Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Szeged

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Zoltán ifj Rakonczay
Lóránd Kiss
Investigating the effect of organosulfur molecules on the severity of experimental acute pancreatitis2024-12-31KÓRÉL
Bernadett BordaSurgical and non surgical complications after kidney transplantation2024-12-31SEB
József FurákResearch of thoraric surgical and its border fields diseases2024-12-31SEB
Róbert BerkeczAnalysis of lipids, metabolites and designer drugs in biological samples (urine, blood, tissues etc.).2024-12-31OVI
Gabriel FenteanyProtein–protein interactions regulating signaling processes involved in cancer progression and metastasis2024-12-31OVI
Lívia Fülöp
Gábor Paragi
Computational simulation of peptides, proteins, and neuroprotective agents which plays significant role in the Alzheimer's disease.2024-12-31OVI
Lívia FülöpApplication of Sigma-1 Receptor modulators in SARS-Cov2 Spike Protein-Induced Neuroinflammation Models for the treatment of neurological symptoms in long COVID-192024-12-31OVI
Lajos KovácsSynthesis and analysis of quadruplex nucleic acid derivatives2024-12-31OVI
Lajos KovácsBioaktiv heterociklusok szintézise2024-12-31OVI
Zoltán SzabóProteomic analyses for pharmaceutical research2024-12-31OVI
Tim Crul„Functional role of lipid raft and non-raft membrane domains in compartmentation of Ca2+-induced cAMP signaling in polarized epithelial cells”2024-12-31In1st
László CzakóTherapeutic ERCP2024-12-31IN1ST
László Czakó
Balázs Németh
Clinical implications of rare predisposing factors for chronic pancreatitis2024-12-31In1st
László CzakóTherapeutic endoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic diseases2024-12-31In1st
László CzakóEarly diagnosis of pancreatic cancer2024-12-31In1st
László CzakóInteractions between the exocrine and endocrine pancreas2024-12-31In1st
Klaudia FarkasEvaluation of clinical and therapeutic response based on patient-specific cytokine and microbiome profile in inflammatory bowel diseases2024-12-31In1st
Csaba LengyelAnalysis of parameters characterizing QT variability in patients with several pathophysiological conditions2024-12-31IN1ST
Csaba Lengyel
Norbert Buzás
Evidence-based patient pathway management in oncology and diabetology2024-12-31In1st
József MaléthAnalysis of tumor-stromal cell interactions with organoid co-culture system2024-12-31In1st
Balázs NémethGenetics of pancreatitis2024-12-31In1st
Petra PallagiThe role of Ca2+ signaling in the physiology and pathophysiology of the pancreatic ductal epithelial cells.2024-12-31In1st
Petra PallagiInvestigation of ethiological background of pancreatic involvement in inflammatory bowel disease.2024-12-31In1st
Richárd RókaEpidemiology of irritable bowel syndrome2024-12-31in1st
Richárd RókaEtiology and diagnosis of colorectal neoplasm2024-12-31IN1ST
Richárd RókaPathogenetical role of intesinal barrier function in functional gastrointestinal diseases2024-12-31in1st
András RosztóczyClinical and experimental evaluation of eosinophylic esophagitis.2024-12-31In1st
András RosztóczyCharacteristics of Helicobacter pylori infection in Hungary2024-12-31in1st
Zoltán Szepes
Renáta Bor
Efficacy and safety of endoscopic procedures in the diagnosis colorectal cancers and in the treatment of early carcinomas2024-12-31In1st
Zoltán SzepesEfficacy of diagnostic and palliative endoscopic procedures in the management of upper gastrointestinal malignancies2024-12-31In1ST
Zoltán SzepesOperative endoscopic interventions2024-12-31IN1ST
Zsuzsanna ValkuszInvestigation the effects of Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDC) in neuroendocrine system in vitro and in vivo2024-12-31in1st
Éva Kereszty
Róbert Sepp
Sudden cardiac death in forensic medicine practice: difficulties in differential diagnostics2024-12-31IOI
Dóra Tombácz
Zsolt Boldogkői
Viktória VengloveczThe role of ion transport mechanisms in the inflammatory diseases of the esophagus2024-12-31FFI
Viktória VengloveczThe role of mucin in the pathomechanism of pancreatic cancer2024-12-31FFI
Viktória VengloveczRelationship between diabetes and cystic fibrosis2024-12-31FFI
Viktória VengloveczRole of iontransporters in the development and progression of pancreatic cancer2024-12-31FFI
Tibor PankotaiDevelopment of new generation serum based tumor diagnostics2024-12-31FOKOR
Tibor PankotaiMapping the connection between DNA repair and tumorigenesis2024-12-31FOKOR
Lajos HaracskaStudying the associations between microbial patterns in the human gut flora and diseases via microbiome analysis2024-12-31HCEMM
Lőrinc Sándor PongorIdentifying novel patient subgroups by integrating genomics and epigenetics data2024-12-31HCEMM
Lőrinc Sándor PongorIntegrative Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis of Small Cell Lung Cancer Evolution2024-12-31HCEMM
Tamás MolnárInflammatory Bowel Diseases2024-12-311BEL
Pálma BenedekThe evaluation, surgical and conservative treatments of Sleep Disorders2024-12-31HEIMP
László SzabóDiagnostics and treatment of micturition problems in childhood2024-12-31HEIMP
András Szekeres
Péter Sántha
Bioanalytical examinations of endogenous metabolites2024-12-31Micb
