Sztankó Krisztián
Utilization of renewable liquid fuels in steady operating burners


Intézmény: Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem
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témavezető: Sztankó Krisztián
helyszín (magyar oldal): Department of Energy Engineering
helyszín rövidítés: EGR

A kutatási téma leírása:

a.) Antecedents: It seems that renewable liquid fuels will role especially the transportation sector in the foreseeable future. Their role in energy generation is mainly ensuring supply safety. However, the currently used transesterification process of crude vegetable oils significantly increases the cost of biofuel production. Therefore, they are less competitive to fossil fuels. Due to their poor combustion characteristics, these fuels received low scientific focus regardless of their remarkable potential.
b.) Aim of research: Finding burner configurations in which the operating limitations allow high variation of loading whilst the pollutant emissions remain to be in line with the corresponding standards.
c.) Tasks, main items, necessary time: Doing a literature survey and determining the scientific gaps (0.5 years). Building an appropriate test rig which allows the investigation of the effect of both inlet conditions and geometrical modifications with online control (1 year). Study of various crude vegetable oils and other biofuels using the test rig (1 year). Evaluation of the results (0.5 years). Publication of the new scientific results (continuously). Writing the Ph.D. thesis (1 year). Most of the mentioned tasks can be carried out in parallel.
d.) Required equipment: Computer, access to the scientific literature, and all the necessary laboratory equipment are readily available at the department.
e.) Expected scientific results: Finding the key parameters for crude vegetable oil combustion and the corresponding governing phenomena of unstable combustion. Identifying the conditions those are responsible for low emission at both full and partial loading.
f.) References: Viktor Józsa, Krisztián Sztankó: Flame emission spectroscopy measurement of a steam blast and air blast burner, Thermal Science Online first: Paper TSCI150616062J. 11 p. (2016)
Kun-Balog Attila, Sztankó Krisztián Endre: Reduction of pollutant emissions from a rapeseed oil fired micro gas turbine burner, Fuel Processing Technology 134: pp. 352-359. (2015)
Sztankó Krisztián Endre, Kun-Balog Attila: Application of alcohol vapour as atomizing fluid in a micro gas turbine burner, Periodica Polytechnica – Mechanical Engineering 57:(2) pp. 47-51. (2013)

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