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Urban governance and the implementation of integrated development approach


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Regionális- és Gazdaságtudományi Doktori Iskola

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States face the challenges related to the new urban paradigm which needs a special attention for the application of the integrated approach in urban policy. It means development policy elements must be coordinated at territorial, professional and time aspects and it also requires the combination of resources of the different sectors. Multi-level governance is the analytical system in which policy making and execution is divided among different governance levels and local institutions and in which the decentralised power can be integrated again. It reveals the shift from government towards urban governance, manifested in the birth of networks. On this basis, the theme embraces several topics which are relevant for a comprehensive research: governing the functional urban areas, institutionalising of city-regions, fostering urban-rural linkages, inter-municipal cooperation, spatial planning, place-based development, decentralisation and devolution as well.

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