The measurement technology and possible applications of heart rate variability analysis


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Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis is a non-invasive functional study of autonomic nervous system. Rising number of publications during the recent years in this topic reflects its importance in both research and clinical fields. It is considered as an independent prognostic factor in several cardiovascular and other diseases, it also might forecast the occurrence of certain events (e.g.: arrhythmias, fetal hypoxia) earlier than the usual parameters. HRV analysis – together with other physiological parameters – can be applied in wearable monitors assuring continuous surveillance or even telemonitoring of high-risk patients, professional sportsmen or the healthy population. HRV analysis needs special measurement and technical conditions; those are the subject of intensive research nowadays. Potential applications of HRV measurement in basic and clinical sciences are almost unlimited: deeper understanding of cardiovascular control mechanisms, investigating stress actions on the human body, effects of drugs or operations, disease follow-up, predicting arrhythmias. The project covers the possible development of both hardware and software sides as well as methodical improvement of HRV analysis, additionally to its potential applications.

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