Unravelling the mechanisms of nanoparticle toxicity to invertebrate and human cells: an integrative in vitro and in vivo parallel approach


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témavezető: Engelmann Péter
helyszín (magyar oldal): PTE ÁOK Pécs, Szigeti u. 12.
helyszín rövidítés: ÁOK

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Nanotechnology is a dynamically developing field producing large amounts of nanoparticles that are applied in industry, daily life and health care. During production, use, and waste these materials (e.g. silver nanoparticles) could end up in water or soil. Large scale contaminations of our environment are a threat to public health. There is a general lack of detailed assessment of how nanoparticles affect human health and environment. Metallic pollution can have harmful effects on the immune system, as revealed by numerous studies in humans and other vertebrates. The relative simplicity of invertebrate immune functions offers potentially sensitive and accessible means of monitoring the effects and complex interactions of metal nanoparticles which ultimately affect host resistance. Among terrestrial invertebrates, earthworms are the “keystone” species to evaluate the health of soil ecosystems. The aim of this project is to understand and compare the conserved toxic mechanism of metal nanoparticles on the innate immune responses of invertebrate and vertebrate immune systems. With the aid of our complex in vitro and in vivo experimental system the obtained knowledge can provide exciting insights into the conserved molecular and cellular mechanisms of NP toxicity between invertebrates and vertebrates. Understanding the unique characteristics of engineered nanoproducts and their interactions with biological systems in our environment is essential to the safe realization of these materials in novel biomedical applications.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2023-05-19

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