Olah Judit
Studying the effects of applying Total Quality Management on the productivity of employees in Hungarian logistics companies


Intézmény: Debreceni Egyetem
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témavezető: Olah Judit
helyszín (magyar oldal): Debreceni Egyetem Gazdaságtudományi Kar
helyszín rövidítés: DEGTK

A kutatási téma leírása:

Quality became a rather important topic in public and private organisations. Total Quality Management (TQM) is the new way of doing business, a modern-way management and a new understanding in comparison with traditional administrative methods. The quality of logistics companies is a significant issue around the world. In order to improve the quality of logistics companies, we need to examine the source of this quality and how we can obtain high productivity of their staff by improving their systems. This research focuses on the effects of applying Total Quality Management on the productivity of employees who work at Hungarian logistics companies. The location of this study is one of the Hungarian logistics companies at which TQM will be applied. Data will be collected from the logistics staff for analysis, followed by the application of the TQM system for a given period of time. As a next step, the analysis of the TQM system will reveal the effects of TQM on the productivity of employees. Descriptive and analytical approach will be used, the aim of which is to a) describe the information that will be collected from books and other research papers related to the research subject and b) the information collected from employees of logistics companies by means of questionnaires and interviews will be analysed to obtain the most accurate results. This research will open the door for many researchers to understand the relationship between the productivity of employees and TQM. At the same time, we can also apply these concepts in other areas (i.e. the education sector) by understanding these relationships. Altogether, this research is a significant opportunity to find new ways of developing and improving the services provided by logistics companies.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2016-12-31

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