sound: Acoustically pleasant motor drives Product Sound: Acoustically pleasant motor drivesmathematics and computing2017-06-29BME
Nóra Bunford2016-08-13Ohio UniversityInterpersonal Skills Group – Corrections Modified for Detained Juvenile Offenders with Externalizing Disorders: A Controlled Pilot Clinical Trialpsychology2016-12-15BME
Petar Sabev Varbanov
University of Manchester Institute of Science and TechnologyOptimisation and Synthesis of Process Utility Systemsbio, environmental and chemical engineering2016-09-29BME
Péter Ákos Gajdátsy2011-01-24Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenAdvanced Transfer Path Analysis Methodselectrical engineering2014-11-27BME
Péter Kovács2016-12-14University of AmsterdamStochastic Models for Road Traffic Controlmathematics and computing2018-09-27BME
Péter Kutas2017-06-23Central European UniversityThe Explicit Isomorphism Problemmathematics and computing2018-03-29BME
Péter Maga2013-12-20Central European UniversitySubconvexity and shifted convolution sumsmathematics and computing2015-02-26BME
Tamás Bódai2009-07-07University of AberdeenNonlinear ray dynamics in underwater acousticsmechanical engineering2017-12-14BME
Tamás Jakubik2005-06-02Vysoké Ucení Technické v BrneMEASUREMENTS AND NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS OF AMBIENT-TURBULENCE EFFECTS ON DIESEL-FUEL SPRAYSmechanical engineering2013-05-30BME
Tamás Kálmán
Université du Quebec á Chicoutimi" "civil engineering2015-12-17BME
Tamás Mészáros
Central European UniversityAlgebraic Phenomena in Combinatorics: Shattering-Extremal Families and the Combinatorial Nullstellensatzmathematics and computing2015-10-29BME
Tamás Róbert Mezei2017-12-15Central European UniversityExtremal solutions to some art gallery and terminal-pairability problemsmathematics and computing2018-03-29BME
Vazul Boros
Universität StuttgartZur Zuverlässigkeitsanalyse von Massivbrücken für außergewöhnliche Bedrohungsszenariencivil engineering2016-03-31BME
Veronika Xénia Czakó2011-06-16Central European UniversityMultilevel governance of climate change action: a comparative case study of front-runner cities in the UK and Hungarybusiness and management2017-06-29BME
Zoltán Bodrog2012-09-21Universitaet BremenImprovements to the Density-Functional Tight-Binding method: new, efficient parametrization schemes and prospects of a more precise self-consistencyphysics2013-11-28BME
Zsuzsanna Engi
Univerza v LjubljaniHidravlično modeliranje poplavne nevarnosti na izlivnih odsekih vodotokov, oprto na procesecivil engineering2020-01-30BME
Zsuzsanna Püspöki
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" "electrical engineering2016-09-29BME

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