Szendrő Katalin
Consumer perception of meat-free meat


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témavezető: Szendrő Katalin
helyszín (magyar oldal): MATE-Kaposvári Campus
helyszín rövidítés: MATE

A kutatási téma leírása:

World population is growing; the living standard is rising worldwide, people are consuming more and more meat and other food of animal origin also in low- and middle income countries (e.g. in the largest population countries: in China and India), however, the available food source is limited. At the same time there has been strong pressure to reduce meat consumption, because several people believe that animal husbandry plays an important role in global warming, greenhouse gas emission, etc. It seems that it will be necessary to find alternative solutions. There are several different options that have the potential to satisfy demand and increase production: advanced technologies (selective breeding, agroecology systems, animal cloning and genetic modification), meat proteins replaced or substituted with proteins from plants, fungi, algae (plant-based food) or insects, and meat products produced using in vitro culturing (artificial meat).
Consumers’ attitude towards these alternatives has been studied and compared in many countries. However, the social perception of plant-based food and artificial meat has not yet been surveyed deeply in Hungary and many other countries. The purpose of the investigation is to evaluate the knowledge of and consumption intention towards plant-based and artificial meat in multiple countries.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2023-05-31

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