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Rethinking system approach models in the Rural and Regional Development


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témavezető: Goda Pál
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A kutatási téma leírása:

Development projects will not bring any resounding success for a region or a local community if the intervention was not cautious enough. The output of actions and reactions can be realized in many forms, so it would be impossible to model all the combinations, therefore a general approach is required which can serve as a basis for each intervention. There is no perfect pattern for introducing investment ideas, and individual measures cannot be concretized because it would easily result distortions in the communities coping with different problems.
We often face the question how a development strategy can be maintained. What sustainability means and is there a general approach which is able to describe these condition systems in any region or community of a country. Each area has different physical and mental characteristics and one certain development concept can be applied in one country but the same concept causes damages to the other.
The development of rural areas can be defined as an interdisciplinary field of science synthetizing more scientific fields and built from different approaches due to its complexity. These approaches often have system theory roots and their overall review is required very much.
Due to the complexity of the topic the following sub-themes have been identified:
• Reinterpretation of the Sustainable Development model in the Rural and Regional Development
• Analyses of endogenous development approaches generated by the local community
• Social Innovation Theories, examination of the endogenous innovation potential
• The spatial context of the diffusion of innovation considering the Territorial Inequalities
• Analysis of the potential of Circular and Blue Economy Theories in the Rural and Regional Development

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