Thesis topic proposal
Development and application of computational approaches in drug design


Institute: University of Pécs
theoretical medicine
Doctoral School of Pharmacologycal and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Rita Judit Börzsei
Location of studies (in Hungarian): PTE ÁOK
Abbreviation of location of studies: ÁOK

Description of the research topic:

Nowadays, computational approaches are accepted and required in the early phase of drug development for designing and testing new drug candidates. Such pharmacoinformatics tools are cost effective, fast, can manage huge amount of structural information and perform complex energetical calculations, furthermore, are useful both in target-based and ligand-based drug design. Students become to be familiar with the already known and used approaches or be involved in the development of new methods. New methods will be tested for current problems of pharmacology, such as analgesia, regulation of signal transduction, antiviral-, and epigenetics-based therapies.

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2023-05-19

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