Thesis topic proposal
Zoltán Bartha
The institutional framework of development


Institute: University of Miskolc
business and management
Hantos Elemér Doctoral School of Business, Management and Regional Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Zoltán Bartha
Location of studies (in Hungarian): ME
Abbreviation of location of studies: ME

Description of the research topic:

Main research questions: Which institutions influence the most the long term economic growth? What factors influence these institutions? How quickly can these institutions be changed? What are the preconditions of a successful change?
Quantitative (regression models), and qualitative (case studies, country studies, comparative studies) methods are both needed for the analysis of the topic. When measuring institutions, the use of indicators that are not commonly used in the empirical literature at the moment, increases the added value of the research. In case of comparative analysis, students with

Deadline for application: 2019-10-10

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