Thesis topic proposal
Gábor Reuter
Detection and characterization of novel, non-enveloped viruses with positive, single-stranded RNA genome


Institute: University of Pécs
theoretical medicine
Doctoral School of Basic Medicine

Thesis supervisor: Gábor Reuter
Location of studies (in Hungarian): PTE ÁOK Pécs, Szigeti u. 12.
Abbreviation of location of studies: ÁOK

Description of the research topic:

Our knowledge about viruses is far from complete and, nowadays, it is fundamentally changing. However, the characteristic features of the genetic materials of viruses – as the fingerprint – help us for identification and classification. The aim of the study is identification and characterization of previously unknown non-enveloped viruses with positive, single-stranded RNA genome in different host species including humans. Using methods designed previously in our Laboratory we will identify (“take the hook”) and than we will completely characterize the whole genome of the novel viruses in promising samples. In addition, the aims of the study are to determine the host species spectrum, the etiological and clinical importance, pathogenesis and the zoonotic impact of the novel viruses, too. For the research we will use classical virological as well as modern up-to-date viral metagenomic methods in close contact with leading international experts and world-class laboratories in virology.

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2023-05-19

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