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Innovative metal forming processes


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témavezető: Tisza Miklós
helyszín (magyar oldal): Institute of Materials Sciences and Technology
helyszín rövidítés: ATI

A kutatási téma leírása:

In recent years, as competition in the market intensifies, there has been a growing need to develop and apply flexible new innovative forming procedures. Conventional plastic forming processes generally employ rigid, fixed-form tools: the shape of the workpiece is defined and formed in conjunction with the forming stamp and die formed according to the shape of the workpiece. However, especially in cases, where the reduction of tooling costs is an important consideration, the use of die-less flexible forming methods may be particularly advantageous. Incremental shaping is one of the new innovative technologies that meet these requirements. The Department of Mechanical Technology of the University of Miskolc has been researching this topic for many years. Currently, international and collaborative research is being carried out on basic and applied research to promote the industrial introduction of incremental design in the framework of European projects and international cooperation. The main goal of the research is to determine the optimal technological parameters of incremental shaping, to analyze deformability using different material qualities, and to increase the achievable accuracy.
The impact of various technological parameters (e.g. plate thickness, material quality, tool parameters, feed rate), the application of lubricants on deformability and forming limit diagrams is a particularly important area of research. Other innovative forming processes particularly in sheet metal forming may be investigated.
Part of the research can be carried out with international and domestic industrial partners of the related project.

Required language skills: English
recommended language skills: Hungarian
further expectations: basic knowledge in the following fields
• Theory and technology of metal forming
• Computer skills, knowledge of CADCAM systems and FEM methods

előírt nyelvtudás: angol
felvehető hallgatók száma: 1

Jelentkezési határidő: 2020-02-28

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