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Automated Guided Vehicle for Materials Distributing used in Factory Application


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témavezető: Botzheim János
helyszín (magyar oldal): Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6. D. ép. 403/C
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A kutatási téma leírása:

a.) Preliminaries: Industry has an important need for improving productivity and decreasing used time for production processes. Automation and autonomous vehicle are the solutions of this task that can be applied to production processes. The automation of the transportation of raw materials or equipment task is one of the main challenges of this situation. This can be solved by improving the methodology and reducing the time for its process by developing automated guided vehicles to achieve these goals. The key point of this task is to control the vehicle to the delivery part from store to production lines and to realize communication between human and robot for materials and tools requesting tasks.

b.) Aim of research:
- To design and develop AGV for delivery raw materials and tools for production lines from store
- To develop new methodology for controlling AGV to achieve the tasks

c.) Tasks, main items, necessary time: Literature review about AGVs and related algorithms in the first year. Development of new methods and the necessary hardware suitable for the AGV delivery task in the second year. Testing of the method and its comparison with other methods in the third year. Summary analysis and verification of the developed methodology and its applicability in the fourth year. Publication of results from the middle of the third year.

d.) Required equipment:
The task requires a complete set of (both electronical and mechanical) components suitable for robot building. In terms of electronics parts the main components are the computing units (SBC [RaspberryPi] and its necessary accessories and a microcontroller), sensors (RaspyCam, IMU, LIDAR), supplementary units (motor drivers, converters, battery, etc.) and the motors (both DC and servo motors). Regarding to the mechanical parts the mechanical frame, wheels and further additional parts (such as nuts and bolts) are needed.

e.) Expected scientific results:
- Development of new methods for Automated Guided Vehicle in delivery task for industrial applications
- Achieve efficient (fast and accurate) results in AGV delivery task
- Achieve and demonstrate better results than other existing methods in the literature

f.) References:

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