Investigations on mechanisms and brain pathways of colour vision in non-primate mammals


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témavezető: Buzás Péter
helyszín (magyar oldal): PTE ÁOK Pécs, Szigeti u. 12.
helyszín rövidítés: ÁOK

A kutatási téma leírása:

Our research is concerned with the biological basis of colour vision. In most mammals, except for trichromatic primates, colour vision is based on two types of photoreceptors: the "blue" and "green" cones. The neural pathway transmitting colour information has, however, not been identified in these animals. We have recently discovered a neurone population in the deep layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus of cats that show receptive field properties typical of colour processing cells, such as cone opponency and low sensitivity to achromatic contrast. Aims of the current research are (1) to characterise these cells further and (2) to follow the course of the putative colour vision pathway towards the retina as well as visual cortex. To this end, we use electrophysiological methods well established in our lab. Here we characterise the receptive fields of neurones on the basis of their responses to computer-generated, cone-specific visual stimuli. As part of their PhD project, students can also learn and use immunocytochemical, functional imaging (optical imaging) and computer simulation methods. Our research contributes to understanding the phylogenetic basis of primate colour vision and the mechanisms of colour processing in the cerebral cortex.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2023-05-19

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