Thesis topic proposal
Zsolt Dobó
Investigation of direct CO2 capture from the atmosphere


Institute: University of Miskolc
material sciences
Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology

Thesis supervisor: Zsolt Dobó
Location of studies (in Hungarian): University of Miskolc Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Abbreviation of location of studies: MEMAK

Description of the research topic:

The recent atmospheric CO2 concentration reached a high level causing significant concern in terms of climate change. Therefore, various new technologies and strategies are pursued in order to lower carbon emissions and lower the atmospheric CO2 concentration. The PhD research aims to investigate the direct CO2 capture method which has the potential of artificially removing the carbon from ambient air. Development of novel carbon capture approaches and identifying the possible carbon utilization methods are also in focus

Required language skills: English B2
Number of students who can be accepted: 1

Deadline for application: 2022-01-15

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