Legális és illegális drogok kardiovaszkuláris hatásának vizsgálata különös tekintettel a designer drogokra


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Legális és illegális drogok kardiovaszkuláris hatásának vizsgálata különös tekintettel a designer drogokra

Monitoring of cardiovascular effects of legal and illegal drugs focusing on designer drugs

"Designer drugs are artificially synthesized chemicals with highly similar effect to known popular illegal drugs. Grouping is based on their effect on the human body: opioids, psychoactives, cannabinoids, sedatives, stimulants. Consumption and spreading are/were (depending on the exact substance) not restricted by law though, because of the alteration in the chemical structure. Efforts to block this process resulted in the enactment of the government degree 308/2012. (XI. 6.): a catalogue of new psychoactive drugs that reformed regulation with structure-based restriction. Typically, adverse effects of these substances are not known by potential consumers. Additionally, the popularity of heroin among „problematic chronic drug consumers” decreased parallel with the increase of novel psychoactive drugs. This process led to an increasing number of drug induced acute disorders at the Outpatient Department.
Some experience is gathered out of the clinical appearance of acute toxicity because of the formerly mentioned increase of these events. Against this, minimal or lack of data on chronic effects among regular consumers is conspicuous. This study would summarize both short- and long-term effects of designer drugs, laying emphasise on cardiovascular events and risk stratification. Furthermore, a database of consumer markings and habits characteristic to South-Western Hungary would be available precipitating more effective prevention.
Therefore the initial phase consisting of the elaboration of available literature and retrograde clinical data analysis would be followed by comparative measurements between incidental, chronic, former consumers and control group in collaboration with other institutes.

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