Thesis topic proposal
László Czakó
Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer


Institute: University of Szeged
theoretical medicine
Theoretical Medicine Doctoral School

Thesis supervisor: László Czakó
Location of studies (in Hungarian): University of Szeged Facultyof Medicine 1st Department of Internal Medicine
Abbreviation of location of studies: In1st

Description of the research topic:

Pancreatic cancer has a dismal prognosis with an overall 5-year survival of approximately 8%. The success in reducing the mortality rate of pancreatic cancer is related to the development of early detection and prevention programs. Patients with new-onset diabetes mellitus represent a high-risk group for pancreatic cancer as they have an 8-fold higher risk of pancreatic cancer than the general population. The proposed screening program may allow the detection of pancreatic cancer in the early, operable stage. Diagnosing more patients in the curable stage will decrease the morbidity and mortality rates of pancreatic cancer and save costs in the healthcare of these patients.

Required language skills: english
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2019-06-30

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