The emergency and palliative care aspects of multimorbid and cancer patients


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The aging of the population is a characteristic of most developed countries, including Hungary. Multimorbidity and cancer are both more prevalent in the aging patient population. The management of these patients poses a considerable challenge for the health care system.
Patients with cancer and other comorbidities utilize the health care system more often than the general population. Emergency Departments are relatively frequently visited by these patients, when they experience an acute worsening of their symptoms. Although some of these patients do require urgent medical care, in some cases these visits could be avoidable. A number of underlying reasons may contribute to these visits to the Emergency Department. Among others, lack of sufficient information and decreased compliance on the part of the patients or their family members or late diagnosis and suboptimal therapy provided by the health care system are possible factors. It would be important for this patient group to be cared for efficiently in order to decrease their risk of hospitalization, so their quality of life could improve and the burden of the health care system could also be reduced. The role of palliative care is to lessen the suffering of patients with serious, life limiting illnesses, such as cancer, with the aim of enhancing quality of life.
This PhD topic enables the doctoral candidates to explore various relevant research areas, including the diagnostic, therapeutical and epidemiological apects of multimorbid and cancer patients within the emergency as well as other health care settings.

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