Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pannonia
Current thesis topic proposals of The University of Pannonia

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Lajos Fodor
Ottó Horváth
Synthesis and characterization of efficient photocatalysts for H2 evaluation from H2S under visible light2024-08-31CNS
Sándor CzeglédiThe seal of biliteracy movement2024-08-31UP
Ulrike Jessner-SchmidCrosslinguistic interaction in multilinguals in Hungary2024-08-31UP
Gábor KovácsExplicit, implicit, and statistical learning processes in second language acquisition2024-08-31UP
Gábor KovácsAttention and memory processes in language learning2024-08-31UP
Gábor KovácsThe role of practice and automatization in language development2024-08-31UP
Andrea ParapaticsLanguage attitudes towards regional diversity2024-08-31UP
Andrea ParapaticsSociolinguistic aspects of L1 education2024-08-31UP
Tamás KristófAnalysis of corrosion processes of engineering steel alloys in gas oil mixture of renewable biomasses sources2024-08-31FKT
Gábor Bernát
Géza Balázs Selmeczy
Light acclimation of algae and cyanobacteria isolated from Hungarian freshwaters2024-08-31UPRGL
Endre DomokosUse of traditional ecological knowledge of herders in sustainable rangeland management2024-08-31PE MK
Tamás KristófInvestigation of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors by using modern electrochemical and theoretical methods2024-08-31PETTK
Andrea BencsikRelationship among Ethics, Trust and Success in Knowledge-oriented Organizations2024-08-31PE
Andrea Bencsik
Zsuzsa Darida
Developing tax awareness and knowledge among secondary school students2024-08-31PE
Janka Bobek-Nagy
Zsuzsanna Banász
Az italcsomagolások magyarországi kötelező visszaváltási rendszere a körforgásos gazdasági modell tükrében2024-08-31PE
Tibor Csizmadia
Attila Imre Katona
Modeling the information spread with knowledge graphs in higher education2024-08-31PE
Endre DomokosUse of traditional ecological knowledge of herders in sustainable rangeland management2024-08-31PE
Gusztáv Fekete
András Kovács
Biomechanical development of gait in the typically developing children2024-08-31PE
Ildikó Galambos
Renáta Gerencsérné Berta
Membrane-based complex treatment method for microcontaminant removal from different water sources (membrane separation, adsorption)2024-08-31PE
Mihály Görög
Gabriella Cserháti
The use of project management toolkit to achieve succes on implementing a project portfolio - The impact of project manager's leadership style on project succes.2024-08-31PE
Petra Gyurácz-Németh
Zsolt Hollósy
Analyzing Investment Efficiency in the Hotel Industry: Operational and Financial Return Perspectives2024-08-31PE
Csaba Hegedűs
Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán
Risk-based Process and Project Control Charts2024-08-31PE
László Józsa
Dávid Máté Hargitai
Motivations for sport consumption2024-08-31PE
Balázs KakasiInfluence of shape and size on toxicology of various nanoparticles2024-08-31PE
Dirk-Jan Ferdinand KamannTrue Cost Accounting And It’s Effect On Companies’ Sustainability and Procurement Processes2024-08-31PE
Tibor Kovács
Edit Tóth-Bodrogi
Investigation of reusability NORM residues based on geopolymers at the building industry2024-08-31PE
Róbert Kurdi
Janka Bobek-Nagy
Lakossági szerves hulladék szelektív gyűjtésében rejlő lehetőségek vizsgálata2024-08-31PE
Attila Magyar
Lőrinc Márton
Distributed control of microgrid networks2024-08-31PE
Gábor MichalkóTourism and transdisciplinarity2024-08-31PE
Csaba Mihálykó
Éva Mihálykóné Orbán
Analysis of the Generalized Thurstone Method and Investigation of Its Applicability in Industrial Environments Using Theoretical and Simulation Methods2024-08-31PE
Norbert MiskolcziOlefinek előállítása műanyaghulladékok pirolízisével2024-08-31PE
Roland NagyKémiai harmadlagos kőolajkihozatal növelő eljárásokhoz alkalmazható gemini tenzidek előállítása és vizsgálata2024-08-31PE
Gábor PintérThe potentials of deploying hydrogen for system regulation in the energy sector2024-08-31PE
Tamás RuppertHuman intention recognition in human-machine collaboration using artificial intelligence tools2024-08-31PE
Márta Judit SulyokSpatial and temporal concentration of tourism mobility2024-08-31PE
Izabella Agárdi
Alex Kummer
Planetary Memory: The Paradigmatic Change of Memory in Times of Climate Change2024-08-31iASK
Ivana Stepanovic
David Daou
The Overlooked Costs of AI: Interdisciplinary Research of Digital Consumption and its Environmental Implications2024-08-31iASK
László Z. Karvalics
János Abonyi
Dimensions of data culture (Theoretical, historical, corporate, administrative, scientific, technological, literary and artistic dimensions)2024-08-31iASK
László Z. Karvalics
Géza Balázs Selmeczy
Man and environment, society and land use - in an evolutionary framework2024-08-31iASK
László Z. Karvalics
Viktor Sebestyén
Pathways to an Ecological Civilisation (restorative agriculture, permaculture, urban farming technologies and nature-based solutions)2024-08-31iASK

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