Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Tamás CsoknyaiEnergy assessment of the building stock of a focus area2022-10-15EPGET
Tamás CsoknyaiResearch of net zero energy and carbon neutral buildings2022-10-15ÉPGET
László CzétányNovel Air Distribution Method for Reducing the Risk of Cross-contamination2022-10-15ÉPGET
László HégelyMulti-objective optimization of batch distillation methods2022-10-15ÉPGET
Miklós HorváthComplex analysis of energy demand and renewable based energy production connected to buildings2022-10-15ÉPGET
Péter LángReduction of carbon dioxide emission by absorption2022-10-15ÉPGET
Péter LángReduction of the energy demand and optimisation of distillation processes and configurations2022-10-15ÉPGET
Tibor PoósThermal and Kinematic Study for the Fluidized Bed Drying2022-10-15ÉPGET
Melinda BenkőMass Housing Neighborhoods2022-08-31BME
Gábor DomokosSpace-filling tilings as geometric models2022-08-31BME
Ágnes Gyetvainé BaloghMedieval influences in the 19th-century architecture of Hungary2022-08-31BME
Balázs HalmosGeometry and Proportion in the Hungarian Renaissance Architecture2022-08-31BME
Balázs HalmosGeometrical questions of the disposition of polygonal apses in Hungarian Gothic architecture2022-08-31BME
György KárolyiTransient chaos in dissipative mechanical systems2022-08-31BME
György KárolyiMechanics of random filamentary networks2022-08-31BME
Katalin MarótzyPublic Buildings for the State in Hungary between 1867 – 19142022-08-31BME
Anikó PluzsikAnalytical modelling of FRP strengthened RC beams2022-08-31BME
András Árpád SiposFracture patterns of concrete structures2022-08-31BME
András Árpád SiposMorphology of fracture via continuum mechanics2022-08-31BME
Péter VárkonyiStability of rocking, impacting, and slipping systems2022-08-31BME
Péter VárkonyiComputational form finding of structures2022-08-31BME
Ákos ZsemberyPreservation of monuments of highly vulnerable materials and structures - theoretical and practical approaches2022-08-31BME
Bálint CsonkaElectric vehicle charging planning and management method development2022-11-06KTKG
Bálint CsonkaBehavioural analysis of bike use and decision support methods for soft mobility infrastructure and service development2022-11-05KTKG
József Gábor KovácsRecycling of high molecular weight thermoplastic materials2022-10-15PT
Kolos MolnárThe role of the rheological behaviour of the polymer solution in electrospinning2022-10-15PT
Csilla WienerManufacturing and mechanical properties of nano- and microporous foams2022-10-15ATT
Krisztián BónaSupporting the operational decision making in cross-docking systems via digital twin solution2022-11-26ALRT
András László MajdikAerial-ground perception, localization, and mapping of mobile robots2022-12-19ALRT
Zoltán RózsaOptimizing the Environmental Perception of Multifunction Robot Vehicles by Methods Based on Deep Learning and 3D Geometry2022-08-15ALRT
Ákos BereczkyCombustion process of alternative fuels utilisation in internal combustion engines2022-10-15EGR
Edit CséfalvayApplication of circular economy using LCA methodology on carbon neutral waste management in Hungary2022-10-15EGR
Pál SzentannaiLoad-following control of large-size utility power plants2022-10-15EGR
István NémethMeasuring, analysing and predicting the degradation processes of the spindle bearings of machine tools2022-10-15GTT
Márton TakácsMicro machinability of high performance materials2022-10-15GTT
Márton TakácsInvestigation of applicability of machine learning supported process monitoring methods at machining of hard materials2022-10-15GTT

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