Thesis topic proposal
Ferenc Kondorosi
Legal constraints to conduct business I: Competition Law


Institute: Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem (to be translated)
business and management
Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Thesis supervisor: Ferenc Kondorosi
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Budapest Business Shool
Abbreviation of location of studies: BGE

Description of the research topic:

In the world of business, economic competition means the race to gain customer orders and successful customer acquisition. Lower prices, increased quality, a wider selection of goods and services, and higher efficiency are among the benefits of free market competition. Competition law prohibits numerous activities in order to safeguard customers’ interests. Thus, behaviours aimed at fixing prices, dividing up markets, and limiting production output are considered unlawful.
Distortion of competitiveness is reflected in the behaviours of business actors exhibiting economic power and unreasonable concentration.
The author of the thesis could provide new insights to domestic law makers by investigating national and international rulings of relevant legal forums.

Required language skills: angol

Deadline for application: 2021-08-31

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