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Human Factors in flight safety, causes of sudden incapacitation and human error from the aspects of Human-System Integration, possible countermeasures and prevention by t


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témavezető: Szabó Sándor András
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Regarding the mutual dynamic relationship between man-machine-environment settings in aviation the weakest chain is the human factor, analysis of flight safety factors influencing the actual performance and working capacity of the pilot is a must. To interrupt the chainlink ending in air accident a systemic approach is necessary, considering the selection of the best applicants, their regular medical assessment for fitness for flight, mental and physical performance enhancement, continuous development of Human-System Integration and cockpit ergonomic elements. New medical evaluation of stress tolerance with new protocols in ground based simulation is very important.
Research Goals:
Analysis of Human Factor’s role in aviation especially considering the aeromedical stress assessment..
New effective „real-time” biomedical monitoring for cardiovascular adaptive responses.
Assessment of predicitive validity for selection processes through analysis of stress tolerance.
Comprehension of psychic and cognitive regenerative capability after air accidents/medical treatment (medication).
Stress level limitation by preventive measures in altitude physiology and ergonomy related technologies.
Protocol development and test execution in ground-based simulated aeromedical stressor situation, preparing for real flight data recordings in order to stabilize the function of system of organs crucial for working and fighting capability, forecasting the possible deterioration by new types of biosensors.
New Scientific Results Supposed:
Development of new biomedical monitoring systems, adoption into Virtual Reality or ground based aeromedical stressor situation (eg. in barochamber)
Recommendations for integration of new evaluation methods in medical standards and overall assessment of fitness for flight.
Scientific articles and conference lectures, dissertation thesises as publication of new approach,to flight safety issues
Increase of competencies of researchers and scientists in specific area of aeromedical assessments.
Examination of possible integration into standard medical assessment procedures, regular use in physical and health education, prevention program.

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