The University of Szeged
cordially invites You

Anikó Görbe
to the habilitation presentation of
Anikó Görbe
(publication list in the MTMT).

Scientific lecture
    Title: Protection of the heart from ischemia/reperfusion injury in in vitro test systesms: from primary cardiomyocytes to engineered heart tissue
    Place and time: SZTE ÁOK Nagyoktatási Épület, Nagyelőadó (Szeged, Dóm tér 13.), 2015. IX. 23. 12:00

Educational lecture
    Title: Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and their patobiochemical aspects
    Place and time: SZTE Klinika Park, Oktatási központ (volt Nyomda) I. számú tanterem, Szeged, Szikra u. 8., 2015. IX. 23. 09:00

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