Thesis topic proposal
Krisztina Szegedi
Theoretical and practical perspectives of business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


Institute: Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem (to be translated)
business and management
Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Thesis supervisor: Krisztina Szegedi
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Budapesti Business School
Abbreviation of location of studies: BGE

Description of the research topic:

Business ethics examines ethical issues of business, and that what approaches and what measures can improve business morale. Corporate social responsibility (CSR / CR) is a business model that facilitates the contribution of companies to sustainable development, by integrating environmental and social issues, stakeholder approach, and ethical behaviour into the business strategy on a voluntary basis.
The aim of the research is developing conceptual models and management methods, as well as testing their practical application, which help increasing ethical standards of business life and the corporate sector:

• Theoretical relationships of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
• International and domestic practical experience of ethics institutions
• Ethical challenges of the responsible supply chain
• Ethical issues of corporate functional areas
• Specific issues of the banking ethics and bank CSR
• Challenges of social enterprises

Required language skills: angol

Deadline for application: 2021-08-31

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