Thesis topic proposal
Attila Gáspár
Pharmaceutical analysis using capillary electrophoresis


Institute: University of Debrecen
Doctoral School of Chemistry

Thesis supervisor: Attila Gáspár
Location of studies (in Hungarian): Building of Chemistry D501
Abbreviation of location of studies: D501

Description of the research topic:

: The several methods of capillary electrophoresis (CZE, MEKC, CGE, CITP, CIEF, CEC) are very effective for analysis of pharmaceuticals. Small inorganic, large organic compounds or very large proteins (monoclonal antibodies) can be analyzed. In our lab, for the detection of the separated components on-capillary UV/Vis, LED induced fluorescent, capacitavly coupled contactless conductivity or ESI-qTOF-MS can be used. This instrumental background makes possible to carry out solution stability study or the in-vivo/in-vitro metabolism of the pharmaceuticals and to perform qualitative/quantitative analysis in clinical samples. For the LEDIF detection the derivatization of the analyte component should be optimized. We intend to utilize the great advantages of capillary electrophoresis as direct introduction of samples with even high salt/protein content into the separation capillary without remarkable interferences or the necessity of minimal sample consumption for the analysis. The planned research joins to our microfluidic work (fabrication of microchips, electrophoretic separation in microfluidic channel systems, developing special detection for microchips, interfacing between microchips and electrospray mass spectrometer).

Required language skills: English
Further requirements: 
analitikai kémiai tanulmányok jó eredménnyel

Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2022-01-15

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