Kovács Tibor
Chemical elements and radionuclides in components of the natural environment of small settlements in the impact zone of the "Eastern" trace of the Semipalatinsk test site


Intézmény: Pannon Egyetem
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témavezető: Kovács Tibor
társ-témavezető: Hegedűs Miklós
helyszín (magyar oldal): Pannon Egyetem
helyszín rövidítés: PE

A kutatási téma leírása:

Antecedents of the research topic:One of the priority directions in studying the radioecological situation of the Semipalatinsk test site (STS) and its adjacent territory is a survey of areas by the main traces of radioactive fallout. To date, the chemical composition of the components of nature, particularly soil and particulate matter of the adjoining areas in the STS "East" trace of radioactive fallout has been little studied. Of special interest is the chemical composition of particulate aerosols of air (TSP - Total suspended particles) and soil cover containing various heavy metals, toxic elements and radionuclides. Suspended substances smaller than 10 microns spread over long distances and are potential pollutants of the main components of nature. This raises the question of conducting research to identify the spatial distribution of chemical elements and radionuclides STS and the surrounding area through the study of dust particulate matter and soil. The issue of conducting research to determine the content of chemical elements in the composition of the soil on the "East" STS radioactive fallout to identify the spatial distribution of radionuclides and heavy metals remains relevant.There are no large industrial facilities on the territory of the STS, so it can be assumed with a reasonable degree of certainty that the main source of the arrival/formation of the chemical composition of solid dust particles is the underlying soil surface. Depending on the type of facility or territory, the main source of suspended aerosol particles in the air is fine soil fractions (< 40 µm).
The main area of the study is the area included in the zone of conventionally marked borders of one of the radioactive fallout traces of the Semipalatinsk test site "Vostochny" trace, including the areas of small settlements of the Beskaragai district of the Abay region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The number of resident population at the moment is just over 20 thousand people.
The object of the study: the components of the environment of small settlements (particulate air aerosols, soil, snow) adjacent to the STS.
Subject of study: elemental and radionuclide composition of particulate aerosols of air, soil, snow, coal.
The tasks of the applicant:
1. To study the elemental and radionuclide composition of the soil of the regional profile in the area of one of the radioactive fallout traces - "Eastern" trace of STS.
2. Study of features of chemical elements content in particulate aerosols of small populated areas adjacent to the STS.
3. Comprehensive radioecological survey of small settlement Dolon to identify the features of the seasonal dynamics of the content of elements in the TSP in the atmospheric air.

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