Metabolic considerations of posttraumatic stress disorder


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témavezető: Zelena Dóra
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In a mouse and rat model of post-traumatic stress disorder induced by short but severe trauma, we plan to investigate changes in prefrontal cortex energetic conditions. To this end, in parallel with the study of animal's behavior, we plan to monitor the changes in the enzyme complexes of the mitochondria at the mRNA and protein level by PCR, RNAscope, Western blotting techniques, and to map the functions of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Once we have identified which enzyme complex in the mitochondria is affected by trauma, we plan to investigate whether stimulation or inhibition of this complex before or after trauma affects symptom development. In parallel, we plan to influence the use of sugar in the same brain area by using a mouse strain expressing the Cre recombinase enzyme in glucose transporter 2-containing cells by pharmacogenetic techniques and to map its effect on behavior in parallel with hormonal changes in stress. Our results may contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms of the - unfortunately - increasingly common disease and the identification of possible therapeutic targets.

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