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Planning and operational methods for autonomous vehicle-based mobility services


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Kandó Kálmán Doktori Iskola

témavezető: Földes Dávid
helyszín (magyar oldal): Transportation Technology and Economics (KUKG)
helyszín rövidítés: KUKG

A kutatási téma leírása:

a) Antecedents:
The spread of highly automatized vehicles indicates alterations in the transport system and road-based mobility services. The importance of electromobility and on-demand shared services is increasing. Integrated planning and operation of small-capacity demand-driven and high-capacity timetable-based services, as well as achieving sustainability goals, require the development of novel methods. The research of this theme is going on at the Department for several years. The results achieved so far can be the basis for developing novel methods and preparing practical applications.

b) Aim of the research:
System-oriented analysing of planning and operational issues of autonomous vehicle-based mobility services. Identifying the attributes of mobility services in an urban, suburban and regional context. Revealing the correspondences, data groups, and functions for planning and operation. Further development of existing methods (e.g. capacity and network planning); elaborating novel planning methods. Elaborating methods to optimize the management and operation (time, energy, cost) and to develop mobility services in high quality considering the altering infrastructural and traffic management attributes (e.g. centralized control, continuous data communication). Elaborating methods supporting passenger handling in order to improve the acceptance of novel technology. Investigating economic issues related to planning and operation. Revealing the socio-economic and environmental impacts of autonomous vehicle-based mobility services.

c) Tasks to be performed, their main elements, time requirement:
Year 1 • Reviewing mobility services, planning and operational methods; systematic literature review and analysis; comparison.
• Revealing functions, input and output data groups, correspondences (data modelling).
Year 2 • Elaborating system planning methods (determining the vehicle needed considering network parameters and the type of combustion; determining the infrastructure needed, location and number of collection points and charging points).
• Identifying users’ expectations, revealing acceptance; considering experiences during method developments.
• Developing business models, identifying variables affecting pricing.
Year 3 • Elaborating methods to optimize management and operation (time, energy, cost); depo and charging surveillance, dynamic loading and charging management.
• Elaborating passenger handling methods; boarding and alighting, safety, communication.
• Elaborating methods describing service quality; revealing the correlation between service quality-cost-demand.
Year 4 • Identifying qualitative and quantitative impacts; elaborating methods.
• Synthetising results and continuous improvement/development of results.
• Preparation of dissertation.

d) Required equipment:
A computer laboratory and all software of Department are available for research purposes.

e) Expected scientific results:
Elaborating capacity and network planning methods, as well as operational and passenger handling methods for highly automatized mobility services.

2 papers in journals with Impact Factor registered in Web of Science database.
2 conference papers published in international conference proceedings.

f) Literature:
Scientific papers in the following topics: demand-driven mobility, autonomous vehicle-based mobility services, capacity planning, network planning, operational methods, passenger handling, service quality, qualitative and quantitative impacts.

előírt nyelvtudás: English medium level language
ajánlott nyelvtudás (magyar oldal): French or German basic level
további elvárások: 
knowledge of basic rules/methods regarding research and preparation of publications,
good knowledge (comprehensively and in details) in informatics and passenger transportation systems

felvehető hallgatók száma: 1

Jelentkezési határidő: 2021-11-14

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