Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Miklós KassaiEnergetic investigation of energy recovery technologies in air handling units2017-10-19EPGET
Ferenc MészárosIdentifying complex criteria for access control of urban transport in environmental point of view2017-09-30KUKG
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2017-12-20BMEFT
Gyula GrófHeat transfer intensifying techniques2017-10-19EGR
Pál SzentannaiChallenging renewable solid fuels and fuel mixes for Fluidized Bed Conversion2017-10-19EGR
Krisztián SztankóUtilization of renewable liquid fuels in steady operating burners2017-10-19EGR
Bence TakácsInvestigation of the GNSS Integrity for Safety of Life Application2017-12-20BMEAF
Lajos VölgyesiPhysical interpretation of global geoid forms2017-12-20BMEAF
Tamás SzirányiVision systems of autonomous vehicles: Event and scene analysis and recognition2017-10-12ALRT
Tamás Szirányi3D semantic models in the 3D camera/Lidar image synthesis for autonomous driving and scene understanding systems2017-10-12ALRT
Tamás SzirányiSensor fusion and evaluation in networked sensor systems (for autonomous driving)2017-10-12ALRT
Lajos KisgyörgyDevelopment of a pavement diagnostic system based on built-in monitoring sensors2017-12-20BMEUV
Imre PanitiSingle Point and Two-Sided Incremental Sheet Forming2017-10-19GTT
István Attila PirosSystematic design of manufacturing systems2017-10-19GTT
Tibor SzalayEffect of Manufacturing Related Variability on Performance and Durability of Composite Structures2017-10-19GTT
György KárolyiDiscrete mechanical modeling of filamentary networks2017-12-20BMETM
Péter KorondiEthologically inspired robot behaviour2017-10-19MOGI
Tamás BárányMicrowave devulcanization of rubbers2017-10-19PT
Kolos MolnárDevelopment of high throughput electrospinning method for nanofiber webs, yarns and their composites2017-10-19PT
Gábor SzebényiEvaluation of the dynamic properties of hybrid nanocomposites2017-10-19PT
Gergely KristófImprovement of urban air quality by increasing the dilution efficiency2017-10-19ÁT
Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2017-12-20AF
Ákos TörökNumerical calculations and modelling of changes in stone and at stone/mortar interface2017-12-20BMEGM

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