Thesis topic proposal
Ferenc Petruska
Lawfare - Law as a weapon of war


Institute: National University of Public Service, Budapest
military sciences
Doctoral School of Military Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Ferenc Petruska
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Doctoral School of Military Science
Abbreviation of location of studies: DSMS

Description of the research topic:

The word lawfare is a qualitative, two-part compound of the words law and warfare. It is usually referred to as the abuse of law, and less often private law and/or related legal institutions, against specific individuals. This may be achieved by delegitimizing, defaming or discrediting them on the public relations front. It may also result in a cynical manipulation of the rule of law and the humanitarian values it represents, but it can also be seen as a method of warfare where law can be a more humane substitute for the nature of warfare.

Number of students who can be accepted: 2

Deadline for application: 2023-06-30

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