Thesis topic proposal
Andrea Kő
Industry 4.0 Maturity Model


Institute: Corvinus University of Budapest
computer sciences
Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics

Thesis supervisor: Andrea Kő
co-supervisor: Gábor András Nick
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
Abbreviation of location of studies: BCE

Description of the research topic:

For the economic sphere actors, the necessity and inevitability of digitalization is no longer an issue. Its advantages and disadvantages are increasingly being researched and published. The world is changing, and you have to go down the road. The question arises for all: Where are we in the preparation, where do we need to improve compared to our vision or competitors? What improvements, what changes do we need to make?
A competitive company should analyze and assess its current digital maturity and set clear targets for the period ahead. It is, therefore, essential to identify the key areas of the most significant value for the future.
The Industry 4.0 readiness level of a company is mutually influenced by its corporate goals and visions, the product and manufacturing process, the human resources available, and the role taken in the value chain. Accordingly, the model to be created should enable to make the assessment in the entire ecosystem context of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, thus providing a basis for formulating the organization's industrial digitization priorities.
The research's focus is the creation of a general-purpose model that, following a step of synthesizing the literature, is suitable for assessing the Industry 4.0 maturity level for a key player in the industrial sector and then, in the light of the results, to set the direction of its digitalization strategy.

Number of students who can be accepted: 2

Deadline for application: 2021-04-30

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