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Economic aspects of macro level and meso level energy use


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Hantos Elemér Gazdálkodás- és Regionális Tudományi Doktori Iskola

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A kutatási téma leírása:

The global energy use is in transition. The topic of global energy dilemma is a more and more frequently mentioned issue, which focuses on the future availability of fossil fuels (energy security) and the impact of the exploitation on the environment and planetary ecosystem (climate change, biodiversity loss, air pollution and other challenges) and furthermore it seeks for possible solutions. The main question is can we have the energy necessary for economic development and, at the same time, not to increase the emission of GHG (and what’s more related to the climate protection goals we decrease this emission) and manage the transition to a low-carbon energy system (~ with other words: low-carbon economy, resource efficient model, green economy or circular economy). We should concentrate on not only the energy transition but we should raise the attention to the importance of the sustainable energy transition. It becomes clear that the global energy security, economic geography of globalization, the economics of climate change and the climate policy are closely related. Probably the new energy paradigm or the new energy model can give answers. The core issue of this latter is how we can form the energy policy considering all of the three components of the energy trilemma (1. energy security, 2. environmental sustainability, 3. energy equity). Related to these issues the next topics can be examined:

- absolute and relative decoupling;
- energy convergence;
- sustainable energy transition;
- energy center of gravity – spatial evolution;
- global energy consumption (structure, resources, development and changes);
- Granger causality analysis between energy consumption and economic growth;
- energy poverty;
- energy security and oil vulnerability;
- rebound effect;
- smart energy city;
- changes of economic structure and its impact on energy use at global, national or regional level;
- energy debt;
- energy prices (residential energy prices, impact analysis of support systems, oil price volatility);
- the relationship between human development and residential energy consumption;
- energy policy in the European Union and in Hungary, the effect of the Russia-Ukraine war and challenges of the climate change.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2023-05-31

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