Zsolt BagosiThe actions of addictive drugs on neurohormones and neurotransmitters2024-12-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe interaction between neuropeptides and addictive drugs2024-12-31PATHP
Zsolt BagosiThe effects of ghrelin and GHRP-6 on the changes of locomotion and dopamine induced by nicotine and nicotine withdrawal in rats2024-12-31Pathp
Lóránd KissThe role of pancreatic ductal CFTR Cl- channel in acute pancreatitis2024-12-31PATHP
Sándor András SzabóCauses of Sudden Incapacitation During Flight (In-flight), Countermeasures, Preventive Protocols (Design and Development)2024-12-31ASMF
Zoltán ifj RakonczayThe effect of analgesics on the severity of acute pancreatitis2024-12-31Patho
Zoltán ifj RakonczayThe investigation of the pathomechanism of acute pancreatitis in rodents2024-12-31Patho
László Pajor
Farkas Sükösd
Mathematical Description the Quality of Surgical Resection and Its Clinical Importance2024-12-31Patho
Zoltán Ruzsa
Gábor Tóth-Gayor
Refining techniques in complex cardiovascular interventions2024-12-31BELII
Tamás MartosHealh-related motivation in chronic patients – the role individual and social factors2024-12-31PSZ.I
László SeresInvestigation of epidemiology and effect of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw on the quality of life2024-12-31ARCÁL
Zoltán VillányiDetection and targeting translational defects in tumor cells.2024-12-31BMBT
Eszter HegyiMechanism of genetic risk in chronic pancreatitis2024-12-31TMI
Péter HegyiInvestigation of the early phase of acute and chronic pancreatitis: from bed to the bench side research2024-12-31TMI
Zsolt MolnárEffects of extracorporeal blood-cleansing therapies on organ dysfunctions in critically ill patients2024-12-31TMI
Andrea PárniczkyPathomechanism, clinical presentations and therapeutic aspects of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) gene mutations2024-12-31TMI
Mónika Csontné KiricsiCellular interaction in the tumor microenvironment, molecular participants, and diagnostic potentials2024-12-31BIOK
Zsolt BoldogkőiGene transfer with intelligent viral vectors2024-12-31SZAOK
Mária DuxRole of the trigeminovascular system in the pathophysiology of migraine2024-12-31SZAOK
Róbert GáspárInvestigation of the obesity-induced alteration in uterine contractility in pregnant rat model2024-12-31SZAOK
István KonczEarly Repolarization Syndrome: novel therapeutic possibilities, new insights into the mechanisms2024-12-31SZAOK
Zoltán MarótiBionformatic analysis of whole genome sequences of archaic samples2024-12-31SZAOK
László Rovónew therapeutic possibilities to increase muscle volume of atrophied vocal folds2024-12-31SZAOK
Szabolcs Péter TallósyIn vitro investigation of intracellular gas metabolism in hypoxia-related disorders2024-12-31SZAOK
Dóra TombáczUsing OMICS approach for the analysis of viral gene expression2024-12-31SZAOK
Csaba CsíkosThe concept of metacognition; metacognition-based development in the classroom.2024-07-09NI
Csaba CsíkosAssessing and fostering the strategic components of mathematical thinking.2024-07-09NI
Éva D. MolnárSelf-regulation and the ethics of care2024-07-09NI
Éva D. MolnárEffective and ineffective strategies of learning2024-07-09NI
Judit DombiComputer-mediated communication2024-07-09NI
Judit DombiThe Role of Extramural English Input in Language Learning2024-07-09NI
Judit DombiPragmatics in English Language Teaching, L2 Pragmatics2024-07-09NI
József Balázs FejesSupporting equity in education at the system level2024-07-09NI
József Balázs FejesThe relationship between learning motivation and the social environment2024-07-09NI
Anita HabókResearch on self-regulated language learning strategy use2024-07-09NI
Anita HabókResearch on first and second language reading strategies.2024-07-09NI
Anita HabókResearch on learning to learn. Perceptions on learning.2024-07-09NI
Anita HabókThe effect of learning strategies and techniques on meaningful learning.2024-07-09NI
Mária HerczTeachers’, Teacher Candidates’, and Parents’ Thinking on Education2024-07-09NI
Mária HerczEntrepreneurial Education with Active Learning Strategy2024-07-09NI
Mária HerczSupporting teachers and trainees2024-07-09NI
Ágnes HódiAssessment and development of reading2024-07-09NI
Ágnes HódiInformation and communication technologies in education2024-07-09NI
Anikó KálmánNew teaching methods and learning environments to empower learners in the globalising world.2024-07-09NI
Krisztina KapornaiRisk and protective factors for mental disorders in child and adolescent2024-07-09NI
László KasikPossibilities of development of social problem solving2024-07-09NI
László KasikDevelopment of social problem solving2024-07-09NI
László KasikAvoidance as a social problem solving style2024-07-09NI
Enikő KissQuality of life and mental illness in children and adolescents2024-07-09NI
Tamás MartosSocial ecology of young people’s health goals2024-07-09NI
Edit Katalin MolnárReading and writing academic texts in higher education2024-07-09NI
Edit Katalin MolnárThe development of teacher knowledge2024-07-09NI

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