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Study and contribution for the stochastic modeling of vibratory phenomena of bearings


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témavezető: Szabó István
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A kutatási téma leírása:

Rotating machinery plays a vital role in the industrial sector. They must therefore operate under conditions that comply with safety, security and environmental standards despite the very poor operating conditions. So, they are exposed to unavoidable problems.
In this context, statistical studies show that about 40 to 50% of the problems of rotating machines affect bearings in particular. It is therefore necessary from the technical and scientific point of view to concentrate efforts in the implementation of reliable diagnostic tools in order to remedy the effect of these problems in order to preserve the availability of these machines and their operational safety in particular. Also that the increase in the life of these elements based on the early detection of defects.
As with diversity, a bearing fault is manifested by a crack, or a flaking at the level of these elements it is translated by an admissible vibratory. Indeed, the vibratory analysis and the tool used for the diagnosis of such a defect, it consists in detecting any malfunction by following the evolution of a vibration indicator chosen with respect to a previously defined reference value.
A vibration due to a bearing fault is usually of random type, so we are faced with a random process. The analysis of such a process requires the mastery of other theories such as; graph theory (Markov), operation analysis etc.
The objective of the proposed work is to set up a stochastic processing tool for the diagnosis of bearing defects, and to apply this tool for the modeling, analysis and diagnosis of such a bearing fault.
In this context, we will propose a methodology well adapted to the resolution of this problem, in order to model and estimate the probabilities-characteristics of all the probable operating states of a bearing, it is therefore a question of Markovian stochastic modeling.
This research can be integrated into the ongoing VKE-2018 project that is aiming at monitoring operational conditions of rotating manufacturing equipments.

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