Thesis topic proposal
Ágnes Tokár-Szadai
The Role of Management Consulting in the Entrepreneurship Development


Institute: University of Miskolc
business and management
Hantos Elemér Doctoral School of Business, Management and Regional Sciences

Thesis supervisor: Ágnes Tokár-Szadai
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Miskolci Egyetem
Abbreviation of location of studies: ME

Description of the research topic:

Research aim: To enhance the efficiency of cooperation between the consultants and their customers, it is essential to get to know each-others` value systems and expectations, the construction of a common understanding and common language for the actors and the society. The models of the professional literature of consultancy can be refined and new models can be set up.
Research questions:
 Finding, mapping, integrating and constantly following the relevant literature, determining the conceptual framework, accomplishing empirical surveys, setting up new models
 Survey the competences of consultants according to the value systems of consultants and entrepreneurs, defining the development possibilities
 Defining the key elements of management consultancy value system of consultants and entrepreneurs
 Defining the roll of knowledge management in the management consultancy
 Survey the ethical aspects in the consulting process
 Developing and testing methodological models to improve the efficiency of management consulting
 Survey the consulting demand and experiences of entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs

Deadline for application: 2023-05-31

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