Szabó Attila
Power of the Mind or Power of God


Intézmény: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
pszichológiai tudományok
Pszichológiai Doktori Iskola

témavezető: Szabó Attila
helyszín (magyar oldal): ELTE PPK PDI
helyszín rövidítés: PDI

A kutatási téma leírása:

This research program aims to differentiate placebo healing from miracle healing. English speaking people who have experienced a major healing(s) in their lives - which could not be attributed to any sort of medical intervention - will be screened through online scrutiny and those who are eligible (i.e., have a clearly documented miracle healing in their past) will be interviewed to understand their state of mind, especially beliefs and expectations, during the time of illness. The program of study attempts to differentiate between placebo healing, chance (?) or spontaneous healing, and healing that cannot be accounted for by any scientific explanations (miracle healing). It is also important to examine the prevalence of miracle healing among believers and non-believers, which could be accomplished through a preliminary cross-sectional investigation. This is a demanding PhD program that requires a lot of reading, organization and excellent interviewing skills. Only very dedicated diligent person, fluent in English, should consider applying for the work. Please supply a detailed motivation letter indicating why and how this topic suits your future professional aspirations.

*This PhD study program is offered in English only. Therefore, the applicant must be fluent in English.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2021-04-21

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